OpenStack Neutron Puppet Module
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Bernard Cafarelli d0bc82d842
Add agent/explicitly_egress_direct support
1 year ago
Add-default_allow_non_ip-parameter-70e03e7bf1927d4e.yaml Allowing Non-IP Traffic in L2 and L3 domains 4 years ago
Add-enable_headers_parsing-option-to-server-a5a36519b494c018.yaml Add option to enable Neutron's SSL middleware 5 years ago
Removal-of-neutron-vpnaas-service-eb981d400e4d7c3e.yaml Move to opendev 2 years ago
add-bgp-dragent-c6b19e076b1acf0c.yaml Add support for dynamic routing bpg dragent 3 years ago
add-cisco_vts_ml2-mech-driver-723c7946e56be802.yaml Adding Cisco VTS ML2 mechanism driver configuration manifest 4 years ago
add-fossw-support-2745199427429f46.yaml Add fossw ML2 plugin of networking-fujitsu to puppet-neutron 5 years ago
add-lbaas-service-credentials-449198dd97813e8e.yaml Added service authentication options to LBaaS 4 years ago
add-linuxbridge-bridge-mappings-1c8e32e900701938.yaml Add bridge_mappings option to linuxbridge agent 4 years ago
add-manifest-for-networking-fujtsu-a558aefc26289305.yaml Add networking-fujitsu support to puppet-neutron 5 years ago
add-max_allowed_address_pair-e1c3c4ace13af591.yaml Adds Neutron parameter max_allowed_address_pair 4 years ago
add-networking-mlnx-support-9e9dfb06f7267e68.yaml Add support to networking-mlnx ml2 drivers 4 years ago
add-neutron-lbaas-parameters-a0c970a8bb0e1da9.yaml Added parameters to assign already present options in neutron.conf and lbaas_agent.ini 4 years ago
add-new-ucsm-config-params-5a4d8d68b003adc6.yaml New configuration being added for Cisco UCSM ML2 driver 4 years ago
add-nova-endpoint-type-b2a44b561809a609.yaml Add param for controlling which nova endpoint is used 4 years ago
add-nuage-mechanism-driver-99c4fc66da2ae515.yaml Addition of Nuage as mechanism driver for ML2 4 years ago
add-nuage-neutron-conf-6917ecfef840fe2e.yaml Addition of Nuage configuration to neutron-server conf directory 4 years ago
add-openstackclient-client-b004bb8103268611.yaml Add openstackclient installation to the client class 2 years ago
add-overlay-ip-version-6759f0d61c50011c.yaml Adding support for overlay_ip_version 5 years ago
add-ovs-enable-security-group-e4d0cf2abd336216.yaml Allow disabling security groups on the OVS agent 4 years ago
add-ovs-of-timeouts-51c5abf0026572a5.yaml Add of_connect_timeout and of_request_timeout 2 years ago
add-ovs-of_inactivity_probe-c91580cef1954de4.yaml Add OVS of_inactivity_probe parameter 2 years ago
add-ovs-ovsdb_timeout-34eb7f97e72fea46.yaml Add OVS ovsdb_timeout parameter 2 years ago
add-ovs_integration_bridge-to-l3-agent-7a3ba8654273434f.yaml Update configuration for ovs integration bridge 1 year ago
add-ovsdb-ssl-dhcp-agent-da3bb98540de417f.yaml Adds configuration for SSL OVSDB connections 4 years ago
add-permitted-ethertypes-a5e8f47e85ed8992.yaml Add support for configuring permitted_ethertypes on OVS agent 2 years ago
add-pool_timeout-option-for-db-961109b9dee042bc.yaml Add pool_timeout option 4 years ago
add-port-binding-support-3b8c56b65309db2e.yaml Add ability to manage binding for neutron port 5 years ago
add-quota-loadbalancer-option-a0e2d83e03a5b98e.yaml Add ability to set load balancer quota 4 years ago
add-radvd-user-a9f61b1da024452c.yaml Add missing release note for radvd_user option 2 years ago
add-rootwrap.conf-type-and-provider-095249f1440e7b39.yaml Xenserver - adding type and provider too manage rootwrap.conf 5 years ago
add-rpc_response_max_timeout-9c6c8a33c0f1c376.yaml Add rpc_response_max_timeout 3 years ago
add-server-placement-class-e6dd6c0c45f7ba2e.yaml Added new class neutron::server::placement 3 years ago
add-support-for-IPv6-deployment-8aa288ee1195f81c.yaml IPv6 support for ODL-OVS deployment 3 years ago
add-support-for-mlnx-agent-ef6c44aeb3692b7c.yaml [Follow Up] Add support for neutron-mlnx-agent 2 years ago
add-tls-opendaylight-ovs-fe32aa8698ca1698.yaml Adds TLS support to configuring OVS with OpenDaylight 4 years ago
add-use_journal-option-for-logging-b085a82ac60aef5f.yaml Add use_journal option for logging configuration 4 years ago
add-vlan_transparent-config-74028f32b6041daa.yaml Make vlan_transparent in neutron.conf configurable 3 years ago
add_db_sync_timeout-d9f8a809ca76ac67.yaml Allow db sync timeouts to be configurable 5 years ago
add_dnsmasq_dns_servers-2dd26f5c9383f836.yaml Add dnsmasq_dns_servers option support 6 years ago
add_dnsmasq_enable_addr6_list-2ead22fb05f5da5f.yaml Add 'dnsmasq_enable_addr6_list' option 2 years ago
add_dnsmasq_local_resolv-options-19786234a35ef239.yaml Add dnsmasq_local_resolv option 4 years ago
add_enable_new_agents_parameter_to_server-ca0115e45a9a999d.yaml Add enable_new_agents config option to neutron::server 5 years ago
add_executor_thread_pool_size-a81c6faab62d2349.yaml Add executor_thread_pool_size 2 years ago
add_geneve_type_driver_configs-e285075b3238b49d.yaml Added geneve type_driver config options 5 years ago
add_lbaas_driver_package_to_lbaas_services_class-8d0f51e7be9b5f42.yaml Install lbaas driver with lbaas service class. 5 years ago
add_logging_class-f34440ca42c07a89.yaml Fix misspell word 2 years ago
add_messaging_transport_url-15c22b42e7e929de.yaml Add transport_url parameter for oslo.messaging 5 years ago
add_mysql_enable_ndb-option-aacec8e7376a8098.yaml Add mysql_enable_ndb option 1 year ago
add_name_to_uuid_transform.yaml Transform name to uuid. 5 years ago
add_notification_opts-331f756075eaa50a.yaml Add oslo.messaging notitication related options 5 years ago
add_odl_features_ml2_option-be14cd406e24febb.yaml Adds the ability to specify ML2 ODL Features 4 years ago
add_odl_host_config-e2b2810cfe9528a7.yaml Adds support for host config and cleanup 4 years ago
add_oslo_messaging_amqp-748568a8325ae49b.yaml Introduce support for oslo.messaging amqp driver configuration 5 years ago
add_sfc_support-dc48691618415e97.yaml Add support for networking-sfc 4 years ago
add_vpp_ml2_plugin-46de25de925d4cf0.yaml Add support for VPP plugin 5 years ago
added-rabbit_transient_queues_ttl-option-3a0926100bd05b01.yaml Add support for rabbit_transient_queues_ttl oslo_messaging config option 5 years ago
added_arista_ml2_plugin-8bfd0c41981dac50.yaml Arista ml2 plugin 5 years ago
agent-debug-option-defaults-to-service-default-8466c8808919b7b2.yaml Set agent debug config defaults to service default 4 years ago
api_paste-b94e191896840944.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 6 years ago
authtoken-68ad3d80188e9f22.yaml Configure keystone authtoken options 5 years ago
authtoken_manage_memcache_package-84d72c5293f95677.yaml Allow python-memcache install from authtoken class 5 years ago
bgpvpn-support-73886489d10d6301.yaml Refactor Bagpipe driver support for including ML2 plugin configuration 5 years ago
bigswitch-ml2-updates-a640026fc6b58d40.yaml Update bigswitch restproxy configuration 5 years ago
bug-1734241-a20421a6e3edcc17.yaml Deprecate of_interface for ovs 3 years ago
bug-1794268-2d0a335261fc8910.yaml Add posibilities to set tunnel_csum in ovs agent 3 years ago
change-keystone-v3-971aae0570c1f364.yaml Change keystone v2.0 to v3 3 years ago
cleanup-deperecated-id-parameters-8ae1adebf972b291.yaml Cleanup deprecated domain_id parameters 1 year ago
client-http_retries-2bef45e4c83037cf.yaml Add support for http_retries 1 year ago
consistent-project-name-6e29ffc13a767486.yaml Consistent project name 2 years ago
consolidate_service_provider_configuration-3ce48947a396ad25.yaml Consolidate service_providers into neutron server 5 years ago
deprecate-arista-plugin-e3600859c19a9706.yaml Deprecate support for Arista plugin 1 year ago
deprecate-domain_id-a836fab7c7ac17b7.yaml Deprecate domain_id parameters 1 year ago
deprecate-fujitsu-plugin-34aef1e48bae7ce1.yaml Deprecate support for FUJITSU plugin 1 year ago
deprecate-fwaas-6dc31e22fdd10c8d.yaml Deprecated neutron fwaas 1 year ago
deprecate-midonet-api-param-d2c8ef45af7cffea.yaml Update MidoNet plugin manifest 5 years ago
deprecate-ml2-firewall_driver-a8598f1c2dd060f1.yaml Deprecate firewal_driver option in the Neutron's ML2 config 1 year ago
deprecate-neutron-services-lbaas-285a9f7a394a74fd.yaml Notify about deprecated neutron::services::lbaas 3 years ago
deprecate-neutron_api_config-56e07cb7d3b71a29.yaml Deprecate neutron_api_config 1 year ago
deprecate-nova-keystone-v2-91ee5243d85b37ba.yaml Deprecate parameters for Keystone v2 1 year ago
deprecate-ovsdb_interface-d5720f786ce14b8a.yaml Deprecate ovsdb_interface 2 years ago
deprecate-plumgrid-plugin-support-d9e0cbcf3c26b8f9.yaml Deprecate support for plumgrid plugin 1 year ago
deprecate-some-nw-cisco-params-aad5a98077f9b4e4.yaml Latest Nexus Configuration Variables Updates 4 years ago
deprecate_advertise_mtu_option-a3d1893411c7ef89.yaml Deprecate advertise_mtu option 5 years ago
deprecate_allow_sorting_allow_pagination_options-451a3d961df892d2.yaml Deprecate allow_sorting and allow_pagination options 5 years ago
deprecate_auth_uri_parameter-81afb74d42ee6f83.yaml Deprecate auth_uri parameter 4 years ago
deprecate_database_min_pool_size-option-97e8e45acaf1d953.yaml Deprecate min_pool_size option 2 years ago
deprecate_gateway_external_network_id-ba56dde346c38e90.yaml Deprecate neutron::agents::l3::gateway_external_network_id 1 year ago
deprecate_idle_timeout_parameter-8ea770612f1c9102.yaml Deprecate idle_timeout option 2 years ago
deprecate_mac_generation_retries-bad7545b4800d108.yaml Deprecate mac_generation_retries option 5 years ago
deprecate_memcache_servers_param-fa8ca364a0e58da7.yaml Deprecate memcache_servers 5 years ago
deprecate_min_l3_agents_per_router-4923ad21523a87bf.yaml Deprecate min_l3_agents_per_router option 5 years ago
deprecate_network_device_mtu-d7f15c98605ac2fb.yaml Use global_physnet_mtu to fix MTU settings in Mitaka 6 years ago
deprecate_ocata_deprecations-cb42c8f439bdb1d1.yaml Deprecate parameters deprecated in Ocata 4 years ago
deprecate_pci_vendor_devs-35e3f57e2e25ae8f.yaml Deprecated supported_pci_vendor_devs which is removed in neutron 5 years ago
deprecate_pki_related_parameters-89ced5b6c65604db.yaml Deprecate pki related options 3 years ago
deprecate_quota_items-option-1892a3d1c323183e.yaml Deprecated quota_items option 5 years ago
deprecate_revocation_cache_time_parameter-ff9674d4a7a5bb56.yaml Deprecate revocation_cache_time option 4 years ago
deprecate_rpc_backend_parameter-3387dac8e395c003.yaml Deprecate oslo.messaging rpc_backend option parameter 4 years ago
deprecate_signing_dir_parameter-31935a334ef12d98.yaml Deprecate signing_dir option 5 years ago
deprecated-all-lbaas-2a80447b63977968.yaml Deprecate all Neutron LBaaS code 3 years ago
designate-driver-bdbb2b9013061862.yaml Add support for designate driver 3 years ago
domain_name-4070c4ee0f0357f4.yaml Add user_domain_name and project_domain_name 5 years ago
drop_qpid-e41ab45c36a910c3.yaml Totally drop Qpid support 6 years ago
enable-dpdk-2f34825bbad4e69e.yaml Added an parameter for neutron::agents::ml2::ovs to enable ovs-dpdk 5 years ago
enable-neutron-destroy-patch-ports-38ed2c8c810e063c.yaml Enable neutron-destroy-port-patches service 4 years ago
expose-enable-dvr-c6f94cf187944b79.yaml Expose enable_dvr neutron-server option 4 years ago
external_install_mgmt_hook-263a7317dd90aa86.yaml Add hooks for external install & svc management 5 years ago
fix-neutron-port-creation-50818b9dc7a9cc05.yaml Fix the neutron-port resource with binding options 5 years ago
fix-odl-ovs-allowed-net-types-e61c0567ea18c2f5.yaml Fixes missing 'flat' network type for ODL OVS 4 years ago
fix-odl-ovs-certificate-pushing-71f5f84074829e9f.yaml Fixes ODL OVS to add certs to every node 3 years ago
fix-odl-ovs-ssl-uri-5a8174ef6fd5a3d4.yaml Fixes specifying OVSDB URIs with TLS for ODL OVS 4 years ago
fix-odl-ovs-vhostuser_mode-6a99fc68b305a583.yaml Corrects ODL-OVS vhostusermode default and docs 4 years ago
fix-opendaylight-ovs-vhostuser-prefix-b20936f45a37d644.yaml Fixes vhostuser port prefix with ODL OVS host config 4 years ago
fix_lb_driver-d429a30889ef8f22.yaml Fix LinuxBridge Agent configuration file name 6 years ago
fix_log_dir_documentation-62f9d418f97fe629.yaml Fix documentation for log_dir parameter 5 years ago
fix_odl_ovsdb_config-57b96a76ed8f90ab.yaml Adds OpenDaylight local OVSDB listener 5 years ago
fixup-quota-healthmonitor-option-f8e48416bfeef79d.yaml Fix up incorrect quota_healthmonitor config option 4 years ago
keystone-auth-name-8df71412ef6e0cef.yaml Provide default service_name for keystone endpoint 5 years ago
keystone-authtoken-interface-e1fe904a198d11bb.yaml Add support for the interface parameter in authtoken middleware 1 year ago
keystone-authtoken-memcached-cf70cebad8b21492.yaml Add memcached_servers for keystone authtoken 5 years ago
keystone_authtoken-service_token_roles-4fe0a7d97045d06b.yaml Configure keystone_authtoken/service_token_roles 2 years ago
l2gw-support-e05b68b2d8b6142c.yaml Add support for l2 Gateway 5 years ago
lbaas_certificates_configuration-470f7299e1ea136f.yaml Add configuration for lbaas certificates 5 years ago
lbaasv2-default-066d13cf24fc4c49.yaml Move to opendev 2 years ago
lbaasv2_agent_and_service-ca5e38a07566ad1e.yaml lbaas v2 service plugin support. 6 years ago
log-deprecations-35671d11bd63d41c.yaml Revert "Deprecate some log options" 5 years ago
log-json-682e2dda40061831.yaml Expose use_json logging option 4 years ago
max_request_body_size-8c6e25ab27444c04.yaml Manage oslo_middleware/max_request_body_size 2 years ago
metadata_insecure-26c1ffa53b77dc78.yaml metadata: allow to configure insecure SSL 5 years ago
missing_firewall_driver_ml2-24b48831f2d0e62b.yaml Pass firewall_driver to ML2 plugin conf file 6 years ago
mitaka_aas-e5243eaac2354e85.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 6 years ago
mitaka_drivers-8c41f528f346a388.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 6 years ago
mitaka_metadata-77ebc004c9064934.yaml drop useless releasenote 6 years ago
mitaka_providers-040ac57a732b1e82.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 6 years ago
net-ansible-mac-189cb3b712b30a89.yaml Adding support for networking-ansible's mac parameter 3 years ago
net-ansible-manage-vlans-46dde6651bf47897.yaml Allow the networking_ansible plugin to set manage_vlans 3 years ago
networking-ansible-ml2-plugin-a2889e2a81e1afb2.yaml Add networking-ansible ml2 plugin support 3 years ago
networking-baremetal-ironic-neutron-agent-9259b452d6cfa9af.yaml Add networking-baremetal - ironic-neutron-agent 4 years ago
networking-baremetal-ml2-plugin-eb9839c2117beab3.yaml Add networking-baremetal ml2 plug-in 4 years ago
networking_ovn_metadata_support-f58ce24ce7e8a2bc.yaml Add support for OVN Metadata Agent 4 years ago
neutron-wsgi-1c0c06dddb8ac447.yaml Support Neutron API in WSGI with Apache 4 years ago
neutron_availability_zones-80246c2af9a7be08.yaml Added availability zone hints 5 years ago
new_auth-2331a620217ccf7c.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 6 years ago
newton-deprecate-prevent-arp-spoofing-71ca70de4ba94b8b.yaml Deprecate prevent_arp_spoofing option 5 years ago
newton_deprecate_enable_tunneling-d7f6e2de1091b458.yaml Remove unused enable_tunneling in openvswitch_agent.ini 5 years ago
newton_remove_deprecated_options-772c33dec894edb1.yaml Remove network_device_mtu 5 years ago
nova-metadata-host-010d8e454df0d085.yaml Add support for nova_metadata_host in metadata configuration 4 years ago
nova_url_deprec-b4a7a8896bbfb201.yaml Deprecate nova_url parameter 5 years ago
nsx-support-1254839718d8df8c.yaml Add support for nsx_v3 plugin 5 years ago
odl-user-8a1aa565c01ea3ef.yaml Removing the default values for OpenDaylight values 4 years ago
odl_modify_provider_mappings-e1dfed970a78112b.yaml Changes OpenDaylight OVS 'provider_mappings' to allow an array type 5 years ago
openstack_db_tag-a69183ca2ee8a4d9.yaml Add 'openstack-db' tag to db-sync Exec resource 4 years ago
option-to-set-device-driver-to-os-service-default-a5820845f828296c.yaml Optionally set device_driver to $::os_service_default 4 years ago
os_workers_for_worker_count-86e95d3d69a8f633.yaml Change worker defaults to ::os_workers 5 years ago
ovn-emit-need-to-frag-config-option-89c716cd33592bea.yaml OVN: Add ovn_emit_need_to_frag configuration option 2 years ago
ovn-set-dns-servers-config-option-1ffa7a252df8731a.yaml ovn: Add dns_servers configuration support 3 years ago
ovn-ssl-f41da14a9eaa6fe3.yaml Support connecting OVN DB over SSL 2 years ago
ovn_metadata_remote_probe_interval-b46a8a8cb3533276.yaml Add the ability to configure ovn-remote-probe-interval 2 years ago
ovn_ml2_upgrade-9bc64f0da70ca670.yaml Changing ovn plugin to ml2 mechanism driver 5 years ago
ovn_support-c404cdc8f8624632.yaml Add support for OVN plugin 6 years ago
ovs_agent_explicitly_egress_direct-a5989bd33844c0f4.yaml Add agent/explicitly_egress_direct support 12 months ago
puppet4-mysql-func-8c62a5ed35cd1b42.yaml Use puppet 4 compatible mysql functions 3 years ago
pymysql-e57bf1f0289dd426.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 6 years ago
qos-13c0b72fe9a5b502.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 6 years ago
rabbit-connection-params-deprecation-8f22be73c012f001.yaml Deprecate rabbitmq connection parameters 5 years ago
rabbitmq-heartbeat-over-pthread-ab7ab8985802707d.yaml Introduce the new rabbit_heartbeat_in_pthread option 2 years ago
reduce-ovn-metadata-workers-6ed825307997f8b9.yaml [OVN] Change the default metadata_workers to 2 2 years ago
release-note-ubuntu-py3-f46e8b806a2c980e.yaml Add release note about Ubuntu py3 upgrade 3 years ago
remove-auth-uri-cf6011f3cc813065.yaml Remove auth_uri 3 years ago
remove-db-from-init-494070edc306ec9f.yaml Deprecate database params in neutron::server 2 years ago
remove-deprecated-78a9c6eb010d5705.yaml Remove deprecated parameters 3 years ago
remove-deprecated-database-095127d35fa70e40.yaml Remove deprecated neutron database params 1 year ago
remove-deprecated-firewall-driver-51f418ed444de6cf.yaml Remove deprecated firewall_driver 1 year ago
remove-deprecated-logging-f049f727e9bbcd47.yaml Remove deprecated logging 3 years ago
remove-deprecated-parameters-986fbfeaf482ef1d.yaml Drop deprecated parameters for keystone::auth 5 years ago
remove-deprecated-rabbit-params-9773d78c90d8965d.yaml Remove deprecated rabbit params 3 years ago
remove-init-manage-logging-param-05202f4e5cdc2c18.yaml Remove deprecated neutron::manage_logging 2 years ago
remove-lbaas-v2-130dbadb84c5858d.yaml Remove LBaas 2 years ago
remove-min-l3-agents-per-router-e0d1dbe0d74e995a.yaml Remove min-l3-agents-per-router 5 years ago
remove-newton-deprecations-f87fe7d9deef8921.yaml Remove several deprecated configuration items in Ocata 5 years ago
remove-nova-metadata-ip-9948a0907e0ec8a6.yaml Remove neutron::agents::metadata::metadata_ip 2 years ago
remove-ovs-of_interface-74c3e0c85c5b622e.yaml Remove OVS of_interface 2 years ago
remove_deprecated_external_network_bridge-options-613a8793ef13d761.yaml Remove external_network_bridge option 5 years ago
remove_deprecated_init-options-a91378136d978251.yaml Remove deprecated parameters 5 years ago
remove_deprecated_keystone_revocation_cache_time_option-8d334cb2ad96c62b.yaml Remove deprecated keystone authtoken revocation_cache_time option 4 years ago
remove_deprecated_keystone_signing_dir_option-94bd42d570c4a419.yaml Remove deprecated keystone authtoken signing_dir option 4 years ago
remove_deprecated_lbaas_params-5a2605748739c8da.yaml Remove Deprecated LBaaS parameters 4 years ago
remove_deprecated_lbaas_v1_v2-options-712e1981e4514f28.yaml Remove deprecated enable_v1 and enable_v2 options 5 years ago
remove_deprecated_pki_related_options-a06040259f284c57.yaml Remove deprecated pki related options 2 years ago
remove_idle_timeout_option-9fc95800c716b5ee.yaml Remove idle_timeout option 2 years ago
remove_old_authtoken_options-a0f3822c84aad01d.yaml Remove old authtoken options 5 years ago
remove_outdated_auth-2ecf8bdb729e48ef.yaml Remove outdated authtoken options 5 years ago
remove_qpid-0b446db43fdea617.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 6 years ago
remove_router_id-51df87135a4e1725.yaml Remove router_id option 5 years ago
remove_tenant_name-baf2c2864deda6ce.yaml Fix useless tenant_name parameter being set 6 years ago
remove_verbose-a2969f741999c0e5.yaml Remove verbose 5 years ago
resource_provider_bandwidth-e7887d104adb4ae9.yaml Add support for resource provider bandwidth in Neutron config 1 year ago
server-ensure_lbaas_package-aca96cd3d51bda28.yaml Add ensure_lbaas_package to neutron::server 3 years ago
server-notifications-ironic-01a481317cf11c08.yaml Add support for notifications to ironic 1 year ago
server-notifications-nova-4df35db13a4f85c8.yaml Create an independent class for nova notifications 1 year ago
service_token_roles_required-c07f2c2e0ed118c3.yaml Service_token_roles_required missing in the server config file 3 years ago
set_hostname_to_FQDN_in_OVS-b5e09c671b74a98d.yaml Configure hostname to be FQDN instead of localhost 3 years ago
sriov-firewall-ccc21ac57c9dd796.yaml Disable firewall for SR-IOV ports 5 years ago
sriov-numvfs-configuration-3ae862cf09a9a813.yaml Configure the numvfs for SRIOV interfaces 5 years ago
switch-keystone-to-v3-8c2c2111fe29c57c.yaml Switch neutron auth provider to keystone v3 4 years ago
update-midonet-neutron-plugin-to-v5-3111ed272c7d91e2.yaml Update Midonet neutron plugin to 5.x 5 years ago
update_fwaas_configuration-8713a252ef12d145.yaml Add release note for updating fwaas configuration 5 years ago
update_kombu_options-aaa1e16f5f4704ea.yaml Update kombu_ options 5 years ago
update_midonet_package_name-86a68308aa067cb8.yaml Change MidoNet Plugin package name 5 years ago
update_nuage_package_name-0c78ac4911bfea4e.yaml Updated Nuage package name for Mitaka release 5 years ago
update_plumgrid_config-82f3f631917f0e50.yaml New config parameters for PLUMgrid Neutron plugin 5 years ago
update_plumgrid_nova_metadata_host-7560036d9ab1d7ae.yaml Start using nova_metadata_host 4 years ago
use-reno-1caaec4ba5aa4285.yaml Release 8.0.0 6 years ago
use_openstackclient_for_neutron_providers_auth-567e7914227bb859.yaml Added neutron security groups and OpenstackClient auth 5 years ago
use_puppet_oslo-868298e248a64ab8.yaml Use oslo module to configure oslo related parameters 5 years ago
verbose-deprecation-c3933b9e4aa8f7ad.yaml Deprecate verbose option in logging 5 years ago
vpnaas_ubuntu_package_fix-7c0e74066ad01e7e.yaml Fix incorrect VPNaaS packages 2 years ago
wsgi_process_options-b1861c6dbc1d9d23.yaml add parameter to overwrite/add wsgi process options 4 years ago