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ZhongShengping 32a7483cad Update LICENSE
In order to better understand the LICENSE

Change-Id: I4bec16724f0442908eca95d2f4c15220f3ac7ca9
Depends-On: Id1a39a34278b9727cd083d89a63ea31342a28fee
2018-04-06 20:14:49 +08:00
ZhongShengping 1f3ee8eccb Remove deprecated ensure_package option
Change-Id: If45fc4c3aeb97520d7b430cf6529fd453a1a324c
2018-03-29 12:01:15 +08:00
ZhongShengping 3ee646a7e0 Remove deprecated keystone authtoken revocation_cache_time option
Change-Id: Idb855cbd0c1192aa42f735c6a1af7004f0d0c1de
2018-03-27 10:33:23 +08:00
Zuul 3635cb00d5 Merge "Add pool_timeout option" 2018-03-27 00:39:59 +00:00
melissaml b81ab98b5b fix a typo in documentation
Change-Id: I8fd9246105e1e1ac2caeee21dc97742cfe1d199f
2018-03-23 07:02:57 +08:00
ZhongShengping 5578d67159 Add pool_timeout option
Add pool_timeout option to configure this value for pool_timeout with

Change-Id: If920218e97a2a3f16174e7a19bec3047a586915b
Closes-Bug: #1757581
2018-03-22 11:09:50 +08:00
ZhongShengping fd3b9d6681 Add 'openstack-db' tag to db-sync Exec resource
In order to make easy orchestration on all OpenStack db-sync, add this
tag so people can use this tag in composition layer.
A use case it to set some orchestration to make sure MySQL Galera is
ready before running any Exec with this tag.

Change-Id: Idfcbaa2d137c91a464fb5d49ae25fa348c67d642
Closes-Bug: #1755102
2018-03-12 16:33:09 +08:00
ZhongShengping 72abc575f6 Follow the new PTI for document build
For compliance with the Project Testing Interface as described in:

Refer to:

Change-Id: I78d1d9104f4fc2c4eaa2f5c8ddd1ede066eed2a1
2018-02-28 14:42:11 +08:00
OpenStack Release Bot ba29cb46df Update reno for stable/queens
Change-Id: If8b2996aac014c45ed45e7bf36dde722f4bdaa5e
2018-02-20 22:17:12 +00:00
Mohammed Naser c0cb342c70 Prepare for official Queens release
Prepare the metadata for the official Queens release.

Change-Id: I05ee41e094c76d40a58d7d6b17a1f0983e9bd55a
2018-02-19 12:41:54 -05:00
Zuul 579a517240 Merge "Add kombu_failover_strategy option" 2018-02-13 19:45:35 +00:00
ZhongShengping d153bf8d12 Load puppet-openstack_spec_helper locally during tests
Change-Id: If380b6cd55b7755618fe4bc135fc45aa94549faa
Co-Authored-By: Mohammed Naser <>
2018-02-12 10:53:38 +08:00
ZhongShengping f0068d143b Add kombu_failover_strategy option
Adds the kombu_failover_strategy option for configuring
oslo.messaging.rabbit. This will determines how the next RabbitMQ node
is chosen in case the one we are currently connected to becomes

Change-Id: Ia0512a8f9b3248127b9c2ee96821e4d793ae6523
Closes-Bug: #1748353
2018-02-09 15:13:18 +08:00
Carlos Goncalves 4bb15efe83 Define octavia client package for Red Hat family
python-octaviaclient is being packaged starting in RHOSP 13,
RDO Queens and Fedora 28.

Change-Id: Ide01e285bf89e39839f5c6319c2810bad206c114
2018-02-08 15:41:59 +00:00
James E. Blair 2e98c9fa2d Zuul: Remove project name
Zuul no longer requires the project-name for in-repo configuration.
Omitting it makes forking or renaming projects easier.

Change-Id: I3cc987809ca4aae4e1a1737035f1ef73149877e0
2018-01-27 09:55:53 -08:00
Zuul a8a2fe98c3 Merge "Add amp_project_name to configure flavor access list" 2018-01-19 23:14:39 +00:00
Brent Eagles 3dc8602da6 Add amp_project_name to configure flavor access list
Adds support for adding the project being used by octavia to create
amphora to the amphora flavor's access list.

Change-Id: Iba14098d571f26e15c587b82271f00fd7cdc65d5
2018-01-17 13:51:11 -03:30
Zuul 6704fee884 Merge "Remove pinned versions from test-requirements.txt" 2018-01-17 13:58:55 +00:00
Emilien Macchi 19ac103c7f Prepare for Queens Milestone 3
Prepare the metadata configuration for the third Queens milestone.

Change-Id: I9d13aaf64edc600ee611b057de0c8f1568dad9dc
2018-01-16 15:54:41 -08:00
ZhongShengping 77367afb86 Remove pinned versions from test-requirements.txt
As we are using the upper constraints when running the release
notes task using tox, we do not need to set a specific version
and we can rely on whatever is configured in upper constraints.

Change-Id: Ia70f3ae78d43cd74e9a0f6aca2139e78ed1c5bb8
Co-Authored-By: Mohammed Naser <>
2018-01-16 12:29:47 +08:00
ZhongShengping d2fa948463 Add use_journal option for logging configuration
This enables oslo.log to pass logging records to journald.

Change-Id: Iaa8d36d4622f6b58885a8c82ac04fa489fd2ba5b
2018-01-15 16:06:56 +08:00
Emilien Macchi bab31c0ba2 Add group to policy management
The move of policy.json into code means the file may not exist. We've
added support to ensure that the file exists in the openstacklib but we
need to make sure the permissions are right for each service. This adds
the group information to the policies so it works right.

Depends-On: I26e8b1384f4f69712da9d06a4c565dfd1f17c9ed
Change-Id: I063979fc2944667f200c8bd774b5252241faf5f6
Co-Authored-By: Alex Schultz <>
2018-01-10 14:23:29 -08:00
Emilien Macchi c408df9393 Run puppet-openstack-beaker-jobs
Depends-On: I8f4b24cfd5fa6d91758f95228f823d82839c3366
Change-Id: I8fcd7fc06fbb33338c79e23ebb7b725828b9919d
2017-12-21 18:58:09 -08:00
Guoqiang Ding 30f3247a1a Fix the misspelling of "octavia"
Change-Id: Id85938e49a0f34061e31887db968195bf6c1074a
2017-12-20 16:19:17 +08:00
Zuul 898382e24a Merge "Allow disabling SSH access to amphora" 2017-12-13 23:25:15 +00:00
Brent Eagles 8626d27322 Allow disabling SSH access to amphora
This patch provides a mechanism for disabling configuration
of the SSH key name for accessing amphora.

Change-Id: Ic6cf523809e390df0263e26d5879c06986688cfa
2017-12-13 10:59:44 -03:30
Brent Eagles 8cb1a195e4 Add auth_type parameter to service_auth section
Add parameter to allow setting auth_type.

Change-Id: I712db2e7310ba32cb68a7266c6b563ab3f4ab8cf
2017-12-12 12:20:38 -03:30
Brent Eagles a5e4f235d1 Support populating certificate files
This patch extends octavia::certificates to support populating
certificate and key files using data passed in string form.

Change-Id: I8d46bad372b8c24b290500ee6040207cb808ba23
2017-12-07 10:59:44 -03:30
Brent Eagles 9faccf9cac Adding service_auth configuration
Adds support for the basic set of 'service_auth' section parameters
for Octavia.

Change-Id: Ifcd38386db386ee6d61aa7f262b1e14ac6516eb7
2017-12-06 10:01:02 -03:30
Alex Schultz f6c2841c45 Prepare for Queens Milestone 2
Prepare the metadata configuration for the second Queens milestone.

Change-Id: I625d1ccd742698272e153068a92e9c27e4e1a02e
2017-11-28 16:18:56 -07:00
Juan Antonio Osorio Robles 65e32066a1 Expose use_json logging option
It enables JSON-formatted logging from oslo.log.

Change-Id: I0ee204f5f6bbbc32f994a8581989d96c0a46ebb9
2017-11-27 15:00:28 +02:00
Zuul 72889e8aed Merge "Add ability of managing ssh key generation" 2017-11-07 20:43:09 +00:00
Zuul 79a4f07904 Merge "Change Amphora flavor from public to private" 2017-11-02 18:01:15 +00:00
Xingchao Yu fc7dbda80c Add octavia::client class
This patch adds new class octavia::client to manage client,
note that it only supports Debian and Ubuntu, b/c there is
no available rpm package in CentOS currently.

Change-Id: I8f44676a3923702cfdaffa3a0aee3f84074321d1
2017-11-02 09:03:43 +08:00
Xingchao Yu aa19faa05d Change Amphora flavor from public to private
In octavia, when create specified nova flavor for Amphora,
it's supposed to be accessed by octavia for creating Amphora instances,
and other projetcs/users shouldn't get this flavor[1].


Closes-Bug: #1729450
Change-Id: I1d2b74dd99d949263e24b62c427c8718ec8de5b0
2017-11-02 06:17:27 +08:00
Zuul aec818f1ea Merge "Switch to Zuul v3 testing" 2017-11-01 05:27:00 +00:00
Xingchao Yu 952417f622 Add ability of managing ssh key generation
This patch add the ability to generate ssh key pair for Amphora
instances to use, it will be disabled by default.

Depends-On: I641c3a380c5647d28535914e3a6fb5dd793b6fba

Change-Id: I0e7c7df629600f027220272613fc0c85c9d27d76
2017-10-31 05:02:28 +08:00
Emilien Macchi 1dd9d73fd8 Add Puppet package to bindep, for module build
We need Puppet package deployed from bindep so we can
run puppet module build with the new zuul v3 job.

Change-Id: Ic9a766335ca9bbcda9e121c85bf640fb8ecdd5c0
2017-10-27 13:14:48 -07:00
ZhongShengping 0b98d3730c Switch to Zuul v3 testing
Change-Id: I4c16fe9642fa5d03bf7319137082cba811de1efb
Depends-On: I3d21011beb57e66cce8d18efb9f603f218258ee2
2017-10-25 17:44:41 +08:00
Alex Schultz ccda9f839f Prepare for Queens Milestone 1
Prepare the metadata configuration for the first Queens milestone.

Depends-On: Id68ee1b443a4172d0c1d6d58a04908c52a566623
Change-Id: Ib8a0089abeb6f12674efa6aeff69f2d147cf2a12
2017-10-18 01:53:28 +00:00
Harry Rybacki 763e565fcd Configure *_domain_name to Default by default
Keystone v2.0 API was removed so we have no choice but configuring
user_domain_name and project_domain_name otherwise it fallbacks to
Keystone v2.0 and it fails. This patch sets the default value so we make
sure Keystone v3 will be used out of the box for our users.

Change-Id: I82eee83ce8e8dfe5003a19941708121e3eca5771
2017-10-06 10:42:54 -04:00
chenghuiyu 0872bd0f2f Update to the latest address in README
Change-Id: I35c8b8de21783c4c52d8e8d280b1be41bddb4f0c
2017-09-21 12:01:42 +08:00
chenghuiyu 8827dd06e4 Update openstackdocstheme to latest version
Change-Id: If1e42c1609fd6cfa497d5ac452798d800d3abcaf
2017-09-20 10:58:57 +08:00
Jenkins 2461ed5848 Merge "Deprecate revocation_cache_time option" 2017-09-19 00:46:01 +00:00
ZhongShengping 0fdc4d39ab Add api_handler option
Add the ability to configure the handler that the API communicates with.

Change-Id: I2afb1b31e94f7a25942c2cbd05f71ee6328a1909
2017-09-18 09:27:14 +08:00
ZhongShengping 240af51915 deprecate bind_host, bind_port and auth_strategy options
bind_host is deprecated for removal. Its value may be silently ignored
in the future.
Reason:	This setting has moved to the [api_settings] section.[0]

bind_port is deprecated for removal. Its value may be silently ignored
in the future.
Reason:	This setting has moved to the [api_settings] section.[1]

auth_strategy is deprecated for removal. Its value may be silently ignored
in the future.
Reason:	This setting has moved to the [api_settings] section.[2]


Change-Id: I30a8c6de07d2f70f398021209da5e517dd4e7fde
Closes-Bug: #1717192
2017-09-14 15:29:26 +08:00
ZhongShengping 8859ec2d23 Deprecate revocation_cache_time option
The revocation_cache_time is deprecated for removel because of PKI
token format is no longer supported.
Update warning message and add a release note.

Change-Id: I261f2444830aca15f882b8c8b232503d50eb8711
Closes-Bug: #1717144
2017-09-14 11:49:45 +08:00
Jenkins 79ad7af314 Merge "Add worker configuration for amphora communication." 2017-09-06 07:22:49 +00:00
Or Idgar 3d72b70554 Add worker configuration for amphora communication.
Adding the configuration for amp_ssh_key_name, key_path.

Change-Id: I216b6fa8facffcbe7ccd8ee579e393244c847450
2017-09-05 14:02:36 +00:00
Emilien Macchi 24b2628698 Use Python to compute release notes version
Leave the version fields blank, since the release notes document
applies to all versions.
That will avoid manual changes in the future like we did until now.

Change-Id: I085671d918690536a579949a750a990679e38119
2017-08-30 13:45:54 -07:00