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# Example: Declaring multiple backend stores
# To declare multiple glance::backend::* classes, each declaration must include
# the parameter multi_store set to true. This prevents each individual backend from
# setting itself as the default store as soon as it is declared. Rather, the
# default store can be chosen by the user when declaring glance::api (if no
# default_store is set at that point, then the first store in the list 'stores'
# provided will be made the default).
class { '::glance::backend::file':
multi_store => true,
class { '::glance::backend::swift':
swift_store_user => 'demo',
swift_store_key => 'secrete',
multi_store => true,
class { '::glance::api':
keystone_password => 'a_big_secret',
stores => ['file', 'swift'],
default_store => 'swift',
multi_store => true,