Helper classes that utilize the core Puppet OpenStack modules
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OpenStack Release Bot 5cae93b297 Update master for stable/wallaby 4 months ago
add_centos_mirror-079eb2b38940f583.yaml Allow to change CentOS mirror URL 5 years ago
allow_change_uca_url-b855c119a693b583.yaml Expose uca_location to override mirror location 5 years ago
debian-repo-updates-4aee254ef80e8dd7.yaml Fix stretch queens repo 3 years ago
disable_epel-a07b06048465e7a1.yaml repos: disable EPEL by default 5 years ago
mitaka_features-6358feed90cd0b0b.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
mitaka_upgrade-79294b892d21dfc7.yaml releasenotes: add notes for Mitaka cycle 5 years ago
rdo-virt-a9fb3681cbc8419e.yaml repos: configure RDO Virtualization repository 5 years ago
release-note-ubuntu-py3-3fea08087d957b35.yaml Add release note about Ubuntu py3 upgrade 2 years ago
rename-to-domain_name-d7bc8a7b44c619c8.yaml Rename *_domain parameters to *_domain_name 1 year ago
repo-redhat-replace-9d475450f304ad94.yaml Allow keeping repo files since initially created 10 months ago
repo-redhat-repofile-bfafdae3f8b158b2.yaml Fix wrong parameter name in a release note 11 months ago
repo-redhat-update_packages-d52c3fe93e97ac76.yaml CentOS: automatical package update after reposities setup 11 months ago
use-reno-1caaec4ba5aa4285.yaml Release 8.0.0 5 years ago