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nova: do not install virtlockd and virtlog (workaround)

virtlog and virtlockd services are not idempotent with our version of
Puppet when deploying on Ubuntu.

Note: we already had this issue 8 months ago:
But it was fixed after Puppet 4.5. We'll have to investigate.

Change-Id: I2059b83d055d551872f4b63dc952af775f83c020

Disable the deprecation warnings as errors for puppet-syntax

Recently puppet4 started deprecating ruby 2.0 with the following
commit: e9eda7ed56

One way to work-around this (in the absence of a more recent ruby
version) is to not treat this deprecation warnings as fatal when
doing the puppet syntax check

Change-Id: If31ac681c75c6eb361dbb58682233160b31ae113
Related-Bug: #1660943
Co-Authorized-By: Michele Baldessari <>
This commit is contained in:
Emilien Macchi 2017-02-01 22:31:49 -05:00
parent 543c0d8ce5
commit 642af023fe
2 changed files with 10 additions and 4 deletions

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@ -4,3 +4,4 @@ require 'puppet-lint/tasks/puppet-lint'
PuppetLint.configuration.fail_on_warnings = true
PuppetSyntax.fail_on_deprecation_notices = false

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@ -156,10 +156,15 @@ class openstack_integration::nova (
barbican_endpoint => $barbican_endpoint,
class { '::nova::compute::libvirt':
libvirt_virt_type => $libvirt_virt_type,
libvirt_cpu_mode => $libvirt_cpu_mode,
migration_support => true,
vncserver_listen => '',
libvirt_virt_type => $libvirt_virt_type,
libvirt_cpu_mode => $libvirt_cpu_mode,
migration_support => true,
vncserver_listen => '',
# virtlock and virtlog services resources are not idempotent
# on Ubuntu, let's disable it for now.
virtlock_service_name => false,
virtlog_service_name => false,
if $libvirt_rbd {
class { '::nova::compute::rbd':