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Takashi Kajinami 486d7f1435 Replace legacy facts and use fact hash
... because the latest lint no longer allows usage of legacy facts and
top scope fact.

Change-Id: Ie757167eedce6fa1c99d08f96be1173871f21817
3 months ago
Rajesh Tailor c6a3840a8e Fix several typos in parameter descriptions.
Change-Id: I1c45f1fcb8663383b09014aa5095c9b0e99fb231
12 months ago
Tobias Urdin fa11274b2f Convert all class usage to relative names
Change-Id: Ia631adf31be1eeadb7ab0f12b75f1eaed73d5fbf
4 years ago
ZhongShengping 5f5eb4c369 Cleanup documentation
Make sure documentation is the same and follow
the standard which we are trying to enforce on
all modules.

Change-Id: I215f28f4ce417a3c098cbf4be21967b2ed4013bb
5 years ago
Tobias Urdin a2a6d22e39 Remove deprecated logging parameters
Remove those that was moved to keystone::logging
and deprecated in ::keystone.

Change-Id: I99730c7bb7f775aced7aacfbaef6eb7f38525f69
5 years ago
Juan Antonio Osorio Robles 0d59c9f771 Expose use_json logging option
It enables JSON-formatted logging from oslo.log.

Change-Id: I854a66368e1e556796dcc2a1d7ce66ca578346ad
6 years ago
Jenkins 27e5956b13 Merge "Add use_journal option for logging configuration" 6 years ago
Juan Antonio Osorio Robles cc0f65d546 Accept empty strings for log_dir and log_file
An empty string is an acceptable value of these entries, and it forces
loggint to stdout/stderr, which is useful when running on containers.

Change-Id: I4250ebce75933c8fb3f85b9efdb3e2ade392a60c
6 years ago
Juan Antonio Osorio Robles aabe420a3f Add use_journal option for logging configuration
This enables oslo.log to pass logging records to journald.

Depends-On: I2f2977d88607939c278815cc449a129e8c04379d
Change-Id: I5b8393e0d290f325e1de910f30561a7b08abe7d6
6 years ago
Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira eb8acb884a Remove verbose
Since we are in Ocata we should remove the
verbose option that was deprecated

Change-Id: I83524dbfa5930e4af5ee3b560f1a123712e641a0
7 years ago
Mykyta Karpin 60a114700d Fix documentation for log_dir parameter
Change-Id: I2e473b45f511d2edef608fc245f68d75de59e7f9
Partial-Bug: #1600294
7 years ago
Denis Egorenko 255725d803 Revert "Deprecate use_syslog"
This option is not deprecated and still actual.

This reverts commit eb12a287be.

Change-Id: I97e9fdd24ff6731532ca124a8439ddbc6cf5534e
7 years ago
Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira eb12a287be Deprecate use_syslog
[DEFAULT/use_syslog] was deprecated in Mitaka [1]
init.pp logging.pp - deprecate use_syslog, add warning, remove reference
tests - remove use_syslog and [DEFAULT/use_syslog] verification.


Change-Id: Iac282eac4f581b1a16c8d73eadd904fbc6be32c4
7 years ago
Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira dbde71b855 Deprecate verbose option in logging
Option "verbose" from group "DEFAULT" is deprecated for removal.
The parameter has no effect.
-Deprecated verbose for logging and init
-Remove verbose in examples and README
-Remove verbose from tests.

If this option is not set explicitly, there is no such warning.

Change-Id: I2f554c07f71458894aaa5d8079285ac92d0f04a3
7 years ago
Denis Egorenko 46ced6835c Totally drop Qpid support
Qpid was removed in Mitaka from Oslo Messaging, so now we can
drop it in manifests.

Change-Id: Ica56c344fac4505ebdf8c739334c9b0400a02c87
7 years ago
dmburmistrov 030820aa2d Set oslo options in keystone module through puppet-oslo
Key moments:
  * use oslo::{db,log,cache,policy},
  * update top-file docs
  * add new parameters provided by oslo
  * update tests accordingly
  * add oslo dependency to "metadata.json"
  * add release notes

Change-Id: I6840b7b9a0cd4832794b1b2a017fc241759aab66
7 years ago
Matt Fischer a5da52ec52 Keystone hooks support
This code moves all deps to an external class so that Keystone can be
installed with mechanisms besides packages (like venv or docker). This
also cleans-up the dependency tree by removing false or confusing

Change-Id: If69cd7cba267f75faad51fdbc80a58b24d2095d8
Co-Author: Clayton O'Neill <>
7 years ago
Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira 4b87767b3b $::os_service_default in db and logging
Switch to $::os_service_default all params in logging and db.
Changes: logging.pp, db.pp and tests.

Related-bug: #1515273

Change-Id: Ib84dceafb032747adc1d8b6e56bd01e89aa802cb
8 years ago
Yanis Guenane ee2723009e Put all the logging related parameters to the logging class
Currently logging configuration is splitted in two distinct classes, the
init.pp and the logging.pp classes. This review aims to centralize all
logging related parameters in a single class, the logging.pp one.

The impacted parameters are :

  * use_syslog
  * use_stderr
  * log_facility
  * verbose
  * debug
  * log_dir
  * log_file

This change remains backward compatible with what is currently in place.

Change-Id: I2ad392f8f12be3f3a7d51916e0645531ed1184a2
8 years ago
Matt Fischer 7ddfea2783 Switch to new Juno defaults
There are some new default config file values for Juno so switch to
them. This commit does not include the LDAP deprecations which is
contained in a different commit.

Change-Id: Ida18439353d4083e968cbe9ae81479ea65650076
Closes-Bug: #1380767
9 years ago
Johannes Grassler f277297080 Add extended logging options.
There is a range of extended logging options in Openstack services that use
openstack.common.logger (Ceilometer, Cinder, Heat, Keystone, Nova). Adding
keystone::logging to support them. This change is identical to
<> but it applies to puppet-keystone
instead of puppet-ceilometer.

No blueprint/spec, as discussed in the IRC meeting on 08-11-2014.

Change-Id: I88fcf025b9467090d21d1a10a5af9b270f8ef11e
9 years ago