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  ZhongShengping bbf8382057 Move to opendev 4 days ago
  ZhongShengping fd4a677d3a Fix Repository 4 days ago
  ZhongShengping 3f4f18b644 Replace git.openstack.org with opendev.org/openstack 4 days ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins ee8bd06f16 OpenDev Migration Patch 6 days ago
  ZhongShengping 6088c8caae Add Beaker-Rspec to the table of contents 1 week ago
  ZhongShengping 44b7cea784 Remove extra spaces 1 week ago
  Alex Schultz fafecac54a Bump version for the start of Train 1 month ago
  OpenStack Release Bot 28683b4458 Update master for stable/stein 1 month ago
  ZhongShengping 70c2180c46 Prepare Stein RC1 1 month ago
  ZhongShengping 284f642866 Add log_file parameter 1 month ago
  ZhongShengping 6734a007f6 Prepare Stein M3 1 month ago
  Zuul bd161e16f9 Merge "Add release note about Ubuntu py3 upgrade" 1 month ago
  Zuul eb4445f1c5 Merge "Use validate_legacy" 1 month ago
  Tobias Urdin 0cdb889d70 Add release note about Ubuntu py3 upgrade 2 months ago
  Tobias Urdin dd1a96a9d6 Use validate_legacy 2 months ago
  ZhongShengping f2d968ac6e Service_token_roles_required missing in the server config file 2 months ago
  ZhongShengping 3634566efc Change wiki to docs 2 months ago
  Zuul f8ea59d8f2 Merge "Use puppet 4 compatible mysql functions" 2 months ago
  Tobias Urdin b4957a74c6 Use puppet 4 compatible mysql functions 2 months ago
  Tobias Urdin 7c1cec77c9 Remove Ubuntu Xenial from metadata.json 2 months ago
  ZhongShengping ae8505d565 Fix lint issue 3 months ago
  Zuul 043f441e2a Merge "Remove redundantly tested code" 3 months ago
  Tobias Urdin 26606c6c91 Remove redundantly tested code 3 months ago
  Tobias Urdin 93092f9afd Inherit pyvers from openstacklib::defaults 3 months ago
  ZhongShengping 5bb7a5a7a2 Add requirements in metadata.json 3 months ago
  ZhongShengping 1f06e723e5 Prepare Stein M2 3 months ago
  Zuul 3fe5edde19 Merge "Dont include logging class in init by default" 3 months ago
  ZhongShengping 301a07de4e Add rabbitmq dependency 4 months ago
  ZhongShengping b21bc5ccdc Fix editorial problem 4 months ago
  ZhongShengping a5cc5a37b6 keystone/auth: make service description configurable 4 months ago
  ZhongShengping cc74d8b692 Cleanup documentation 4 months ago
  Zuul 473f109bd6 Merge "Fix lint" 4 months ago
  Zuul 18483eb8dc Merge "Fix module structure" 4 months ago
  Tobias Urdin af5535fa30 Fix module structure 4 months ago
  Tobias Urdin a42b7ad6c7 Fix lint 4 months ago
  ZhongShengping 3b3fcb6817 Install python3 in Fedora or RedHat > 7 4 months ago
  Tobias Urdin 9f812beefb Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss 4 months ago
  Tobias Urdin 9bab952b54 Dont include logging class in init by default 4 months ago
  Tobias Urdin 45e02ee231 Remove auth_uri 4 months ago
  Zuul 48e5e0e0b1 Merge "Deprecate pki related options" 4 months ago
  Zuul a197161a7b Merge "Convert to rspec-puppet-facts" 4 months ago
  Tobias Urdin 72c606f71c Convert to rspec-puppet-facts 5 months ago
  ZhongShengping 9d98a5968f Deprecate pki related options 5 months ago
  ZhongShengping c618a4e8c6 Prepare Stein M1 5 months ago
  ZhongShengping 73b6b14b51 Fix stdlib version in metadata 5 months ago
  Javier Pena c115c31c75 Fix auth_uri deprecation 5 months ago
  Tobias Urdin 930f70f3f5 Fix rabbitmq example 6 months ago
  ZhongShengping 3d05aa4639 Update min tox version to 2.0 6 months ago
  ZhongShengping 28cd52bbb7 Dissuade .gitignore references to personal tools 6 months ago
  Tobias Urdin 8663888d38 Test Magnum API with WSGI 7 months ago