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  Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira 85b55571b8 Move Heat to authtoken 2 years ago
  Javier Pena f70d5d5f31 Support of PyMySQL driver for MySQL backend 3 years ago
  Sebastien Badia 44e1bbf039 Add Puppet 4.x lint checks 4 years ago
  François Charlier 9a885b068b make auth_encryption_key a parameter 5 years ago
  Ian Wienand c6fb1f0e82 Remove heat::db class 5 years ago
  Ian Wienand 84dbad08b7 Consolidate config into single file 5 years ago
  Émilien Macchi fa2d267593 Update DB & example manifest 5 years ago
  Émilien Macchi 9d66e0d546 Add common class in site.pp 5 years ago
  Émilien Macchi 0bd0f09251 Fix a typo in site.pp 5 years ago
  Émilien Macchi fba25d7ac6 Add an site.pp for example 5 years ago