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Emilien Macchi 6a748cee54 Release 8.0.0
* Update CHANGELOG with release notes URL.
* Update README with new release number & name.
* Update metadata.json with new tag & dependencies.
* Add release note prelude for Mitaka.
* Update Reno release note to drop prelude.
* Improve release note landing page.

Change-Id: Ib548135252c44de054891bf46821007d53d0a64b
2016-03-23 16:07:06 -04:00
Emilien Macchi 0f384787e3 release: prepare 7.0.0 (liberty)
This patch prepares this Puppet module to be released in 7.x series (Liberty)
with 7.0.0.

Change-Id: I67c7cefb95003539400a8176af21325d71cd4575
2015-11-25 11:51:22 +01:00
Emilien Macchi 604556667f Prepare 6.1.0 release
Co-Authored-By: Jay Clark <>
Change-Id: Idc4315d6ea831b47db7b5a16e4b8925d7df891a9
(cherry picked from commit 48fe29a341)
2015-10-19 14:59:40 -04:00
luyuan 9989505da6 Update and other files
  Add terminator
  Remove spaces
    - glance::cache::cleaner
    - glance::cache::pruner
    - glance::client
    - glance::policy
Fix bug 1485160

Change-Id: I3e7a6fb13aade5ca3f886029f1f4e96a1c606ac6
2015-08-15 19:51:04 +08:00
Emilien Macchi 8d36b83c50 Prepare 6.0.0 release
Update CHANGELOG, README and metadata.json to bump the module to the
first Kilo release (6.0.0).

Change-Id: I3d9f8e0d6a697378bb8ef928e333c93c8ca0e422
2015-07-08 19:20:32 -04:00
Colleen Murphy d0b89d242a Split release notes into a file
This patch splits out release notes into a separate dedicated file for
consistency with the puppetlabs puppet modules. Additionally, this
patch improves the release notes by:

- Fixing the tense to be consistent with commit message standards ("Add
  new feature" instead of "Added new feature" or "Adds new feature")
- Breaking up changes into categories to make it easier for operators
  to know what happened in the change: backwards-incompatible changes,
  features, bugfixes, and maintenance commits
- Linewrapping to 80 chars
- Adding release dates, formatted according to ISO-8601

Change-Id: I015761a2f063b08f393e69c9ef6ba33a9a32003e
2015-06-26 13:42:05 -07:00