Lightweight composition layer for Puppet TripleO
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Takashi Kajinami 9f2b7febdd Define nova::cache parameters in tht 1 year ago
certmonger Merge "Always update the local certmonger ca cert" into stable/train 5 months ago
firewall Add 'ipversion' to firewall/rule.pp 2 years ago
haproxy Ensure we set $haproxy_firewall_rules variable 2 years ago
host Use validate_legacy 3 years ago
network Fix the default values for ca_file and cert_file 1 year ago
pacemaker Allow to specify a nic for the VIPs + Fix nic selection when no nic is specified 9 months ago
packages packages: run upgrade at 'setup' stage 5 years ago
profile Define nova::cache parameters in tht 4 months ago
releasenotes/notes New profile to configure libvirt-guests on compute host 3 years ago
stunnel Force stunnel to use TLSv1.2 3 years ago
config.pp Introduce tripleo::config 2 years ago
fencing.pp Make sure we create stonith resources before stonith levels 2 years ago
firewall.pp Ensure we get a clean firewall 3 years ago
haproxy.pp Add haproxy prometheus/alertmanager endpoint for Ceph Dashboard 5 months ago
init.pp Add basic structure for a Puppet module 7 years ago
keepalived.pp Fix keepalived VIP monitoring script 2 years ago
masquerade_networks.pp Fix Undercloud masquerading firewall rules 3 years ago
noop.pp Add class to set noop on various puppet resources 6 years ago
packages.pp noop package installations inside containers 3 years ago
redis_notification.pp Loadbalancer: Add support for Redis 7 years ago
stunnel.pp Lower the default stunnel log level 3 years ago
tls_proxy.pp Support TLS deployments with KernelDisableIPv6 enabled 2 years ago
trusted_ca.pp Add manifests to inject and trust CA certificates 5 years ago
trusted_cas.pp Add manifests to inject and trust CA certificates 5 years ago