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Clayton O'Neill 18b010975c Add hooks for external install & svc management
This adds defined anchor points for external modules to hook into the
software install, config and service dependency chain.  This allows
external modules to manage software installation (virtualenv,
containers, etc) and service management (pacemaker) without needing rely
on resources that may change or be renamed.

Change-Id: If683fbd098e701a3c4da91941cf818b18b41b209
2016-06-17 13:17:34 +00:00
Sebastien Badia 7857c67e24 Migrate postgresql backend to use openstacklib::db::postgresql
Let migrate to the new openstacklib::db::postgresql helper for
postgresql backend. This commit also unpin postgresql fixture
(openstacklib support now the latest version of postgre module).

Change-Id: I29ae9506cb638aa3e3925705bac945511c96ca8f
Implements: blueprint commmon-openstack-database-resource
2014-12-30 19:05:14 +01:00
Mathieu Gagné d5567e6aef Various Puppet lint fixes
* Fix following warnings:
    * double quoted string containing no variables
    * indentation of => is not properly aligned
    * quoted boolean value found
    * variable not enclosed in {}
* Fix following errors:
    * two-space soft tabs not used
* Remove quotes around class in include/require statements
* Remove some comments from the code, they added no value

Change-Id: I341b37f2c6795951f3285037b2fa612d767a4474
2013-07-01 17:34:19 -04:00
Dan Prince 1598196ae7 Add glance::db::postgresql class.
This allows Glance to be used with PostgreSQL.

Requires the puppetlabs/postgresql module. NOTE: I did add this
dependency to fixtures but did not add it to the Modulefile due
to the fact that the postgresql::python module hasn't been
released to puppetforge yet (although it is committed and tests

Change-Id: I3522d50935c81c8859c9f597df64aa0af6ca4e71
2013-04-23 12:58:39 -04:00