OpenStack Gnocchi Puppet Module
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Zuul 37ec81ab5f Merge "Accept system scope credentials for Keystone API request" 7 months ago
db Allow db sync timeouts to be configurable 2 years ago
keystone Accept system scope credentials for Keystone API request 9 months ago
storage Merge "Allow customizing state of the python-ceph package" 9 months ago
wsgi Remove usage of custom os_package_type fact 7 months ago
api.pp Clean up direct dependencies on puppetlabs-apache 8 months ago
client.pp Change to relative include 2 years ago
config.pp Allow arbitrary settings of api-paste.ini 8 months ago
cors.pp Convert all class usage to relative names 3 years ago
db.pp Merge "Remove deprecated database_connection in init" 2 years ago
deps.pp Install coordination backend packages before starting services 8 months ago
healthcheck.pp Fix a typo in file header 1 year ago
init.pp Use oslo::coordination to manage coordination backend packages 12 months ago
logging.pp Add watch_log_file option 11 months ago
metricd.pp Support more [metricd] parameters 9 months ago
params.pp Ensure required packages are installed for s3 support. 9 months ago
policy.pp Allow purging policy files 11 months ago
statsd.pp Convert all class usage to relative names 3 years ago
storage.pp Clean up deprecated parameters in the gnocchi::storage class 2 years ago