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Takashi Kajinami f78032bbb1 Replace legacy facts and use fact hash
4 weeks ago
Takashi Kajinami 2a0d0df13a Remove deprecated parameters to override endpoint url
11 months ago
Takashi Kajinami 69df6cf152 Globally support system scope credentials
1 year ago
Harald Jensås 596abc9587 Add ironic::neutron::dhcpv6_stateful_address_count
3 years ago
Takashi Kajinami edfe3e5460 Add region_name parameter for service authentication
3 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur fb8e19deb8 Train deprecations and removals
4 years ago
Daniel Abad 7a4fb04a42 Add missing endpoint_override params
5 years ago
Tobias Urdin 2ad9190159 Remove deprecated parameters
5 years ago
Harry Rybacki 9381f9722b Configure *_domain_name to Default by default
6 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur f60b27493a Add domain parameters to switch, neutron and glance auth modules
6 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur ee74484b3a Add separate manifest for configuring access to neutron
6 years ago