OpenStack Glance Puppet Module
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require 'puppet'
require 'puppet/type/glance_registry_config'
describe 'Puppet::Type.type(:glance_registry_config)' do
before :each do
@glance_registry_config = Puppet::Type.type(:glance_registry_config).new(:name => 'DEFAULT/foo', :value => 'bar')
it 'should autorequire the package that install the file' do
catalog =
anchor = Puppet::Type.type(:anchor).new(:name => 'glance::install::end')
catalog.add_resource anchor, @glance_registry_config
dependency = @glance_registry_config.autorequire
expect(dependency.size).to eq(1)
expect(dependency[0].target).to eq(@glance_registry_config)
expect(dependency[0].source).to eq(anchor)