5 Commits (373ad6a6c0588c2f22b743c67cb98e05dfeabce7)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Flavio Fernandes 373ad6a6c0 Add the ability to configure ovn-remote-probe-interval 2 years ago
Kamil Sambor f5bbc3ff85 Support connecting OVN DB over SSL 3 years ago
Kamil Sambor 1514e983ba Fix generating connections to OVN db 3 years ago
Daniel Alvarez a97cc29b14 Add neutron base profile to OVN metadata agent 4 years ago
Daniel Alvarez f2abe0c4c8 Add support for OVN Metadata Agent 4 years ago
Steve Baker 94f13e6608 Ensure hiera step value is an integer 5 years ago
Steven Hardy 4458ce0d9a Split ovn plugin and northd configuration 5 years ago
Babu Shanmugam 844aabfe39 Add ML2/OVN support for neutron profile 6 years ago