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6.0.0 - 2015.1 - Kilo

Table of Contents

  1. Overview - What is the glance module?
  2. Module Description - What does the module do?
  3. Setup - The basics of getting started with glance
  4. Implementation - An under-the-hood peek at what the module is doing
  5. Limitations - OS compatibility, etc.
  6. Development - Guide for contributing to the module
  7. Contributors - Those with commits


The glance module is a part of OpenStack, an effort by the OpenStack infrastructure team to provide continuous integration testing and code review for OpenStack and OpenStack community projects as part of the core software. The module its self is used to flexibly configure and manage the image service for OpenStack.

Module Description

The glance module is a thorough attempt to make Puppet capable of managing the entirety of glance. This includes manifests to provision such things as keystone endpoints, RPC configurations specific to glance, and database connections. Types are shipped as part of the glance module to assist in manipulation of configuration files.

This module is tested in combination with other modules needed to build and leverage an entire OpenStack software stack. These modules can be found, all pulled together in the openstack module.


What the glance module affects

  • Glance, the image service for OpenStack.

Installing glance

puppet module install openstack/glance

Beginning with glance

To utilize the glance module's functionality you will need to declare multiple resources. The following is a modified excerpt from the openstack module. This is not an exhaustive list of all the components needed, we recommend you consult and understand the openstack module and the core openstack documentation.

Define a glance node

class { 'glance::api':
  verbose             => true,
  keystone_tenant     => 'services',
  keystone_user       => 'glance',
  keystone_password   => '12345',
  database_connection => 'mysql://glance:12345@',

class { 'glance::registry':
  verbose             => true,
  keystone_tenant     => 'services',
  keystone_user       => 'glance',
  keystone_password   => '12345',
  database_connection => 'mysql://glance:12345@',

class { 'glance::backend::file': }

Setup postgres node glance

class { 'glance::db::postgresql':
  password => '12345',

Setup mysql node for glance

class { 'glance::db::mysql':
  password      => '12345',
  allowed_hosts => '%',

Setup up keystone endpoints for glance on keystone node

class { 'glance::keystone::auth':
  password         => '12345'
  email            => '',
  public_address   => '',
  admin_address    => '',
  internal_address => '',
  region           => 'example-west-1',

Setup up notifications for multiple RabbitMQ nodes

class { 'glance::notify::rabbitmq':
  rabbit_password               => 'pass',
  rabbit_userid                 => 'guest',
  rabbit_hosts                  => [
    'localhost:5672', 'remotehost:5672'
  rabbit_use_ssl                => false,



glance is a combination of Puppet manifest and ruby code to deliver configuration and extra functionality through types and providers.


  • Only supports configuring the file, swift and rbd storage backends.


This module has beaker-rspec tests

To run the tests on the default vagrant node:

To run:

bundle install
bundle exec rspec spec/acceptance

For more information on writing and running beaker-rspec tests visit the documentation:


Developer documentation for the entire puppet-openstack project.