OpenStack Glance Puppet Module
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OpenStack Release Bot 36b6513627 Update master for stable/wallaby 4 months ago
add-barbican-params-236b21da099104b1.yaml Add parameters for Barbican for image signing 4 years ago
add-enabled_backends-b7b2ab71eed5f7c6.yaml Update the method of configuring glance backends 2 years ago
add-enabled_import_methods-9deed747fea00cff.yaml Add ability to configure enabled_import_methods 3 years ago
add-missing-cinder-store-settings-f7aef33ec122a39a.yaml Add missing glance parameter required for cinder store 3 years ago
add-pool_timeout-option-for-db-81299f15988c59ba.yaml Add pool_timeout option 3 years ago
add-use_journal-option-for-logging-9d1bab2bd5816127.yaml Add use_journal option for logging configuration 4 years ago
add_cache_prefetcher_interval-e77d98c5235e91bc.yaml Add cache prefetcher interval configuration option 1 year ago
add_cinder_volume_type_for_multiple_cinder_stores-c19b0bb1c753715b.yaml Add cinder volume type for multiple cinder stores 7 months ago
add_db_max_retries-81df176353e781a5.yaml Add support for db_max_retries param 4 years ago
add_db_sync_timeout-bdc2f73a51104c30.yaml Allow db sync timeouts to be configurable 8 months ago
add_disk_formats_parameter-9e83e3142f8d10f9.yaml Add support for image_format/disk_fomats configuration 11 months ago
add_image_cache_settings-cd6c9176167010ba.yaml Add configuration options for the image cache 2 years ago
add_messaging_default_parameters-87134a2345ef961d.yaml Add control_exchange and rpc_response_timeout options 5 years ago
add_metadata_file_related_parameters-dd365b3cfaed47a1.yaml Add ability to configure filesystem metadata related parameters 3 years ago
add_mysql_enable_ndb-option-ba2e78904df15498.yaml Add mysql_enable_ndb option 11 months ago
add_rabbit_kombu_options-b5c925f0f593b95e.yaml Add kombu_failover_strategy option 4 years ago
add_swift_buffer_options-30716d70fc42b749.yaml Add swift buffer-on-upload options for swift multibackend 1 year ago
add_swift_store_large_object_chunk_size_parameter-98f34404c5a61843.yaml Add swift_store_large_object_chunk_size parameter 4 years ago
add_worker_self_reference_url_for_distributed_image_import-09f70f50c8c40def.yaml Add new conf parameter required for distribute image import 5 months ago
allow-configure-image-member-quota-c15d360baa10f38d.yaml Add image_member_quota to Glance API configuration 4 years ago
api-container_formats-0bc5a2c0e7b6357e.yaml Add support for image_format/container_formats 10 months ago
api-limit-params-b17e7853c8a1b6a6.yaml Add more settings to glance-api 4 years ago
api_versions-b2a58d83f4291b3c.yaml Allow to choose which Glance API to enable 5 years ago
authtoken-2439e462e0a84399.yaml Move Glance to new authtoken scheme 5 years ago
authtoken_manage_memcache_package-2d02bf561959f26e.yaml Allow python-memcache install from authtoken class 5 years ago
change-default-of-swift_store_config_file-e59ff9753f3612a7.yaml Use glance-swift.conf by default 7 months ago
change-keystone-v3-ea41e2839447cd71.yaml Change keystone v2.0 url to v3 2 years ago
cinder_os_region_name-60667efbd630f04f.yaml Add cinder_os_region_name parameters for cinder backend 1 year ago
cron-db_purge-bbb2a1adb325e3b5.yaml Add support for db purge cron jobs 12 months ago
default-domain-e9adc769441e1381.yaml Configure *_domain_name to Default by default 4 years ago
deprecate-enable_v1_api-0c6c6fb4d9f4ffd2.yaml Deprecate enable_v1_api parameter 1 year ago
deprecate-enable_v2_api-8096a5b0b20c2ef9.yaml Deprecate glance::api::enable_v2_api 1 year ago
deprecate-swift_store_config_file-ba548fab5c5971be.yaml Deprecate the swift_store_config_file parameter 7 months ago
deprecate_api_registry_parameters-1dcb0f3579fe9a42.yaml Deprecate glance api parameters related to glance registry 1 year ago
deprecate_api_show_multiple_locations-376b35e39779cf79.yaml Deprecate glance::api::show_multiple_locations 1 year ago
deprecate_auth_region_option-d13f8194295a1463.yaml Deprecate auth_region option for Glare 5 years ago
deprecate_auth_uri_parameter-b2f3306d0c7a946c.yaml Deprecate auth_uri option 3 years ago
deprecate_database_min_pool_size-option-a8d8ce0baf4ab636.yaml Deprecate min_pool_size option 1 year ago
deprecate_database_options-9e6b1088d9502480.yaml Deprecate database options from the glance::api class 9 months ago
deprecate_idle_timeout_parameter-bdc85512b96b5d29.yaml Deprecate idle_timeout option 2 years ago
deprecate_old_vsphere_backend_parameters-8d798bd64b750911.yaml Correction configuration due with the new parameters 5 years ago
deprecate_pki_related_parameters-aaee1a6471dd7e46.yaml Deprecate pki related options 3 years ago
deprecate_revocation_cache_time_parameter-df18d6b775848d64.yaml Deprecate revocation_cache_time option 4 years ago
deprecate_signing_dir_parameter-813569a35f3661e9.yaml Deprecate signing_dir option 5 years ago
drop-el6-support-c3c167935a8e9b96.yaml Drop compatibility for el6 1 year ago
drop_glare_from_glance-8a1d09f8a0613229.yaml Drop Glare service from puppet-glance 4 years ago
drop_qpid-422ed20407bf9e03.yaml Totally drop Qpid support 5 years ago
enable_handling_sparse_image-0a68af239b413df1.yaml Add sparse image upload configuration parameters 10 months ago
enable_image_conversion_parameters-d47ac86850ad9a90.yaml Enable image import conversion & image output format 3 years ago
enabled-image-inject-metadata-properties-1b4b50846450e580.yaml Enable image inject metadata properties & user roles to be ignored 3 years ago
external_install_mgmt_hook-ac465c8d520393b4.yaml Add hooks for external install & svc management 5 years ago
fix_log_dir_documentation-0e2dcaf9a5d5c58c.yaml Fix documentation for log_dir parameter 5 years ago
fix_version_warning-9c2b39584af72126.yaml Fix the glance api version warning 4 years ago
force-use-of-v2-2c50d7c5a6467107.yaml Don't use copy from but download the image locally 5 years ago
glance-backend-cinder-multipath-d18f73e3a9c55b05.yaml Add parameters for multipath connection in cinder backend 1 year ago
glance-image-id-d1a32b5ec443611e.yaml Add option id to glance_image 5 years ago
glance-image-properties-0de5fee2391c9983.yaml Release notes for glance_image updates 5 years ago
glance-image-resource-proxy-8b18f0b130f2f0dc.yaml Add proxy support to glance_image resource 3 years ago
glance-load-metadefs-f399b78000e3c681.yaml Load Glance DB metadefs 4 years ago
glance-rbd-ubuntu-package-b072d00a7e21b9af.yaml Install python rbd package on Ubuntu 3 years ago
glance-swift-v3-572d506977688377.yaml Add options to set swift auth domains 5 years ago
glance_backend_cinder_mount_point_base-5741d2966cc10c7b.yaml Add config parameter for cinder mounting needs 5 months ago
glance_cache_logging-1f53fc9d71d04686.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
glance_db_class-dee87f87e25d0040.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
glance_db_sync-1371e578fff11d4d.yaml Move sync_db parameter to glance::api 5 years ago
glance_glare_service-2cd8231e1e7d097b.yaml Add Glance Glare API service 5 years ago
ipv6_registry-95b934a99a6f2639.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
keystone-auth-name-2f9bd1b22dccd5bf.yaml Provide consisent default name for service_identity resource 5 years ago
keystone-authtoken-interface-f8d92000874248fd.yaml Add support for the interface parameter in authtoken middleware 1 year ago
keystone-authtoken-service_type-e22ec47ac8d7f6a0.yaml Add support for the keystone_authtoken/service_type parameter 9 months ago
keystone_python_depr-80fa804d9cd242c5.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
log-json-8045e42f0b1a39d6.yaml Expose use_json logging option 4 years ago
max_request_body_size-91efd06b477a9ff8.yaml Manage oslo_middleware/max_request_body_size 2 years ago
migrate-policy-format-from-json-to-yaml-06ba9c13ea4cc8f1.yaml Use yaml instead of json for policy file 7 months ago
multi_store-d53d0e440b55e9d6.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
new_service_name-307a5803a248d2a3.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
notification_transport_url-c4ebcfa30e124c9e.yaml Add oslo_messaging_notifications transport_url 5 years ago
openstack_db_tag-9766c2362156ac1e.yaml Add 'openstack-db' tag to db-sync Exec resource 3 years ago
os_workers_for_worker_count-f86aa67474d5cac9.yaml Change worker defaults to ::os_workers 5 years ago
oslo_policy-enforce_scope-422b5bb6f96a7afe.yaml Add support for the oslo_policy/enforce_scope parameter 5 months ago
policy-enforce_new_defaults-239a805a6d0fba80.yaml Add support for oslo_policy/enforce_new_defaults 4 months ago
puppet4-mysql-func-c9dc054baa43c0ed.yaml Use puppet 4 compatible mysql functions 3 years ago
pymysql-e57bf1f0289dd426.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
rabbit-connection-params-deprecation-d1405f1fe22481b8.yaml Deprecate rabbitmq connection parameters 5 years ago
rabbitmq-heartbeat-over-pthread-8a0e7e5c03c2b7c0.yaml Introduce the new rabbit_heartbeat_in_pthread option 2 years ago
registry_ssl-eed9bdc67c795cde.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
release-note-ubuntu-py3-6c01b9f3895cb9b6.yaml Add release note about Ubuntu py3 upgrade 2 years ago
remove-auth-uri-d5ec1ba55c15ff74.yaml Remove auth_uri 3 years ago
remove-deprecated-logging-59abbf51ce252346.yaml Remove deprecated logging 3 years ago
remove-deprecated-params-6fa3d35be3371c74.yaml Remove deprecated parameters 3 years ago
remove-registry-2a8d771cc159401d.yaml Remove support for glance-registry service 1 year ago
remove-registry-leftover-28913ae93b9934f8.yaml Clean up remaining items for glance-registry 4 months ago
remove_cluster_id-da63a8f698b27cec.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
remove_deprecated_keystone_auth_options-bec5bba5a8e22d16.yaml Remove deprecated keystone::auth options 5 years ago
remove_deprecated_keystone_revocation_cache_time_option-89af492d7e32913e.yaml Remove deprecated keystone authtoken revocation_cache_time option 3 years ago
remove_deprecated_keystone_signing_dir_option-928d7e97d61de301.yaml Remove deprecated keystone authtoken signing_dir option 4 years ago
remove_deprecated_pki_related_options-bc4c9c7169048ddf.yaml Remove deprecated pki related options 2 years ago
remove_deprecated_sync_db-135983def83457df.yaml Remove deprecated sync_db options 4 years ago
remove_idle_timeout_option-aaf1a514540694b2.yaml Remove idle_timeout option 1 year ago
remove_old_auth-d9fc4af8e2ced291.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
remove_old_authtoken_options-954b592223d48e6e.yaml Remove old authtoken options 5 years ago
remove_posix-d1f775df21874348.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
remove_qpid-0b446db43fdea617.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
remove_verbose-228877cddeed6640.yaml Remove verbose 5 years ago
service_token_roles-72c9e4eaa139a9d6.yaml Add support to configure service_token_roles in authtoken middleware 2 years ago
service_token_roles_required-84a52781e88fc5bb.yaml Service_token_roles_required missing in the server config file 2 years ago
switch_to_oslo_everywhere-01030871f9549110.yaml Configure oslo related parameters using puppet-oslo module 5 years ago
switch_to_oslo_messaging-cb63828d88821378.yaml Use oslo module for messaging (rabbit) configuration 5 years ago
tasks-taskflow_executor-conversion-716730936a03a062.yaml Add options for taskflow_executor & conversion 5 years ago
update_swift-52dfa8715cddbe91.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
use-reno-1caaec4ba5aa4285.yaml Release 8.0.0 5 years ago
verbose-deprecation-bf94328c56f7a944.yaml Deprecate verbose option in logging 5 years ago