126 Commits (b0c9f9c361b3424d9e01419b8e851119f425ab92)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Oliver Walsh 74d79a824f Revert "Remove parameter nova::compute::pci_passthrough" 7 months ago
  Rocky cb5ab65802 Add update_resources_interval config option 8 months ago
  Rocky 8a59d08d5e Add default_ephemeral_format config option 8 months ago
  Rocky bacc6e9273 Add compute_monitors config option 8 months ago
  Rocky a382ba55f8 Add support for more image related options 8 months ago
  Rocky d52161f768 Add support for more instance timeout options 8 months ago
  Rocky 4b3566ac2a Add support for running deleted instance related options 8 months ago
  Rocky 93c48e918f Add support for default_access_ip_network_name option 8 months ago
  Oliver Walsh 38c233271a Expose nova config option [workaround]/never_download_image_if_on_rbd 8 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami e28dee84e1 Remove overrides about default values 9 months ago
  Jake Yip dc55638ae3 Add parameter reserved_host_disk 9 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami bf1e6fd9c1 Make max_concurrent_builds more generally available 10 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 98eea83993 Remove deperecated nova::compute::vnc_keymap 1 year ago
  Takashi Kajinami d794c04813 Do not include vendordata class in nova::compute 1 year ago
  Takashi Kajinami 577eeab430 Deprecate nova::compute::allow_resize_to_same_host 1 year ago
  Piotr Kopec c36e1f0519 Add `max_disk_devices_to_attach` parameter 1 year ago
  Martin Schuppert d20fe58388 vcpu_pin_set gets set under [compute] instead of [DEFAULT] 2 years ago
  Tobias Urdin 7deecfbdf2 Convert all class usage to relative names 2 years ago
  Rajesh Tailor 4cae6a6ebc Fix vcpu_pin_set condition to resolve deployment failure 2 years ago
  Rajesh Tailor cf666bd557 Add ability to collocate pinned and unpinned instance on same host 2 years ago
  Takashi Kajinami 95ec782513 Replace deprecated vnc/vnc* parameters 2 years ago
  Tobias Urdin 5a633e8c60 Deprecated nova-network params in nova::compute 2 years ago
  Martin Schuppert 282ef4e391 Add parameter for `compute/live_migration_wait_for_vif_plug` 2 years ago
  Tobias Urdin abf035e3b0 Use validate_legacy 2 years ago
  Martin Schuppert 6686406bce Split off metadata vendordata plugin in own class 3 years ago
  ZhongShengping 37ce11ade9 vnc and spice keymap are deprecated 3 years ago
  ZhongShengping a42342d903 Remove keymgr_api_class option 3 years ago
  Emilien Macchi b4f3d6a571 compute: add sync_power_state_interval parameter 3 years ago
  Arne Wiebalck 78d5ecad86 Add support for sync_power_state_pool_size param 3 years ago
  Rajesh Tailor 9f9348e8fe NUMA aware vswitches 3 years ago
  Martin Schuppert 9466b13f1b Allow the cpu_shared_set to be configurable 3 years ago
  Oliver Walsh 7b6c0424a3 Expose devices/enabled_vgpu_types config option 3 years ago
  zhulingjie 3a2b5db8f4 Remove the duplicated "for" 3 years ago
  Thomas Goirand 26fbc01f53 Fix VNC console in Debian 3 years ago
  Oliver Walsh d7a6b42309 Expose reserved_huge_pages param 3 years ago
  Ade Lee f567320681 Add glance image signature verification parameter 4 years ago
  Oliver Walsh 2a977455b7 Fix key_manager in nova config for Queens 4 years ago
  zhangyangyang d845b6f0ae Remove parameter nova::compute::pci_passthrough 4 years ago
  Sai Sindhur Malleni c1a4ab211d Add pci/alias to compute manifest 4 years ago
  Alex Schultz f716f0e403 Add support for consecutive_build_service_disable_threshold 4 years ago
  Oliver Walsh 1cd349f893 Fix handling of nova pci MultiStrOpt params 4 years ago
  Rajesh Tailor 018c8a2900 Fix pci config params name as mentioned in nova conf 4 years ago
  Rajesh Tailor e6a438eeef Move PCI options to PCI group 4 years ago
  Emilien Macchi 1063de82f6 compute: remove deprecated options 4 years ago
  Tobias Urdin f9a85994a4 Add the resume_guests_state_on_host_boot option to nova::compute 5 years ago
  Marcus Furlong 65c063c205 support for max_concurrent_live_migrations param 5 years ago
  Tobias Urdin 5f53217569 Add resize_confirm_window option to nova::compute 5 years ago
  Tobias Urdin aa8a6dffd8 Fix alignment of comments in nova::compute 5 years ago
  Matt Fischer 455d69ae18 Allow to set allow_resize_to_same_host in nova-api 5 years ago
  ZhongShengping 5afcda404a Remove deprecated network_device_mtu option 5 years ago