Module for managing Oslo.* library
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Thomas Goirand 3a51feed89 Get rid of the $pyvers variable 5 months ago
key_manager Add support for key manager options 6 months ago
messaging Deprecate allow_insecure_clients option 12 months ago
cache.pp Add TLS options to oslo.cache 11 months ago
concurrency.pp Update oslo::concurrency define 6 years ago
coordination.pp Add the base implementation for coordination parameters 5 months ago
cors.pp Add oslo.middleware defines 6 years ago
db.pp Fix the wrong default value of idle_timeout 8 months ago
healthcheck.pp Add support for healthcheck middleware options 9 months ago
init.pp Fix lint error with the latest lint packages 6 months ago
key_manager.pp Add support for key manager options 6 months ago
log.pp Use validate_legacy 3 years ago
middleware.pp Enable SSL proxy middleware configuration 6 years ago
params.pp Get rid of the $pyvers variable 4 months ago
policy.pp Do not convert policy_dirs to comma-separated list 7 months ago
privsep.pp Add support for oslo privilege separator management 5 years ago
service.pp Implement oslo::service define 6 years ago
versionedobjects.pp Refactor array values processing 6 years ago