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Takashi Kajinami 486d7f1435 Replace legacy facts and use fact hash
... because the latest lint no longer allows usage of legacy facts and
top scope fact.

Change-Id: Ie757167eedce6fa1c99d08f96be1173871f21817
3 months ago
Takashi Kajinami 0f826646c6 federation: Use $::os_service_default by default
... instead of undef, so that the parameters are cleared.

Change-Id: Ia3eb890e787648623ce60c7fe07cbc7ebd2b85a8
1 year ago
Tobias Urdin 7def56f92f Convert to rspec-puppet-facts and cleanup docs/testing
This converts some more testing to rspec-puppet-facts
so there is only these three missing now until done:

* keystone_init_spec.rb
* keystone_federation_identity_provider_spec.rb
* keystone_ldap_spec.rb

Also does cleanup of some formatting for documentation
and testing specs.

Change-Id: Ifd74aa8cedf630d98f9e12ab276300409a68eecd
3 years ago
Tobias Urdin fa11274b2f Convert all class usage to relative names
Change-Id: Ia631adf31be1eeadb7ab0f12b75f1eaed73d5fbf
4 years ago
Lars Kellogg-Stedman 8e44af162b update support for openidc in puppet-keystone
The existing openidc support in puppet-keystone was incomplete and
would result in invalid Apache configurations. This commit updates
the openidc federation to work with modern Keystone and abstracts out
some common parameters for use in other federated identity modules.

Co-Authored-By: Nathan Kinder <>
Change-Id: I200011e2e0ffd01a2aa26df8a03f03151eb64150
5 years ago