25 Commits (b0c9f9c361b3424d9e01419b8e851119f425ab92)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Tobias Urdin 7deecfbdf2 Convert all class usage to relative names 2 years ago
Rajesh Tailor ebc69a06ba Trivial-Fix: Fix typos 4 years ago
Clayton O'Neill cb77bc295f Add hooks for external install & svc management 6 years ago
Yanis Guenane 2a2005d4e9 Add tag to package and service resources 6 years ago
kirby@puppetlabs.com 895e057abb Enable nova service by default 6 years ago
Sebastien Badia 7a4e067e92 lint: Fix lint issues (missing documentation for define types) 6 years ago
Mike Dorman 005781fe1f Better handling of package dependencies in nova generic_service 6 years ago
dgurtner 47c741f8b4 Fix package dependency to be on title instead of name 7 years ago
Clayton O'Neill 00e744a9b1 Add Puppet 4.x lint checks 7 years ago
Matt Fischer d53282fcce Only tag packages with openstack tag 7 years ago
Mathieu Gagné 5c8ee34222 Tag all nova packages 7 years ago
Sebastien Badia 31a282a883 Fix consoleauth/spice duplicates on RH (#1278452) 8 years ago
Doug Schaapveld c45f573882 Adding manage_service parameter to all services 8 years ago
Michael Chapman d83eb8c677 Make parameter doc RDoc compatible 8 years ago
Logan McNaughton 8f77b5f11c Fix some puppet lint warnings. 8 years ago
Derek Higgins f7830b7684 Set hasstatus => true for nova services 9 years ago
Eugene Kirpichov 5cf0ec62c8 generic_service requires package first 9 years ago
Dan Bode 857c5cb82b Make db_sync dep optional 9 years ago
Dan Bode ad9084b76f Remove nova-db-sync 9 years ago
Dan Bode 6c9cb5159b Improve db sync dependencies 9 years ago
Branan Purvine-Riley 4df418d5ca Remove commas for older puppet compat 9 years ago
John Chilton ede5a8ed10 Update nova::api class to allow specification of specific package 9 years ago
Dan Bode cb6d7681ba Make service config optional in generic service 10 years ago
Dan Bode 79f33222ad Remove trailing class param commas 10 years ago
Dan Bode 616c4763c7 Refactor nova services to use generic_service 10 years ago