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Clayton O'Neill 18b010975c Add hooks for external install & svc management
This adds defined anchor points for external modules to hook into the
software install, config and service dependency chain.  This allows
external modules to manage software installation (virtualenv,
containers, etc) and service management (pacemaker) without needing rely
on resources that may change or be renamed.

Change-Id: If683fbd098e701a3c4da91941cf818b18b41b209
7 years ago
luyuan 9989505da6 Update and other files
  Add terminator
  Remove spaces
    - glance::cache::cleaner
    - glance::cache::pruner
    - glance::client
    - glance::policy
Fix bug 1485160

Change-Id: I3e7a6fb13aade5ca3f886029f1f4e96a1c606ac6
8 years ago
Sebastien Badia 0d83409381 Fix lint issues (doc, metadata, manifests)
Add puppet parameters lint (with puppet-lint-param-docs gem) and fix
missing documentations, this commit also fix metadata.json file (SPDX
license, and open dependencies).

Change-Id: I0d590b930a8d0263c3a74d861b9786770be7d183
8 years ago
Jenkins 9a4568c361 Merge "Add Puppet 4.x lint checks" 8 years ago
Clayton O'Neill d72e768a10 Add Puppet 4.x lint checks
This changes the puppet-lint requirement to 1.1.x, so that we can use
puppet-lint plugins.  Most of these plugins are for 4.x compat, but some
just catch common errors.

Change-Id: I3d21236d5bf3b0b6c625e38e20492d35aaa13307
8 years ago
Matt Fischer cbf3326184 Add openstack tag to glance packages
Change-Id: Ifbc41027c11f62342397d7e60e71080336c3418e
Partial-Bug: #1391209
8 years ago
Logan McNaughton 86868bd15c Fix some puppet lint warnings.
Puppet-lint likes the ensure's to come first.

Change-Id: I9ecd8213c140e51769258c03038082fb98a2bd34
10 years ago
Dan Bode 53d2b7eeb6 glance::client was not installing the correct package
The actually glance executable is not installed as a part
of the python-glance package, it is installed in the
python-glanceclient pakcage.

Going through the RDO packages, I do not even see a package
called python-glance.

Change-Id: I35c71fc5da595a695b10cb2ecc5ad27f5131bac8
10 years ago
Mathieu Gagné 1028e92f81 Add missing glance::params include in client
Change-Id: Ia5f99939f10a78033b743aca4a289b1e8d314e02
10 years ago
Dan Bode a9f0d034c6 update docs 11 years ago
Branan Purvine-Riley 87740b26ae fix old puppet 11 years ago
John Chilton 9d8a1fb56d Specify glance client package name in params.pp. 11 years ago
John Chilton 7f08fd4207 Create configuration class for glance client, mirroring puppetlabs nova::client to some degree. 11 years ago