1834 Commits (feb2a9cc6aaa90fd1e5bddc5ca7eb9f1f8a37acc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  OpenStack Release Bot feb2a9cc6a Update TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/wallaby 3 months ago
  OpenStack Release Bot b83886506a Update .gitreview for stable/wallaby 3 months ago
  Zuul 2e69413050 Merge "Prepare Wallaby RC1" 3 months ago
  ZhongShengping 1a868571da Update sphinx to the latest version 3 months ago
  ZhongShengping 59828fab94 Prepare Wallaby RC1 3 months ago
  Zuul ea466a9bb1 Merge "Add support for oslo_policy/enforce_new_defaults" 3 months ago
  Zuul f2f6192c4b Merge "Disable unit tests incompatible with Ubuntu Focal" 3 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami c574d4404e Add support for oslo_policy/enforce_new_defaults 3 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami cc5d0cf049 Disable unit tests incompatible with Ubuntu Focal 3 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami f8f977afa1 Update supported Ubuntu version to Focal 3 months ago
  Zuul 3a59762767 Merge "Add support for the oslo_policy/enforce_scope parameter" 3 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 082590abc2 Add puppetlabs-apache to dependencies 3 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 99852a016d Add support for the oslo_policy/enforce_scope parameter 3 months ago
  ZhongShengping 1518eafd3d Prepare Wallaby M3 3 months ago
  Zuul 9180472ddf Merge "Allow setting default rbac_policy quota" 4 months ago
  Zuul 04a50582f3 Merge "Replace vnic_type_blacklist by vnic_type_prohibit_list" 4 months ago
  Adrian Smith 8b0ded9563 Allow setting default rbac_policy quota 4 months ago
  Kieran Spear 135713be4d Remove duritong/sysctl dependency 5 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 2c5ed70823 Replace vnic_type_blacklist by vnic_type_prohibit_list 6 months ago
  Zuul 0d34714dad Merge "Prepare Wallaby M2" 5 months ago
  Zuul 9b29077c67 Merge "Remove the deprecate neutron::services::vpnass class" 5 months ago
  ZhongShengping c844e4bea4 Prepare Wallaby M2 5 months ago
  Zuul 2e0501919d Merge "OVN: Deprecate the vif_type option" 5 months ago
  Zuul fdc8c59971 Merge "OVN: Deprecate the ovn_l3_mode option" 5 months ago
  Zuul afbb8f5d23 Merge "Use yaml instead of json for policy file" 5 months ago
  Zuul 7e0b55c553 Merge "Remove support for FUJITSU plugin" 5 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami f7c40f7056 Remove support for plumgrid plugin 6 months ago
  Zuul 350450032c Merge "Deprecate support of networking-cisco" 5 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 69b7ba8c47 Use yaml instead of json for policy file 6 months ago
  Zuul 1422f0704d Merge "Deprecate neutron::plugins::cisco" 5 months ago
  Zuul 336e9e840d Merge "Deprecate support of Nexus 1000v driver" 5 months ago
  Zuul b2f13b2929 Merge "Ensure service user passwords are secret" 5 months ago
  Zuul c14172fb34 Merge "Deprecate parameters for XenAPI support" 5 months ago
  Zuul 46f21c95d1 Merge "Ensure vnic_type_blacklist is unset by default" 5 months ago
  Zuul 2392cfeffb Merge "Fix ignored unit test cases" 5 months ago
  Zuul b350f94ebf Merge "Support arbitrary configurations for ovs agent and sriov agent" 5 months ago
  Zuul 28613d5050 Merge "Fix typos in comment lines" 5 months ago
  Zuul 87f74e7bfe Merge "Deprecate parameters for FWaaS quotas" 5 months ago
  Zuul f22eee33b8 Merge "Deprecate parameters for LBaaS quotas" 5 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami ec1a5f24c3 Fix typos in comment lines 6 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 1ba7a40514 OVN: Deprecate the vif_type option 6 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 4f09774c6b OVN: Deprecate the ovn_l3_mode option 6 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 8d2662c2ba Ensure service user passwords are secret 6 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami ea4460fa3f Remove support for FUJITSU plugin 6 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 1e01fb86bc Deprecate parameters for XenAPI support 6 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami c1a3259fde Ensure vnic_type_blacklist is unset by default 6 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami ce4c032d17 Fix ignored unit test cases 6 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami a8d14466a6 Deprecate support of networking-cisco 6 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami b9404c6c94 Remove the deprecate neutron::services::vpnass class 6 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami bc50622a2d Deprecate neutron::plugins::cisco 6 months ago