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Nate Potter ef344c3d40 Add glance multi/single store declaration examples
This patch adds examples to explain the new multiple store backend
declaration feature and how to use it. It covers both the case
where the user wants to declare multiple backends as well as just

Change-Id: Ief8fea9d57422d05d36bf9b6946695249958aad9
Depends-on: I28a79ae36e673a3537ea16910d338666b65c80f7
2016-03-08 17:37:12 +00:00
Cody Herriges 202a27b66a Prepare repository for a Puppet Forge release
Commit updates with a more consistent template for documentation,
  removes travis.yml since we're on stackfoge now, updates the Modulefile
  for the new release, deletes TODO list, CHANGELOGs deleted in favor of
  summarized release notes in, which will show up on Forge,
  and moves examples to tests to adhere with Puppet Labs Style

Change-Id: Iffa30f6f35b996305f635317fc0770f908e9057e
2013-06-07 15:58:56 -07:00
Eoghan Glynn b08af59f34 site.pp overrides sql_connection for glance-api.conf also
Previously, the sql_connection config was overridden for the
glance-registry.conf only, whereas in the glance-api.conf this
is left to default to a non-existent sqlite DB.

This causes an issue with the v2 API is used - in this case,
the glance-api service accesses the DB directly instead of
delegating to the registry service. Since the sqlite DB is
non-existent, such v2 API calls fail with 500 ServerError.

This is especially problematic with cinder, as it tries the
glance v2 API by default when creating a bootable volume from
an image, see:
2012-12-18 15:22:45 +00:00
Dan Bode 879dfa3a8e switch single.pp to site.pp
in example directory
2012-10-31 16:02:34 -07:00
Dan Bode 4cd8cf36a3 switch log_verbose,log_debug to debug,verbose 2012-10-14 00:21:14 -07:00
Dan Bode 622143771b Update glance tenant
It was services, but keystone has been updated
to create a tenant called services, not service.
2012-04-23 13:46:35 -07:00
Dan Bode 384ff2a735 Set registry mysql connection 2012-04-23 00:53:22 -07:00
Dan Bode 8de1261f96 Update glance example
Update the glance example so that it will work.
  - fix dependency cycles in keystone mysql example
  - remove reference to ppa
2012-04-23 00:26:11 -07:00
Dan Bode 52aae65a4c Move mysql code to db::mysql
This commit moves the mysql specific db manifests
to the namespace glance::db::mysql.

This is done for two reasons:
  - to create a directory loaction for manifests
    for all future supported datbases
  - to be consistent with other openstack projects
2012-04-22 23:54:42 -07:00
Dan Bode 52cbb6f59b Make repo setup code Debian specific
Ensure that repo setup code is only performed
when the osfamily is debian.
2012-04-11 17:20:17 -07:00
Dan Bode cfc951664a Add test code for glance with mysql backend 2012-04-06 23:24:45 -07:00
Dan Bode a2512fcff1 Remove ref to deprecated keystone::sqlite
This has been renamed to keystone::config::sqlite.

This commit updates the code to use the new namespace.
2012-04-05 13:46:30 -07:00
Dan Bode bcf95f2819 Refactor example based on fragment reafactor 2012-03-31 16:20:57 -07:00
Dan Bode 1a15b76eda Ensure repo stage is applied before main stage 2012-03-30 20:50:05 -07:00
Dan Bode d1e33cc81f Add code to use latest ppas
The ppas are currently coded in the keystone module.

This code adds them to the glance example to ensure that
we get the latest version of the glance packages.
2012-03-30 09:54:44 -07:00
Dan Bode 9db052933a Update example site.pp 2012-03-29 16:45:27 -07:00
Dan Bode 0d205ba2e2 Add an example file
This file contains an example for how to build
a glance single node installation.
2012-03-18 12:04:26 -07:00