1038 Commits (f2c00bb393953bbe31f1b58364a5b5cd635efafd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  OpenStack Release Bot f2c00bb393 Update master for stable/wallaby 3 months ago
  Zuul 492702370e Merge "Drop the tripleo-puppet-undercloud job" 3 months ago
  Zuul 569eeed68f Merge "This add the cname_lookup middleware for swift proxy." 3 months ago
  Zuul 9da84b48a7 Merge "metadata.json: debian 11." 3 months ago
  Simeon Gourlin fe039b7a04 This add the cname_lookup middleware for swift proxy. 3 months ago
  ZhongShengping 19362dc0bf Update sphinx to the latest version 3 months ago
  Zuul 907017f1e6 Merge "Update the default proxy-server pipeline" 3 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 77f06130e3 Drop the tripleo-puppet-undercloud job 3 months ago
  ZhongShengping 987d406294 Prepare Wallaby RC1 3 months ago
  Thomas Goirand 57e68dac3a metadata.json: debian 11. 3 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 8b42834b9a Update supported Ubuntu version to Focal 3 months ago
  Thomas Goirand ede897b112 Fix name of ceilometer middleware package 4 months ago
  Thomas Goirand 35c905e430 Do not write /var/log/ceilometer 3 months ago
  ZhongShengping e2b35f10a4 Prepare Wallaby M3 3 months ago
  Zuul 0c65a04406 Merge "Add support for the listing_formats middleware" 4 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami cfecd7555b Update the default proxy-server pipeline 5 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 68a8d47cf7 Add support for the listing_formats middleware 4 months ago
  Zuul 3bcbf44125 Merge "object-expirer: Update the default pipeline" 5 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 35bde99762 object-expirer: Update the default pipeline 5 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 023863af52 Remove the leftover of swift3 support 5 months ago
  Zuul a57d5fe28a Merge "Add TLS options for swift memcached client" 5 months ago
  ZhongShengping a0c98dfc90 Prepare Wallaby M2 5 months ago
  Grzegorz Grasza 0688c8a576 Add TLS options for swift memcached client 5 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami b153bb414c Add missing s3api parameters 6 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami c006f0adb3 Add missing parameters for ACL feature of s3api middleware 6 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami cf0fa5d679 Add support for the location parameter of s3api middleware 6 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 42d74471dd Deprecate ineffective swift::proxy::s3api::ensure 6 months ago
  ZhongShengping f5c4b00ae5 Prepare Wallaby M1 7 months ago
  ZhongShengping 99704cdd7f Replace deprecated UPPER_CONSTRAINTS_FILE variable 7 months ago
  Zuul ea87e81c49 Merge "Add content provider jobs for tripleo based jobs" 7 months ago
  Zuul ea1bfd8bcc Merge "Refactor the swift::proxy::tempurl class" 8 months ago
  Ronelle Landy 3e611a649a Add content provider jobs for tripleo based jobs 8 months ago
  ZhongShengping 34b6189fcc Fix outdated files 8 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami a353ef8c75 Refactor the swift::proxy::tempurl class 8 months ago
  Zuul 0d583ffeb8 Merge "Fix the misplaced release note file" 8 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 6e033a14f8 Fix the misplaced release note file 8 months ago
  Zuul db4ed26631 Merge "Remove the swift::proxy::swift3 class" 8 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami fb9a9d668f Add support for the service_type parameter in authtoken middleware 8 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami d4ec1b631f Remove the swift::proxy::swift3 class 8 months ago
  ZhongShengping 009afc806c Bump version for the start of Wallaby 8 months ago
  OpenStack Release Bot 7e9b9f6454 Update master for stable/victoria 8 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami adcdf4955e Prepare Victoria GA 8 months ago
  Zuul 1aedfa63c5 Merge "Replace deprecated auth_plugin by auth_type" 9 months ago
  Takashi Kajinami 5722f7149c Replace deprecated auth_plugin by auth_type 9 months ago
  ZhongShengping 9a4ac85a82 Prepare Victoria RC1 9 months ago
  ZhongShengping fb741ed62b Set openstackdocs_auto_name to use 'project' as name 9 months ago
  Christian Schwede 4d9315ec54 Add proxy config option to set recoverable_node_timeout 9 months ago
  Zuul 0504cf2dbf Merge "Add Puppet Litmus" 9 months ago
  Zuul abf9990978 Merge "Add a meta_version_to_write parameter" 9 months ago
  ZhongShengping 60c3f4fac7 Prepare Victoria M3 9 months ago