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Takashi Kajinami 0f8158a399 Replace mocha by rspec-mocks
puppetlabs_spec_helper recommends rspec-mocks instead of mocha[1] and
it uses rspec-mocks by default instead of mocha since v 5.0.0[2]

This is the prep work to adapt to that migration.

[2] 493f0cbc1c

Closes-Bug: #2004135
Change-Id: Idfb4d8344af472aec0c6bbdd9b3600eedd17eb46
4 months ago
keystone_config_spec.rb Fix wrong test description 11 months ago
keystone_domain_config_spec.rb Add keystone domain specific configuration. 8 years ago
keystone_endpoint_spec.rb Keystone_endpoint match service by name/type. 8 years ago
keystone_identity_provider_spec.rb Replace mocha by rspec-mocks 4 months ago
keystone_service_spec.rb Support for services different only by type. 8 years ago
keystone_tenant_spec.rb Fix default domain. 8 years ago
keystone_user_role_spec.rb Add support for system scope 1 year ago
keystone_user_spec.rb Fix default domain. 8 years ago
keystone_uwsgi_config_spec.rb Fix wrong test description 11 months ago