10 Commits (b0c9f9c361b3424d9e01419b8e851119f425ab92)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Tobias Urdin 7deecfbdf2 Convert all class usage to relative names 2 years ago
Thomas Goirand 2c1a49578c Debian is using Python 3 for the client 3 years ago
Clayton O'Neill cb77bc295f Add hooks for external install & svc management 6 years ago
Matt Fischer d53282fcce Only tag packages with openstack tag 7 years ago
Mathieu Gagné 5c8ee34222 Tag all nova packages 7 years ago
Michael Chapman 1630f4aa57 Make parameter doc RDoc compatible 8 years ago
Dan Bode 63eddebbb2 update inline docs 9 years ago
John Chilton 9e8cced563 Remove commas for older puppet compat 10 years ago
John Chilton 7c836ea985 Allow for specification of package version for nova client package. 10 years ago
Dan Bode 69d78e74c5 Add novaclient class 10 years ago