OpenStack Keystone Puppet Module
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Oskari Lemmela 82f37cfdc7 OIDC: Add support for setting OIDCResponseMode 9 months ago
Add-cert-and-key-files-specifically-for-the-admin-endpoint-815e0109247d6f70.yaml Allow different key/cert for the admin apache vhost 6 years ago
Add-servername-for-admin-endpoint-vhost-c62a86939e5b9e49.yaml Enable different servername for admin vhost 6 years ago
Add-use_journal-option-for-logging-7eeca0fccb658f3a.yaml Add use_journal option for logging configuration 5 years ago
Create-domain-on-ldap_backend-resource-ac3cc85bc101883e.yaml Enable creating the domain for LDAP backends 5 years ago
add-authtoken-service_type-parameter-cab05db2d977f232.yaml Add support for service_type in authtoken config 2 years ago
add-group_members_are_ids-7decbef235d0afd8.yaml Add a LDAP param group_members_are_ids 4 years ago
add-keystone-authtoken-collect_timing-32a0bd542a7f861c.yaml Add collect_timing param to authtoken 4 years ago
add-keystone-bootstrap-class-43e975beae3ec88b.yaml Add keystone::bootstrap class 3 years ago
add-notification-transport-url-2a2d023520d8301e.yaml Add notification transport_url to support dual oslo_messaging backends 6 years ago
add-oidc-params-0bddcca8d49ccfdb.yaml Add oidc options 9 months ago
add-pool_timeout-option-for-db-978132e087f9fe6b.yaml Add pool_timeout option 4 years ago
add-service_token_roles-0439534920042962.yaml Add service_token_roles for keystone authtoken config 3 years ago
add_amqp_durable_queues-12ed69721e01b67c.yaml Add oslo_messaging_rabbit/amqp_durable_queues option 4 years ago
add_messaging_default_parameters-8719a35df77146e1.yaml Add rpc_response_timeout option 6 years ago
add_mysql_enable_ndb-option-9619cb984571cde2.yaml Add mysql_enable_ndb option 2 years ago
add_oslo_messaging_amqp1-04e7a2a4951c65f4.yaml Introduce support for oslo.messaging amqp driver configuration 6 years ago
add_target_admin_domain-272f97b06e476495.yaml Add association of the admin user to a domain. 6 years ago
add_tls_options-8ed38a82af2f378f.yaml Add TLS options to oslo.cache 2 years ago
add_user_description_attribute-1875a124def9723f.yaml Add user_description_attribute option 5 years ago
admin_password_parameter-df9a4b5056fedd44.yaml Add admin_password parameter for use in bootstrap 6 years ago
allow-drivername-for-postgresql-daa276a598844884.yaml allow to specify drivername for postgres db 2 years ago
authtoken-manage-python-memcache-name-bug-e1649975f9d4ae69.yaml authtoken cannot manage python-memcache on RedHat 4 years ago
authtoken-os_service_default-eb8809222b21e05a.yaml Move Authtoken to $::os_service_default 6 years ago
authtoken_interface-2e8ccbd3e961e0fb.yaml New keystone::resource::authtoken::interface parameter 3 years ago
authtoken_memcache_package-3b459c97a205cdf1.yaml Install python memcache package 6 years ago
autocreate-keystone-role-98c565ce590d9d32.yaml Ensure role when to assigning a role for a service user to a project 5 years ago
changes_around_keystone_manage_commands-5bbf256bb24c0a81.yaml Changes around keystone-manage commands 6 years ago
cleanup-deprecated-pki-a083ebdce715569e.yaml Remove deprecated options for pki token 2 years ago
cron-trust_flush-9a85af706076f55d.yaml Add support for trust_flush cron job 2 years ago
default-public-interface-47f29ffc8612d589.yaml Use "public" endpoint for the authentication URL for the keystone provider 4 years ago
deprecate-cron-token_flush-b76a1db6715a818b.yaml Deprecate keystone::cron::token_fush 2 years ago
deprecate-eventlet-server-c39f0e958d19848e.yaml Deprecate options related to eventlet server 3 years ago
deprecate-group_allow_ldap-params-671a23e9813f1d75.yaml Deprecate group_allow_* options for ldap 6 years ago
deprecate-ignore_default_tenant-80b0083f34ae00fa.yaml Deprecate ineffective ignore_default_tenant parameter 2 years ago
deprecate-keystone-paste-01d714353e5544df.yaml Deprecate all paste code 4 years ago
deprecate-keystone-public-keystone-admin-aede2b6d3d93871c.yaml Deprecate $service_name = keystone-public-keystone-admin 2 years ago
deprecate-module_plugin-ef8159de8e019dda.yaml Deprecate module_plugins 4 years ago
deprecate-removed-keystone-ldap-options-a5ecc19989891c75.yaml Deprecate unused parameters 2 years ago
deprecate-service-validation-35fd28183776f94f.yaml Remove keystone::service validation 3 years ago
deprecate-user_allow_ldap-params-0b8b6d2a53d7d818.yaml user_allow_* options for ldap are deprecated 6 years ago
deprecate_auth_uri_parameter-943eeba4dc64dddc.yaml Deprecate auth_uri option 4 years ago
deprecate_database_min_pool_size-option-92a6142ee11ae0f9.yaml Deprecate min_pool_size option 2 years ago
deprecate_idle_timeout_parameter-bf3a271c03bb12df.yaml Deprecate idle_timeout option 3 years ago
deprecate_pki_signing-ae35fe25182735ab.yaml Deprecate PKI signing related parameter 6 years ago
deprecate_revocation_cache_time_parameter-2a565b96bcbf98a2.yaml Deprecate revocation_cache_time option 5 years ago
deprecate_signing_dir_parameter-3123a377ef197813.yaml Deprecate signing_dir option 6 years ago
deprecated-public_bind_host-and-public_port-90ee086ecd2b977c.yaml Do not set public_bind_host and public_port in eventlet section 3 years ago
deprecated_ldap-02957eb56827ead5.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
deprecated_uuid_default_token-33090f377b0086b7.yaml Add a warning to use Fernet as token 6 years ago
disable_admin_token_auth-b82d0aca80d1f091.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
double-workers-b9e340a18a5e9823.yaml Fix performance regression due to reduced number of keystone workers 3 years ago
drop_qpid-50eb89c1bec84504.yaml Totally drop Qpid support 6 years ago
ensure_parameter_service_identity_resource-610076e4902c23ec.yaml Add ensure parameter to service identity resource 6 years ago
federation_with_mellon-2f8229c1464b2e0e.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
fernet_rotate_crontab-aad7ddda61d8ee31.yaml Implement crontab to perform Fernet keys rotations 5 years ago
fernet_token_provider-700f0feb36e0e168.yaml Make fernet the default token provider 6 years ago
fix-cache-configs-a3972486723f1d99.yaml Add release note for Bug #1523393 7 years ago
fix-wsgi-params-366be2d75d6792c8.yaml Make admin and public scripts configurable 6 years ago
fix_admin-fee6e76089c07a42.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
fix_endpoint_region-0fa0d89061ebaf12.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
fix_endpoint_update_when_missing-4cd73e06a8ac30f7.yaml Fix endpoint update when one endpoint is missing. 6 years ago
fix_ldap_packages-3dd59f5bfa5a5bc0.yaml fix ldap packages for keystone backend 5 years ago
fix_log_dir_documentation-0ecb8eb4c98c5cbf.yaml Fix documentation for log_dir parameter 6 years ago
fix_openrc_v2-64049769daf57b65.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
fix_retry_for_keystone_user_exists-53987cf3bfac4f6e.yaml Add retry to keystone_user.exists? 6 years ago
hash_domains-d6a867466bcf324b.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
hourly-token-flush-175800b7f614f26e.yaml Change keystone token flush to run hourly 5 years ago
httpd-logs-syslog-51bff89ca52d21a1.yaml Add vhost access/error logs file/syslog options 5 years ago
implement-chase-referrals-02cc67c98c272f52.yaml Implement chase referrals parameter 6 years ago
ipv6_provider-796b60badd356e59.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
keystone-credential-setup-0971292cf1b0bde7.yaml Allow to manage credential files contents 6 years ago
keystone-fernet-setup-227ef6d380519cce.yaml Allow the management of the Fernet Keys 6 years ago
keystone-init-remove-deprecated-cache-4f1b87bef9a3d160.yaml Remove deprecated keystone cache parameters 2 years ago
keystone-openstacklib-wsgi-0d565551ab88906c.yaml Use openstacklib::wsgi::apache for keystone wsgi 4 years ago
keystone-port-35357-4d565d8145b61b42.yaml Release note about the keystone port changes 4 years ago
keystone-wsgi-scripts-0d772d1f9f2d6c57.yaml Update keystone wsgi scripts 6 years ago
keystone_bootstrap-4bf00198001d3350.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
keystone_cache-efb45917e958940a.yaml Split out cache configuration to keystone::cache 2 years ago
keystone_cors-00694edf25d53324.yaml Add CORS settings 6 years ago
keystone_hooks_support-2c9e8b09bdbd1b5b.yaml Release notes for Keystone external deps 7 years ago
keystone_identity_provider-9b6f6b3ad70c60f3.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
keystone_python_depr-80fa804d9cd242c5.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
keystone_user-bug-1814906-06781a797cd2e051.yaml Keystone_user should not use disabled projects 4 years ago
keystonev3-919f2e4842670c0f.yaml Deprecate keystone::endpoint::version 6 years ago
ldap_backend_domain-37839afb8b1d26e4.yaml Add release note for 6 years ago
log-json-17df65db860a9b44.yaml Expose use_json logging option 5 years ago
make-replacing-fernet-keys-configurable-4e8f342f4a8ec67a.yaml Make replacing fernet keys if they already exist configurable 5 years ago
manage-backend-param-490db3b5bce0b3ea.yaml Add manage_backend_package parameter 4 years ago
manage_ldap_packages-3b739e338f3e59c2.yaml Add the ability to control LDAP package mgmt 6 years ago
max_request_body_size-1835161-45ec3b7ab7c40cfa.yaml Manage oslo_middleware/max_request_body_size 3 years ago
mellon-websso-support-8c367e5b732ffbf3.yaml Federation mellon support Web Single Sign-On (SSO) 6 years ago
memcache-package-pyvers-a3db976c1a881dcf.yaml Install the correct memcache bindings for py3 2 years ago
memcache_socket_timeout-8f80a6af18dc0844.yaml Change memcache_socket_timeout to a float 3 years ago
multi_domain_configuration-32dc8cbef450f1d6.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
multi_ldap-975858a46dd622a6.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
openidc_response_mode-f5a2ddf95bd4b752.yaml OIDC: Add support for setting OIDCResponseMode 9 months ago
openstack_db_tag-89916b8b22f8e4a5.yaml Add 'openstack-db' tag to db-sync Exec resource 4 years ago
optional-email-parameter-for-roles::admin-2a17a5d13fa172da.yaml Make email parameter optional in roles::admin 6 years ago
os_service_default-9caeeb340d4bb303.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
os_workers_for_worker_count-50c1f496bf4dc954.yaml Change worker defaults to ::os_workers 6 years ago
password-hash-algo-884cb38f8edecb6b.yaml Add password hash algorithm and rounds config 4 years ago
permissions_on_keys_and_creds-9c0b9f56dfc1fd63.yaml set 0600 permissions on fernet keys & folder 6 years ago
policy_driver-c991dd693d2336fc.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
policy_rc_d_keystone_eventlet-2dc65eb3d27f8969.yaml Prevent keystone eventlet from starting 6 years ago
puppet4-mysql-func-d8adf965e1f5ee8f.yaml Use puppet 4 compatible mysql functions 4 years ago
rabbit-connection-params-deprecation-c6e990b4f788505d.yaml Deprecate rabbitmq connection parameters 6 years ago
rabbitmq-heartbeat-over-pthread-a3c353553e9014ab.yaml Introduce the new rabbit_heartbeat_in_pthread option 3 years ago
release-note-ubuntu-py3-36f43a17c66cd38c.yaml Add release note about Ubuntu py3 upgrade 4 years ago
remove-auth-uri-9cfa0ed6b68486e4.yaml Revert "Revert "Remove auth_uri"" 4 years ago
remove-deprecate-keystone-service-e258f90afe5b1d0f.yaml Remove deprecated keystone::service params 2 years ago
remove-deprecate-user-group_allow_ldap-params-4a1b6d9a53d7d818.yaml Remove deprecated user_allow_* and group_allow_* options for ldap 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-bind-and-port-params-35ed404c0a0597f8.yaml Remove deprecated bind, port and workers parameters 2 years ago
remove-deprecated-bootstrap-2b81ba7a7b0b4d5d.yaml Remove deprecated bootstrap code 2 years ago
remove-deprecated-database-min-pool-size-85d9e856d15b6b15.yaml Remove deprecated database_min_pool_size parameter 2 years ago
remove-deprecated-keystone-validate-c4b1f4d36adeb1d5.yaml Remove deprecated validate parameters from init 2 years ago
remove-deprecated-logging-d3004849c0e4e66a.yaml Remove deprecated logging parameters 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-module_plugin-2a8159de7e119dda.yaml Remove module_plugins 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-openidc-845cea167976f90e.yaml Remove deprecated keystone::federation::openidc params 3 years ago
remove-deprecated-pki-9a1c242be81e5104.yaml Remove deprecated PKI 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-rabbit-params-471257fa22f85280.yaml Remove deprecated rabbit params 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-service_provider-9f29158cb5bc9583.yaml Remove deprecated service_provider parameter 4 years ago
remove-deprecated-wsgi-15e14f2f65a2c2ae.yaml Remove deprecated keystone::wsgi::apache params 3 years ago
remove-federation-mellon-trusted_dashboards-c876d52588ed71da.yaml Remove keystone::federation::mellon::trusted_dashboards 2 years ago
remove-memcache-servers-26d449260910ac1c.yaml Remove deprecated keystone::memcache_servers 4 years ago
remove-paste-9b4a67cbe869e2bf.yaml Remove paste 3 years ago
remove-port-35357-ba49d2cf102f8c38.yaml Improve release note for port 35357 removal 4 years ago
remove-python-class-50fd67c3fcabdac1.yaml Remove deprecated class keystone::python 4 years ago
remove-token-driver-d0ddb876b2750236.yaml Remove deprecated token_driver parameter 2 years ago
remove-token_driver-fbe7964f9c58d42d.yaml Deprecate keystone::token_driver 4 years ago
remove-writable-ldap-configs-020f66d8b93003bc.yaml Remove writable ldap configs from examples and spec 3 years ago
remove-wsgi-script-ensure-8507f913c9d6076c.yaml Remove deprecated keystone::wsgi::wsgi_script_ensure 4 years ago
remove_deprecated_keystone_revocation_cache_time_option-8154ebcb3e93b176.yaml Remove deprecated keystone authtoken revocation_cache_time option 4 years ago
remove_deprecated_keystone_signing_dir_option-ac9691ad2165491a.yaml Remove deprecated keystone authtoken signing_dir option 5 years ago
remove_idle_timeout_option-a054fc62f8bc421a.yaml Remove idle_timeout option 2 years ago
remove_unused_class-0615d6744896ad97.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
remove_verbose-6cbdd66294362090.yaml Remove verbose 6 years ago
security-compliance-09e2702580c42e3b.yaml Add security_compliance manifest 5 years ago
service_provider_deprecation-50421064c823f3ee.yaml Deprecate service_provider 6 years ago
service_token-d49c87af77b8c39b.yaml Implement resource to configure parameters to use service token 3 years ago
service_token_roles_required-0574ea85813b533c.yaml Service_token_roles_required missing in authtoken config file Edit 4 years ago
stop_posix_and_files-930ee921d0ebead2.yaml Prepare release notes for Mitaka 8.0.0 7 years ago
support_multi_domain-bd04f18aa7913eaa.yaml Remove user/role prefetch to support multi-domain. 6 years ago
switch_to_oslo-b7caf6d5906e29dc.yaml Set oslo options in keystone module through puppet-oslo 6 years ago
uca_newton-434b3f07a06be290.yaml manage_policyrcd: stop eventlet support from Newton 6 years ago
unset-public_endpoint-1f28429335f3d0d7.yaml Unset public_endpoint by default 2 years ago
update_authtoken-c3b672875f4c5b50.yaml Add misssing parameters to keystone_authtoken 6 years ago
use-reno-1caaec4ba5aa4285.yaml Release 8.0.0 6 years ago
verbose-deprecation-38d9b7667fcf381d.yaml Deprecate verbose option in logging 6 years ago
wsgi_process_options-9c7149dd45d835b7.yaml add parameter to overwrite/add wsgi process options 5 years ago