10 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Honza Pokorny c6db8d0cd2 Add configuration for the Nova proxy endpoint 2 years ago
  Honza Pokorny 5158c7ab16 Add a new configuration option for GUI loggers 3 years ago
  Honza Pokorny b59d7e7725 Replace enabled languages with excluded languages in UI 3 years ago
  Jenkins 4216c6bff1 Support for proxying ironic-inspector via Apache 3 years ago
  Honza Pokorny 60db285fd5 Refactor enabled languages from an array to a hash 3 years ago
  Julie Pichon 053ee06787 Enable languages in UI config 3 years ago
  MikeG451 0a44474b55 Make quotes consistent to match the sample config 3 years ago
  Dan Trainor 9a69201b5f Proxy API endpoints that UI uses 3 years ago
  Julie Pichon d678b58c05 Update websocket service name in config template 4 years ago
  Martin André 5ad9778b46 Manage tripleo-ui configuration files with puppet 4 years ago