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  Nate Potter ef344c3d40 Add glance multi/single store declaration examples 3 years ago
  Cody Herriges 202a27b66a Prepare repository for a Puppet Forge release 5 years ago
  Eoghan Glynn b08af59f34 site.pp overrides sql_connection for glance-api.conf also 6 years ago
  Dan Bode 879dfa3a8e switch single.pp to site.pp 6 years ago
  Dan Bode 4cd8cf36a3 switch log_verbose,log_debug to debug,verbose 6 years ago
  Dan Bode 622143771b Update glance tenant 7 years ago
  Dan Bode 384ff2a735 Set registry mysql connection 7 years ago
  Dan Bode 8de1261f96 Update glance example 7 years ago
  Dan Bode 52aae65a4c Move mysql code to db::mysql 7 years ago
  Dan Bode 52cbb6f59b Make repo setup code Debian specific 7 years ago
  Dan Bode cfc951664a Add test code for glance with mysql backend 7 years ago
  Dan Bode a2512fcff1 Remove ref to deprecated keystone::sqlite 7 years ago
  Dan Bode bcf95f2819 Refactor example based on fragment reafactor 7 years ago
  Dan Bode 1a15b76eda Ensure repo stage is applied before main stage 7 years ago
  Dan Bode d1e33cc81f Add code to use latest ppas 7 years ago
  Dan Bode 9db052933a Update example site.pp 7 years ago
  Dan Bode 0d205ba2e2 Add an example file 7 years ago