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Zuul 234f149694 Merge "Remove support for Puppet 6" 2023-08-14 04:01:36 +00:00
Zuul 2adaab958d Merge "Exclude release note files" 2023-08-11 09:16:03 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami a21959bf68 Exclude release note files
The directory contains the source files to generate the release note
document, so is not required.

Change-Id: Ib186238daaa75da09de4c88386dcea650e08f7bc
2023-08-11 17:57:23 +09:00
Zuul fb417eb9ea Merge "Deprecate openstack_extras::pacemaker::service" 2023-08-10 17:34:44 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 73251afab4 Add .pdkignore to exclude some files from tar ball
We've seen release job failures caused by too large tarball, which
contains irrelevant files like git history.

Let's exclude these files to reduce size of the archive.

The file is copied from the puppetlabs repositories with some files
specific to OpenStack projects added.

Change-Id: Idf873a50a9e26723d06dc26da13ef9702253659e
2023-08-11 00:49:36 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami 5d06f6c5f4 Remove support for Puppet 6
... because Puppet 6 reached its EOL in February 2023.

Change-Id: Idce97a877fb6918c8995a74784763473ec627a16
2023-08-09 19:59:22 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami b7466e5829 Deprecate openstack_extras::pacemaker::service
The latest release of puppet-corosync does not yet support pcs 0.10.0,
which is now available in CentOS 8/9 or Ubuntu Focal/Jammy.

The unreleased change to adapt to pcs 0.10.0[1] made some breaking
interface change and our current implementation has not yet fully
adapt to it.

Because we haven't see any bug report or request to resolve this
situation, we can assume this implementation is not really used.
Furthermore we don't really have to use pacemaker for most of OpenStack
services, and we can use native resource agents such as systemd
resource agent instead of injecting own scripts.

Let's deprecate it so that we can remove it in a future release.

Change-Id: If90e21e41da40171a766c4740ef93d9c05ecd1c7
2023-08-09 07:28:41 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 2cf190f3f5 Debian/Ubuntu: Add type validations to repo class
We haven't added any validations about these parameters but we
inexplicitly required specific types. This adds type validations to
avoid users from using wrong types.

Change-Id: I672fe9a99598ce40614bdab783f98c441ded7e62
2023-06-18 22:49:33 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 3bc5c63c14 Replace validate_legacy by typed parameters
... because validate_legacy has been deprecated in puppetlabs-stdlib

Change-Id: Ic06de257f7a957cca4e24c57a6503d981dc28040
2023-06-18 22:49:17 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 0f4c670e3d Allow tuning timeout for package update
Sometimes package update takes very long. This introduces a parameter
to make the command timeout tunable.

Change-Id: Icf089b50f497f3200e55877894b555e1e84a2d64
2023-05-31 14:15:01 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami 8359663751 CentOS: Use dnf to install packages
dnf replaced yum and yum command is no longer available by default.

Change-Id: I91e97082864dfd4fb159e41b8719fc2c25ba9cb2
2023-05-25 12:02:13 +09:00
OpenStack Release Bot 04b78bbe35 Update master for stable/2023.1
Add file to the reno documentation build to show release notes for

Use pbr instruction to increment the minor version number
automatically so that master versions are higher than the versions on

Sem-Ver: feature
Change-Id: I3f7982daeb45fe73efe1113831d16fa692b21cb4
2023-04-05 15:34:27 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 04f0e74bec Prepare 2023.1 release
Change-Id: I0b1f63e3ea1254e36f5cdfc5b2f31b47ad882cc7
2023-03-23 21:42:53 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami 0265026fc8 Update release to antelope
This switches the default release to antelope as we are close to
create our antelope releases.

Change-Id: Idfc74b71c6255ec79508ed62a0df941655a74424
2023-03-23 21:42:36 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami 42f02f64fe Replace legacy facts and use fact hash
... because the latest lint no longer allows usage of legacy facts and
top scope fact.

Change-Id: I3eb492be8b2eba3261e7662f651681f6c63887c4
2023-03-01 15:44:05 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami 6f0628bf3f Stop purging advanced virt repository
The purge logic was added during Yoga cycle[1] and the repository
should be purged when a deployment is upgraded to CentOS9/yoga.

[1] b59c8bb986

Change-Id: I40d9e65520955708d1f75394d8cb6e33ce8ba9ea
2023-02-17 12:18:22 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami 16144d7c2a Replace mocha by rspec-mocks
puppetlabs_spec_helper recommends rspec-mocks instead of mocha[1] and
it uses rspec-mocks by default instead of mocha since v 5.0.0[2]

This is the prep work to adapt to that migration.

[2] 493f0cbc1c

Closes-Bug: #2004135
Change-Id: Ibaad33d7113c9ea9da77786647da6f615980faff
2023-01-30 15:22:05 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami bb3d7c05e5 Switch to Ubuntu Jammy (22.04)
... because Focal no longer supports the recent releases such as Zed.

Change-Id: I49b217a6f7fc1a323e288b880a1c9f532822bba6
2023-01-15 22:28:13 +09:00
Christian Rohmann f9add6fc03 Ubuntu/Debian: Switch to zed
Change-Id: Ib6e1d3e2293749a95e814720ec6db222a371e564
2023-01-04 13:25:50 +01:00
Zuul 1550df0eff Merge "CentOS: Remove deprecated parameters" 2022-11-28 06:35:30 +00:00
Zuul 95b173f2e6 Merge "CentOS: Switch default to zed release" 2022-11-25 15:18:17 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 5a6ef41d19 CentOS: Switch default to zed release
Change-Id: I05326c3231cb1ca2186731afa249e1cbdf1184d9
2022-11-21 10:32:03 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami bdf0f42d52 CentOS: Remove deprecated parameters
These parameters were deprecated during the past cycles and have no
effect since support for CentOS 8 has been completely removed.

Change-Id: I46cf7b3ae2e2d0cc8521653a1eba5ddb20d7e0eb
2022-11-10 00:42:29 +09:00
ZhongShengping ecdbf61bb3 Remove support for CentOS 8 Stream
... because RDO will provide packages for only CentOS Stream 9 for Zed
release. This change removes RHEL 8 as well.

Change-Id: I1a0f00c8dcfa5ba71f32b630878cd4a2c95f35f1
2022-11-09 09:00:51 +08:00
OpenStack Release Bot d1aee36a8d Update master for stable/zed
Add file to the reno documentation build to show release notes for

Use pbr instruction to increment the minor version number
automatically so that master versions are higher than the versions on

Sem-Ver: feature
Change-Id: I256bb9333ce5636c585a78587c069526a767e274
2022-10-20 11:09:37 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 54dae59323 Prepare Zed RC1
Change-Id: I617611cccb03a1008275f7f23981f78db68b2edd
2022-10-05 13:07:42 +09:00
Zuul 1d9df317e0 Merge "Bump upper-version of puppet-corosync" 2022-09-07 17:56:08 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami fb8211c979 Bump upper-version of puppet-corosync
Currently we use puppet-corosync v8.0.0 in CI. This change bumps
the upper version to include that tested version.

Change-Id: Icc83bcb09b83b5e0c2afe109e84b44dc47ccf24d
2022-09-07 01:32:02 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami 23b2ad1dbc Bump upper version of puppetlabs-apt
... because now we have puppetlabs-apt 9.0.0 in CI.

Change-Id: I4efc5a054290566f0f32947fcef7ed12d48d751f
2022-09-07 01:30:04 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami 19645041ce Bump upper version of puppetlabs-apt
Now we are using puppetlabs-apt v8.4.1 in our CI. Let's bump the upper
version so that the constraint include that tested version.

Change-Id: Idbc63ce76287da4a1eb843112f64a46874b82142
2022-07-30 23:13:13 +09:00
Zuul 1498d8123a Merge "Remove deprecated manage_priorities" 2022-07-20 14:21:18 +00:00
Zuul 9e8e5818e6 Merge "Remove logics for CentOS 8" 2022-07-20 14:21:16 +00:00
Zuul 126fc122b8 Merge "CentOS: Purge advanced-virt repository" 2022-07-20 14:05:49 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami e5b6421c2d Ubuntu/Debian: Switch to yoga
Change-Id: If5d114d663459ee44d9191d50a98c4e264e3309b
2022-06-29 00:21:09 +09:00
Zuul 6cc5d0dd21 Merge "Remove deprecated manage_whz" 2022-06-13 15:16:46 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 73ae3a60ac Remove deprecated manage_priorities
... because it was deprecated during Xena cycle[1].

[1] edf439e71c

Change-Id: Ia680bdce8e548996f577e76dbf2823f2ddda5b25
2022-06-13 14:02:53 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 98a21c8286 Remove logics for CentOS 8
.... because CentOS 8 (Stream) is no longer supported.

Change-Id: I16fdf7a5685f6dc8371bed3800dfc26d7f1536ec
2022-06-13 23:01:02 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami b59c8bb986 CentOS: Purge advanced-virt repository
This is follow-up of 7c456d4b69 and makes
sure the advanced-virt repository is purged when disabled.

Related-Bug: #1969484
Change-Id: I268675a4d17eb63861de5966e5b95434b792dd10
2022-06-13 22:59:11 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami bfad5e4dff Remove deprecated manage_whz
... because it was deprecated several cycles ago[1].

[1] 9b63dc312e

Change-Id: I60e37d1c555422c65760705377a7f9c469142e3f
2022-06-13 02:11:52 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami a3b1787090 CentOS: Deprecate the stream parameter
... because now only CentOS Steam 9 is supported.

Change-Id: I9d39f23159505cec8fbcdd055e6c1fed4b995115
2022-06-12 01:28:35 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami 41f06f8f7b cs9: Fix URL for OpenStack packages
CentOS Stream 9 packages are hosted at instead
of Also the directory structure is a bit different
in the new mirror server.

Closes-Bug: #1978332
Change-Id: Ie8436a527fc308b70a7c3b34fb86a32604f836ff
2022-06-10 17:50:15 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 351cd24276 CentOS: Switch to yoga release
Change-Id: I77f2b1e229dc9b6cd84bc0dddcfbf9582b7312dc
2022-06-10 17:49:34 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 7c456d4b69 cs9: Do not enable advanced virtualization repository
The advanced virtualization repository is not available for CentOS
Stream 9. This change disables the repository by default accordingly.

Closes-Bug: #1969484
Change-Id: If888cf4f37a625f54ba89ae40a4f30e76c11987e
2022-04-22 06:56:49 +00:00
OpenStack Release Bot 8c28d01753 Update master for stable/yoga
Add file to the reno documentation build to show release notes for

Use pbr instruction to increment the minor version number
automatically so that master versions are higher than the versions on

Sem-Ver: feature
Change-Id: Ib9cebeadc574bd226139805bf00bc26de4af4cc3
2022-04-05 09:13:27 +00:00
Jiri Podivin 25da23bdd2 setuptools: Disable auto discovery
The latest release of setuptools 61.0 made a breaking change[1] and
because of this change 'pip install' fails with the following error.

error: Multiple top-level packages discovered in a flat-layout:
['lib', 'spec', 'manifests', 'releasenotes'].

Users that don't set 'packages', 'py_modules', or configuration'
are still likely to observe the auto-discovery behavior, which may
halt the build if the project contains multiple directories and/or
multiple Python files directly under the project root.

To disable auto discovery, one can do below in





Note is not used to install puppet modules. However it is used
to generate a release note, thus should be fixed.

Signed-off-by: Jiri Podivin <>
Change-Id: I80ec5176113aa0c5cee7d56038d08e51ac21e89a
2022-03-29 10:40:46 +02:00
Takashi Kajinami 403539b5bf Prepare Yoga RC1
Change-Id: Ib5eeac62a2e29131f96ded6e24c966119a7ae1da
2022-03-12 00:17:45 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami 17d55eb0d6 remove unicode literal from code
All strings are considered as unicode string from Python 3.

This patch drops the explicit unicode literal (u'...')
appearances from the unicode strings.

Change-Id: I0df137415b804b390fee5579c5e4ab1147a065fa
Co-Authored-By: LiZekun <>
2022-03-08 09:20:40 +09:00
ZhongShengping 501185e2ff Prepare Yoga M3
Update the version metadata for Yoga milestone M3

Change-Id: Ia199fcceca0e5aeed83d05fa6774565a50c19b41
2022-02-27 13:18:11 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 4103a99169 Add CentOS/RHEL 9 to supported operating systems
... because these operating systems are now verified by unit tests and
integration tests.

Change-Id: I49098fc8026d2099c82f8879d846b41b4b22ee2e
2022-02-23 01:28:51 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami 0271adfc05 Use stable/xena release by default
... instead of old stable/victoria.

Change-Id: I29d6a3043260a3258266b87ca50bcc90befb42ee
2022-02-06 01:23:30 +09:00