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Clayton O'Neill 18b010975c Add hooks for external install & svc management
This adds defined anchor points for external modules to hook into the
software install, config and service dependency chain.  This allows
external modules to manage software installation (virtualenv,
containers, etc) and service management (pacemaker) without needing rely
on resources that may change or be renamed.

Change-Id: If683fbd098e701a3c4da91941cf818b18b41b209
7 years ago
Matt Fischer c720e78925 Remove unused cluster_id parameter
Change-Id: I020e7130d3d4bd479a6c2d167d7c485718d9b52f
8 years ago
Nate Potter 166af71b1f Correct db sync for backwards compatibility
In the previous patch
the default value for the config file when running glance-manage
db sync was changed. This patch restores the old default value
for backwards compatibility.

Change-Id: I1c17461bf7f4922ece41673f3f726ec00b0cd4c7
8 years ago
Nate Potter 9babb26d31 Allow customization of db sync command line
Add parameter to glance::db::sync class to allow end
users to add command line parameters to the db sync command.

Change-Id: I043dd9560f7d5eb7bc18721e759e5f61186f5cf7
Partial-bug: #1472740
8 years ago
Jenkins 3ffcc382d0 Merge "Remove deprecated mysql_module" 8 years ago
Matt Fischer 26cbd53d99 Remove deprecated mysql_module
This has been deprecated for some time and should be removed.

Change-Id: I648b6415385bc32ddeb2ae916e0cdb5c40c05743
8 years ago
Yanis Guenane 48a7164021 Creation of glance::db::sync
In order to standardize the way dbsync are run across our modules,
we create a new class glance::db::sync.
This class will be included if sync_db is enabled.

By making this transition the glance::db::sync class
can be returned by the ENC.

A use case would be in an highly available environment, with 3 galera
nodes, include glance::registry on every node with sync_db set to false
and have the ENC return glance::db::sync just for one node.

Change-Id: I16c8bc411bd34f720513a5d4c94e82b07105af20
8 years ago
Emilien Macchi 2f614cf9fd MySQL: change default MySQL collate to utf8_general_ci
Install & configure MySQL database by using utf8_general_ci collation
which is the way documented in OpenStack [1] and already the default
in puppetlabs-mysql [2].


Change-Id: If85731786a061aed9cb44f016edc67f32c3db1a5
Closes-bug: #1446375
8 years ago
Sebastien Badia 0d83409381 Fix lint issues (doc, metadata, manifests)
Add puppet parameters lint (with puppet-lint-param-docs gem) and fix
missing documentations, this commit also fix metadata.json file (SPDX
license, and open dependencies).

Change-Id: I0d590b930a8d0263c3a74d861b9786770be7d183
8 years ago
Sebastien Badia 7857c67e24 Migrate postgresql backend to use openstacklib::db::postgresql
Let migrate to the new openstacklib::db::postgresql helper for
postgresql backend. This commit also unpin postgresql fixture
(openstacklib support now the latest version of postgre module).

Change-Id: I29ae9506cb638aa3e3925705bac945511c96ca8f
Implements: blueprint commmon-openstack-database-resource
9 years ago
Colleen Murphy dbcb82fa36 Migrate mysql backend to use openstacklib::db::mysql
Implements: blueprint commmon-openstack-database-resource
Change-Id: I03bd33d7c78ea69702650688c28e9d0b7cac2911
9 years ago
Soren Hansen c3a25eac47 Use 2.2 as the default mysql_module
Change-Id: I5ec545b62ef8ac5371ca567a8a00f5ba535efceb
9 years ago
Ivan Chavero dba437e8af Change mysql default charset to utf8
Changed the default charset to uf8 and the
collation to utf8_unicode_ci.

Change-Id: Iac22a6f66e889157bd1f327da50e0186e04651dc
9 years ago
Michael Chapman 4aa86af2fc Add support for puppetlabs-mysql 2.2
Puppetlabs-mysql has been rewritten to be much
cleaner. This patch adds a new parameter for the
glance mysql class allowing users to use the new
version. Previous behavior will continue as normal
when using the old version (0.9)

Change-Id: Icdc787e325f3e86572f6930f1ab8c3d5291e67c9
9 years ago
Xingchao Yu aee08d0cbb Update allowed_hosts conditional statement
In the origin glance::db::mysql, if the value of $allowed_hosts
contains or equals to $host, then puppet will complain duplicate
declaration error. This patch is aim to update the allowed_hosts
conditonal statement in glance::db::mysql.

There are two cases to pass $allowed_hosts to $real_allowed_hosts:

   - If $allowed_hosts is array,then remove $host from $allowed_hosts;
   - elsif $allowed_hosts is string and not equivalent to $host;

At last, if $real_allowed_hosts is not undef, then run

Fix bug 1206444

Change-Id: Ic70aaaec493195c7277782abb87469f9809e5baa
10 years ago
danehans 1121d7dccd Remove Unnecessary mysql::server Dependency
Previously, the db::mysql class required mysql::server.  This is
unnecessary since the mysql::db define requires the mysql::config
class for db creattion.  Additionally, this prevents users from
using a different class such as galera::server to manage
the database.

Change-Id: I8ee9303eef67657dd2898d910897748a0af5415b
10 years ago
Mathieu Gagné d5567e6aef Various Puppet lint fixes
* Fix following warnings:
    * double quoted string containing no variables
    * indentation of => is not properly aligned
    * quoted boolean value found
    * variable not enclosed in {}
* Fix following errors:
    * two-space soft tabs not used
* Remove quotes around class in include/require statements
* Remove some comments from the code, they added no value

Change-Id: I341b37f2c6795951f3285037b2fa612d767a4474
10 years ago
Dan Prince 1598196ae7 Add glance::db::postgresql class.
This allows Glance to be used with PostgreSQL.

Requires the puppetlabs/postgresql module. NOTE: I did add this
dependency to fixtures but did not add it to the Modulefile due
to the fact that the postgresql::python module hasn't been
released to puppetforge yet (although it is committed and tests

Change-Id: I3522d50935c81c8859c9f597df64aa0af6ca4e71
10 years ago
Dan Bode c4a051e99c style change
align code for readability.
11 years ago
Dan Bode c15243b82d Make glance::db::mysql dependent on mysql::server
Adding a sep that was missing when the db is
split off onto its own mode.
11 years ago
John Chilton a7dedf197a Allow override of mysql charset & small whitespace fixes and spec improvements to test this change. 11 years ago
John Chilton cbd1a0d43f Change require => mysql::server to mysql::config so the mysql is fully configured before glance database is created. 11 years ago
Dan Bode 52aae65a4c Move mysql code to db::mysql
This commit moves the mysql specific db manifests
to the namespace glance::db::mysql.

This is done for two reasons:
  - to create a directory loaction for manifests
    for all future supported datbases
  - to be consistent with other openstack projects
11 years ago
Dan Bode dd5fb3ea91 Add code for db and host_access
Glance can be configured to use a mysql db.

This commit adds the classes db and db/host_access.
11 years ago