Remove logic for Puppet < 4

Puppet < 4 support was removed long ago.

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Takashi Kajinami 2023-11-06 11:56:05 +09:00
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@ -1,29 +1,3 @@
# Cherry pick PUP-1073 from puppetlabs: support of composite namevar for alias.
if\(Puppet Enterprise .*/i, '').strip) <'4.0.0')
Puppet::Resource::Catalog.class_eval do
def create_resource_aliases(resource)
# Skip creating aliases and checking collisions for non-isomorphic resources.
return unless resource.respond_to?(:isomorphic?) and resource.isomorphic?
# Add an alias if the uniqueness key is valid and not the
# title, which has already been checked.
ukey = resource.uniqueness_key
if ukey.any? and ukey != [resource.title]
self.alias(resource, ukey)
Puppet::Resource.class_eval do
def uniqueness_key
# Temporary kludge to deal with inconsistent use patterns; ensure we don't return nil for namevar/:name
h = self.to_hash
name = h[namevar] || h[:name] ||
h[namevar] ||= name
h[:name] ||= name
h.values_at(*key_attributes.sort_by { |k| k.to_s })
require 'puppet_x/keystone/composite_namevar/helpers'
module PuppetX