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Emilien Macchi bec2257397 repos: configure RDO Virtualization repository
Introduce manage_virt boolean (True by default) to whether or not
configure RDO CentOS QEMU EV repository, required when deploying
OpenStack Newton with RDO repositories.

Change-Id: If62801a4975039714d9986a548b2144e448e00f7
2016-09-30 08:45:07 -04:00
Emilien Macchi 91fac8eab8 Bump UCA & RDO to Liberty GA
* Bump from Kilo to Liberty by default for RDO repository, Debian and
* Update GPG KEY files

Change-Id: I709ae10101b7156a60efc10e88866abe3e643417
2015-11-02 16:58:42 -05:00
Colleen Murphy 4992c56faf Fix kilo repo installation for RedHat
In kilo, the RDO repository changed the end of its URL path from
'epel-7' to 'el7' for RedHat and CentOS and from 'fedora-#' to 'f#'.
Judging by the liberty testing repository, this will continue to be the
pattern for future releases. This patch adds logic to use the correct
path for Kilo and future releases. It also updates the GPG key to use
the correct one from the RDO-release repository[1].


Change-Id: Ia309b78e81236dee95d2d741fece323929b35709
2015-06-22 13:39:51 -07:00
Emilien Macchi 610313ca08 repo: bump to Kilo by default
* Add RPM-GPG-KEY-RDO-Kilo for RPM repo.
* Default debian, ubuntu and RDO to Kilo release.

Change-Id: Id652c33953f3be1adeee592138fe6d0311d98426
2015-05-08 20:13:17 -04:00
Michael Chapman 0fc013377b Add hash based repository management
This patch adds support for managing repos
for major distros, separated by osfamily at
the top level and operatingsystem below that.

Since redhat, fedora and centos can all install
from rdo, which is the only current option, the
fedora and centos classes simply wrap around the
redhat one. This may change in the future if any
of them change (for example if RHOS support is
added and redhat is now different to fedora)

Change-Id: I5b18f393999d6f70757a2dfd9b12da049d6b64e1
2014-11-27 22:12:25 +11:00
Michael Chapman 3e1de70139 Revert "Ported repository installation from puppet-openstack"
This reverts commit b0b83dbf45.

Repo management should be covered by the following spec:

Instead of the old puppet-openstack style

Change-Id: I2205004321fb9aa37b3b745cfe9fbe068fa43c9c
2014-09-25 22:33:37 +10:00
Chris Hoge b0b83dbf45 Ported repository installation from puppet-openstack
Ported repository installation from puppet-openstack. Added
error handling for invalid repositories. Using stahnma/epel
to manage EPEL installation EPEL 7. Set repository default
to 'icehouse'.

Change-Id: I6fdbaf1ee59186aba4d2d5945c9297fb5ef94cbb
2014-07-29 13:58:02 -07:00