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Takashi Kajinami 2a0d0df13a Remove deprecated parameters to override endpoint url
These parameter were deprecated during Train cycle by [1] and have been
ineffective since then.

[1] fb8e19deb8

Change-Id: Ib2e2f8284a61ae7f8a1ae75a2b2c0a63503ddc08
1 year ago
Takashi Kajinami 69df6cf152 Globally support system scope credentials
After spending huge effort to understand the exact requirements to
enforce SRBAC, we learned it's very difficult to find the required
scope in each credential. This requires understanding implementation of
client-side as well as server-side, and requirement might be different
according to the deployment architecture or features used.

Instead of implementing support based on the actual implementation,
this introduces support for system scope credentials to all places
where keystone user credential is defined, and make all credential
configurations consistent.

Change-Id: I180c00bf826387176427a85319cb254713d40924
1 year ago
Harald Jensås 596abc9587 Add ironic::neutron::dhcpv6_stateful_address_count
Support fo additional ip address allocations when using
dhcpv6 stateful was added in
and backported to stein in

This change adds support in the puppet module to configuring
the amount of addresses to allocate.

Related-Bug: #1861032
Closes-Bug: 1872992
Change-Id: I09e6ce611b12e92a4a8db64c7f23a491998e956b
3 years ago
Takashi Kajinami edfe3e5460 Add region_name parameter for service authentication
... so that operators can use their customized region_name.

Change-Id: If923077e1e437ccadcb4b8773cd81f46479876dc
3 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur fb8e19deb8 Train deprecations and removals
Change-Id: I43941b598c05c3f6529ede274d526e3a6c8910d5
4 years ago
Daniel Abad 7a4fb04a42 Add missing endpoint_override params
After merging
the endpoint_override param was missing in cinder, glance,
neutron and swift config sections.

Change-Id: Ic2f720ca50671a34f00ed7d5c118b897f795f046
5 years ago
Tobias Urdin 2ad9190159 Remove deprecated parameters
Removes deprecated parameters that has been
deprecated for one cycle or more.

Change-Id: I0c29a346e0df44bce5e4c661b4b8a77f9e126fc7
5 years ago
Harry Rybacki 9381f9722b Configure *_domain_name to Default by default
Keystone v2.0 API was removed so we have no choice but configuring
user_domain_name and project_domain_name otherwise it fallbacks to
Keystone v2.0 and it fails. This patch sets the default value so we make
sure Keystone v3 will be used out of the box for our users.

Change-Id: Ica121aa31705551052448a853fb8908732e749cf
6 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur f60b27493a Add domain parameters to switch, neutron and glance auth modules
These are required to use Identity v3 authentication with them.

Change-Id: I50068d5f29641fb0f01cf1ded3487bb44b324558
Related-Bug: #1661250
6 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur ee74484b3a Add separate manifest for configuring access to neutron
Without these parameters ironic uses keystone_authtoken credentials.
This is deprecated since Newton and can be removed at any moment.

This patch provides a manifest to configure separate credentials
and moves other related parameters to it.

Reset [neutron]url to os_service_default to allow ironic to guess it,
rather then using a value that it probably wrong.

Change-Id: I7a9a78521c3495f04ca0a9f625b0d844ee56c56a
Partial-Bug: #1661250
6 years ago