Lightweight composition layer for Puppet TripleO
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Zuul 3095d1ba95 Merge "Remove puppet-certmonger related puppet-files" 6 months ago
6.2.0-64eaf596539f3ed1.yaml Add missing release notes for Ocata RC1 5 years ago
Add-CRL-resource-d2263462d40f01c0.yaml Add resource to fetch CRL 4 years ago
Composable_role_for_neutron_lbaas-acdf08f1a9dfd3fe.yaml Composable Role for Neutron LBaaS 4 years ago
Fixes-SRIOV-upper-case-name-checks-306011421f53131d.yaml Fix upper case checks for SRIOV interface 2 years ago
HAProxy-CRL-d05b555f92ff55ed.yaml Use CRL for HAProxy 4 years ago
No-TLS-v1.0-0edeac680bb51f94.yaml Disallow TLS v1.0 from HAProxy 4 years ago
Support-ceph_volume_mode-parameter-220b1026aebd9e3b.yaml Support cephfs_volume_mode parameter 3 years ago
TLS-for-haproxy-stats-3ce3b7780f0ef5b7.yaml Enable TLS for the HAProxy stats interface 4 years ago
Use-encryption-for-pacemaker-by-default-ca887dca02a21705.yaml Enable encryption of pacemaker traffic by default 4 years ago
add-bagpipe-driver-9163f5b22096fde0.yaml Add ML2 configuration for Bagpipe BGPVPN extension 5 years ago
add-barbican-backends-2412df7eef07038e.yaml Add multiple backends for barbican 4 years ago
add-bgpvpn-support-77676690fb6dd17b.yaml Add support for BGPVPN service plugin 5 years ago
add-ceilo-polling-agent-53fab550a09a6196.yaml fix typo in release note 5 years ago
add-cinder-backend-az-parameters-f9ab30b42b4df37b.yaml Add support for cinder backend availability zones 3 years ago
add-cinder-nfs-snapshot-support-ac547f24dddf97e8.yaml Add ability to configure Cinder's NFS snapshot support 3 years ago
add-dateext-and-related-parameters-58dd288c74b818f7.yaml Add dateext and related parameters for logrotate 2 years ago
add-keystone-notifications-queue-for-barbican-72477b0b45bcfbd7.yaml Add variable for keystone topics queue for barbican 4 years ago
add-ldap-backend-48e875e971343e2a.yaml Add a trigger to call ldap_backend define 5 years ago
add-memcache-security-92060c4fe540774c.yaml Add authtoken security options 9 months ago
add-memcached-port-048959c2f58f0a57.yaml Add ability to specify memcached port 10 months ago
add-mistral-event-engine-05097cb76834f09d.yaml Add Mistral event engine 5 years ago
add-mysql_maxconn-to-haproxy-84a5ad07d8d14ddd.yaml Add maxconn parameter to MySQL / HAProxy 4 years ago
add-neutron-agent-wrappers-bf84104f3607264b.yaml Adding wrapper scripts for neutron agent subprocesses 4 years ago
add-neutron-tls-8d020c63f14408d0.yaml Adds missing Neutron TLS certificate/key generation 4 years ago
add-octavia-auth-to-keystone-d0353544c0e27b57.yaml Add missing octavia auth include to keystone manifest 5 years ago
add-octavia-ovn-nb-connection-9d5bc428c4ff35af.yaml Add support to set ovs_nb_connection 3 years ago
add-octavia-provider-ovn-6734aa08af4772e4.yaml Add Octavia OVN Provider configuration (1 of 2) 2 years ago
add-octavia-service-auth-config-acc4adb3e6c4542d.yaml Enable Octavia service_auth configuration 4 years ago
add-opendaylight-ha-47a40c03917faf9c.yaml Enables OpenDaylight Clustering in HA deployments 5 years ago
add-purge-tables-4f2de7c7e12ccf0c.yaml Add missing cron jobs for Overcloud cleanup 4 years ago
add-sfc-support-a1eb6d2bbadcf074.yaml Add networking-sfc support 4 years ago
add-support-for-IPv6-deployment-988400c781b92066.yaml Add support for ODL-OVS IPv6 deployment 3 years ago
add-support-for-octavia-f1e472af89e9a05c.yaml Add initial profiles for rest of Octavia services 5 years ago
add-support-for-proxying-ironic-inspector-via-apache-ea70e9fa1ad04553.yaml Support for proxying ironic-inspector via Apache 4 years ago
add-support-for-pure-cinder-d45e6aaf3e243c91.yaml Composable services support for Cinder Pure Storage FlashArray 5 years ago
add-tls-opendaylight-a3f943a0f6012424.yaml Adds TLS support for OpenDaylight 4 years ago
add-tunnel-timeout-for-haproxy-ui-0705dfd671f9f487.yaml Add tunnel timeout for ui proxy container 5 years ago
add_cisco_vts_ml2-786d7d8cc6eb7d14.yaml Adding manifest for Cisco VTS ML2 mechanism driver configuration 4 years ago
adding-octavia-haproxy-endpoint-8d20b5bfd11f8d89.yaml Add Octavia API endpoint to haproxy 4 years ago
aide-removed-14f41082b1424a53.yaml Remove aide puppet manifest 2 years ago
allow-missing-pci-dev-for-sriov-bbc29f62fcac10ff.yaml Do not fail if PCI device is missing 4 years ago
apache_mpm_tuning-deafdf6610ce57b2.yaml Allow to configure Apache MPM module 2 years ago
bug-1831767-allow-configuring-enabled-protocols-manila-86b6662a8b617866.yaml Allow overriding share protocols with manila 1 year ago
bugfix-1664561-50d76b25addb08dd.yaml Remove the string cast for using transport_url 5 years ago
calculate-dhcp-agents-per-network-3089c5e7b15f8b7b.yaml make release note a list of strings 4 years ago
ceph_dashboard_endpoint-10035021352fc190.yaml Add ceph dashboard frontend endpoint and tls-e integration 2 years ago
ceph_grafana_endpoint-0e220cb59ee679e0.yaml Add ceph grafana dashboard endpoint to haproxy 2 years ago
change-default-cinder-rbd-backend-host-2b37388637756c80.yaml Remove default value for cinder RBD backend_host 3 years ago
cinder-backup-gcs-s3-backends-52503ffa22c0b83d.yaml Add support for cinder-backup GCS and S3 backends 7 months ago
cinder-backup-nfs-backend-59bf771a58af65f6.yaml Add NFS backend for cinder-backup service 4 years ago
cinder-default-volume-type-a344cea7ab4b4b2a.yaml Configure cinder's default volume type 3 years ago
cinder-dellsc-excluded-domain_ips-1004544d96796e76.yaml Dell EMC SC: Add support for excluded_domain_ips 3 years ago
cinder-netapp-hieradata-changes-3004544d96796e76.yaml Update netapp cinder configuration 3 years ago
cinder-rbd-multiconfig-285d1542ef08fa10.yaml Add cinder RBD support for multiple ceph clusters 7 months ago
cinder-volume-active-active-ffaa12e6ba862f51.yaml Support cinder-volume running active-active 3 years ago
cleanup_odl_clustering-7efdd58639df88a5.yaml Deprecates using exec workaround for ODL clustering 4 years ago
cold_migration_security-1543136408c76459.yaml Restrict nova migration ssh tunnel 5 years ago
cold_migration_setup-dc4ebd834920c27f.yaml Configure migration SSH tunnel 5 years ago
composable-network-vips-a1b9b738561a8214.yaml Configure VIPs for all networks including composable networks 4 years ago
contrail-move-traffic-to-internal_api-ddc96d24c7018b81.yaml Contrail: Fix controlplane/dataplane network asignments & enable optional dpdk 4 years ago
create-ceilo-user-for-gnocchi-b8a4d5ea2f2375a9.yaml Decouple ceilometer user create from API 5 years ago
dellsc-driver-b7cd300a24a64b01.yaml Dell EMC SC: Add use_multipath_for_image_xfer 3 years ago
deploy-heat-APIs-over-httpd-46b111d0a4a4eed4.yaml httpd: Clean up heat API profiles and add release note 5 years ago
deployment_user-6df5c1c2fe8b7b6b.yaml docker: configure group/user for deployment_user 4 years ago
deprecate-ovn-from-octavia-api-15e33154a31f20ec.yaml Add Octavia OVN Provider configuration (2 of 2) 2 years ago
deprecate-redis-file-limit-4a60fa0fde4667ef.yaml Remove limits for redis in /etc/security/limits.d 5 years ago
designate-redis-coordination-b4afdcc8855cc0ca.yaml Add designate coordination backend url 1 year ago
disable-odl-port-status-117c1d9c2f3235e9.yaml Disables port status for all ODL deployments 4 years ago
disable-opendaylight-ha-port-status-0a97e10e6456661c.yaml Disables port status updates with ODL in HA 4 years ago
docker_profile-8571ae260eec69b8.yaml Add docker profile 5 years ago
docker_registry-163bf23bc95761a8.yaml Deprecate tripleo::profile::base::docker(_registry) 3 years ago
enable-languages-in-ui-88a8caa6db9b4dd7.yaml Enable languages in UI config 5 years ago
enable-octavia-certificate-configuration-d8924916efc3054b.yaml Enable octavia certificate configuration 4 years ago
enable-support-for-external-swift-proxy-f12c99b34516a023.yaml Added release note for "Support for external swift proxy" 5 years ago
enables_opendaylight_port_status-1ee052b299b36b83.yaml Enables websocket based port status for OpenDaylight 4 years ago
ensure-ssl-conf-2f32c6ead6f3bb0e.yaml Ensure we configure ssl.conf 5 years ago
etcd-tls-bb8605c91ff8a94c.yaml Enable internal network TLS for etcd 5 years ago
firewall-chain-updates-f2b9d6ced9bde846.yaml Add firewall chain support 4 years ago
firewall-rules-support-ipversion-c9e2adeca34b2fd0.yaml Add 'ipversion' to firewall/rule.pp 2 years ago
firewall-service-rules-6586a2c138dfe338.yaml Add unit tests for tripleo::firewall::service_rules 4 years ago
firewall_table-f58ec47de40ec62d.yaml firewall/rule: add 'table' support 4 years ago
fix-horizon-configuration-during-updates-aecfab9a4aa8770b.yaml Move horizon to step 3 5 years ago
fix-masquerade-networks-c9ab4affb17627e1.yaml Fix Undercloud masquerading firewall rules 3 years ago
fix-neutron-cert-perms-4a034bb516be6f9f.yaml Removes neutron ownership of certs 4 years ago
fix-odl-haproxy-check-ce000de26141fa7e.yaml Fixes HA Proxy backend check for ODL 4 years ago
fix-odl-ovs-flows-sync-7b2cb7a29f0c89ec.yaml Adds check and resyncs ODL/OVS OF pipeline 3 years ago
fix-odl-ovs-openflow-port-resync-79b5f69b71740a6c.yaml Fixes ODL issue where OF port may be set wrong 3 years ago
fix-odl-ovs-pipeline-check-7622d3e5a6ed2ee1.yaml Remove table 17 from OVS OF pipeline sync 3 years ago
fix-odl-tls-owner-77d2d71fe39ea3e7.yaml Fixes incorrect ownership of ODL TLS cert/key 4 years ago
fix-opendaylight-websocket-haproxy-7220b0c25ff13faa.yaml Fixes binding type for OpenDaylight Websocket 4 years ago
fix-sriov-neutron-base-3e32bd667886c474.yaml Fixes missing neutron base in sriov 5 years ago
galera-install-rsync-b2f2504f12cc0cfd.yaml Install rsync package for galera 4 years ago
glance-multistore-766022d470827d1d.yaml Add support for glance multistore 2 years ago
haproxy-basic-auth-e2839941c806c615.yaml Add Basic Authentication support for HAProxy 4 years ago
haproxy-custom-bind-opts-09226d990c62063d.yaml Allow custom per-service bind_options for haproxy 2 years ago
haproxy-facility-8196cc8e1299d79b.yaml Allow to set log facility for HAProxy 3 years ago
haproxy-leastconn-overrides-bdb2068ef794ff1d.yaml Tune haproxy for long running sessions to use leastconn 1 year ago
haproxy-logging-13b333a7e9d9558e.yaml Added new parameter: $activate_httplog 4 years ago
haproxy-service-endpoints-4351bd4666dfe9a7.yaml Add unit test for tripleo::haproxy::service_endpoints 4 years ago
haproxy_cell_server_names-5cc0e81836d568b7.yaml Use cell information for mysql and novncproxy haproxy proxies 3 years ago
haproxy_dynamic_endpoints-bf618ef45674bea4.yaml Add resource to create haproxy endpoints dynamically 4 years ago
haproxy_globals_override-7a573da1c8633f01.yaml Allow to override HAProxy global options. 4 years ago
haproxy_socket_access-ba72ad281ca64287.yaml added release note for new haproxy_socket_access 4 years ago
heat_api_timeout-cbb01242534cec79.yaml HAproxy/heat_api: increase timeout to 10m 5 years ago
hpelefthand_8474c416b0d411e6.yaml HPELeftHandISCSIDriver support for cinder 5 years ago
httpchk-for-haproxy-http-services-ace7d9bf94610ed9.yaml Add release note for httpchk 5 years ago
innodb_buffer_pool_size-6fa946cf008a4606.yaml Enable innodb_buffer_pool_size configuration 4 years ago
innodb_file_per_table-f925b3bbf29d44ea.yaml Revert "Revert "set innodb_file_per_table to ON for MySQL / Galera"" 5 years ago
innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit-eb7d99749ca3c911.yaml Add option for innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 2 for Galera only 4 years ago
introduce-mysql-user-interface-e16d62f3743128a0.yaml Create interface to create mysql resources via hieradata 3 years ago
ironic-inspector-disjoint-inspection-ip-range-f10297dd32f3721b.yaml Ironic Inspector - disjoint ip range(s) for HA 3 years ago
ironic-networking-baremetal-ebb19eca5fa235bc.yaml Add support for Ironic Networking Baremetal 4 years ago
ironic-ssh-removal-e5f40b477cf7357c.yaml Stop including ironic::drivers::ssh in the ironic-conductor profile 5 years ago
isilon_driver_bfa347d073cd11e7.yaml Support for Dell EMC Isilon Manila Driver 4 years ago
keepalived-test-f3eddf57a5b4d433.yaml Add tests for tripleo::keepalived 4 years ago
keepalived_deprecated-199df5a0f3f35189.yaml Deprecate Keepalived 1 year ago
key-manager-backend-e8bd95b728bb0d0e.yaml Fix use of deprecated "api_class" key manager option 4 years ago
keystone-notification-topics-5b155e7b5e60b7fd.yaml Make keystone notification topics configurable 4 years ago
keystone_member-70065ba9269c4bfd.yaml keystone: support _member_ role management 4 years ago
l2gw_agent_support-2bc24b539da738a8.yaml Introduce profile to configure l2 gateway Neutron agent. 5 years ago
l2gw_plugin_support-e0b1faafe8e1135f.yaml Add l2 gateway Neutron service plugin profile 5 years ago
login_defs-1d1b32c233a33b2f.yaml Introduces puppet module for `/etc/login.defs` 4 years ago
logrotate-containers-compress-96934a4e76b9689d.yaml Add logrotate compress option 4 years ago
logrotate-containers-purge-56143a979ba80b51.yaml Rework GDPR compliant logrotate config 3 years ago
logrotate-copytruncate-hourly-f0851bec551f5f5f.yaml Copytruncate containerized logrotate configuration 3 years ago
messaging-amqp-7efec1bcb435e7cf.yaml Include oslo.messaging amqp support for rpc and notifications 5 years ago
messaging-rabbitmq-or-oslo-messaging-services-f29943b2eafd24e6.yaml Support both rabbitmq and oslo.messaging service nodes 4 years ago
metadata-file-creation-for-glance-netapp-47668bb602316024.yaml Move metadata file creation of glance netapp to puppet-tripelo from THT 3 years ago
mistral-mod-wsgi-1a1d3eb279daa7fd.yaml Enable mistral to run under mod_wsgi 5 years ago
mongodb_drop-02daffbfe4975cb9.yaml Remove MongoDB 3 years ago
monitor_interval_ovndbs-6af18ba7f4a17cc5.yaml Add monitor interval for ovn dbs 8 months ago
move-ceilo-upgrade-out-3318df875de5cd00.yaml Move ceilometer upgrade re-run out of collector 5 years ago
multiple-cinder-rbd-backend-ef2767baf771b741.yaml Add support for multiple Cinder RBD backends 4 years ago
networking-ansible-741fd4a6c8374db8.yaml Add manifest for networking_ansible ML2 plugin 3 years ago
neutron-bigswitch-agent-profile-1250bb1518199a67.yaml Create bigswitch agent profile 5 years ago
neutron_iptables-9ea317c73b79929d.yaml Remove neutron-managed firewall rules from /etc/sysconfig/iptables 4 years ago
nf_conntrack_proto_sctp-a64300a3fc7b4e55.yaml Ignore failures when loading nf_conntrack_proto_sctp kernel module 4 years ago
nokolla-7898fe76cf623a0c.yaml Don't install kolla by default 3 years ago
nova-cache-in-tht-533e048fd6ccc65f.yaml Define nova::cache parameters in tht 2 years ago
nova-endpoint-a957a840ee653307.yaml Add configuration for the Nova proxy endpoint 4 years ago
nova-metadata-wsgi-ssl-a64c2b9a99deb7a9.yaml Do not create metadata ssl proxy if we have metadata api via httpd wsgi 3 years ago
nova-remove-wsgi-enabled-5899b7d6d77a4fd4.yaml Remove wsgi enabled parameters in nova 2 years ago
nova_cells_setup-2c3e3344d8adcc26.yaml nova: deploy basic setup for cells 5 years ago
nova_compute_include_metadata-21757b44cb976e5d.yaml Include nova::metadata to compute profile 2 years ago
nova_compute_live_migration_force_nc-f903a09955164ad9.yaml Fix live-migration with libvirt >= 6.8.0 7 months ago
nova_metadata_wsgi-bbc8e5e053282a83.yaml Update the community page. 2 years ago
nova_metadata_wsgi-cleanup-4b4877fe73f25c2e.yaml Clean up deprecated parameters for nova metadata eventlet service 12 months ago
nova_migration_qemu-fc2150565dae8d33.yaml Remove the duplicated word 3 years ago
nova_novnc_proxy_ssl_support-507a776063403a8e.yaml SSL support for haproxy -> novnc proxy connection 3 years ago
nova_qemu_native_tls_encryption_on_nbd_for_disk_migration-2e16003c4764a399.yaml Add support for native TLS encryption on NBD for disk migration 3 years ago
nova_remove_nova-consoleauth-c126434b3dbda106.yaml Remove NovaConsoleauth Service 2 years ago
oslo-messaging-separate-backends-69aabd30ba470e61.yaml Support separate oslo.messaging services for RPC and Notifications 4 years ago
ovn-ha-c7668c26aefb8f2d.yaml Pacemaker support for OVN DB servers 4 years ago
ovn-ssl-298db2d617d7cc5e.yaml Support connecting OVN DB over SSL 2 years ago
ovn_metadata_remote_probe_interval-6fcbdb1e2c9a9a33.yaml Add the ability to configure ovn-remote-probe-interval 2 years ago
ovs-hw-offload-89a49899af3b9892.yaml Add support for switchdev mode in SR-IOV 4 years ago
per-service-options-haproxy-75f5f00cf5243ecb.yaml Allow custom per-service listen_options for haproxy 4 years ago
powerflex-driver-f728e372280c44e6.yaml Support for PowerFlex Cinder Backend 1 year ago
powermax-driver-d428e372280c44e6.yaml Support for PowerMax Volume Config 2 years ago
powerstore-driver-e428e372280c44e6.yaml Support for PowerStore Cinder Backend 1 year ago
proxy-api-endpoints-359e5fb64d80d400.yaml Proxy API endpoints that UI uses 5 years ago
ps-san-private_key-5a9f11e7907ba600.yaml PS Cinder: Added support for password less login 4 years ago
ptp-062b1d1f2d9f2275.yaml Add PTP service 4 years ago
puppet-auditd-0f6cbd6a2d193aac.yaml Add AuditD Profile 5 years ago
qemu_remove_postsave_cmd-07ad04ac44d7b706.yaml Remove postsave_cmd and restart libvirt on cert files change 3 years ago
rabbitmq-user-check-95da891a2e197d89.yaml Fix reno for rabbitmq-user-check 5 years ago
rabbitmq_extra_policies-69cbc0a4afeac963.yaml RabbitMQ: always allow promotion on HA queue during failover 2 years ago
rabbitmq_password_change-4fce15c9ebb0e20c.yaml Add support to changing the Rabbitmq password on update 5 years ago
re-run-ceilo-upgrade-0d9ba69fe4bfe780.yaml Re-run gnocchi and ceilometer upgrade in step 5 5 years ago
redfish-9203af1f7bf02bc5.yaml Add support for Redfish hardware in Ironic 5 years ago
remove-cephfsnative-0d3d76746ee928ab.yaml Remove support for manila::backend::cephfsnative class 3 years ago
remove-glance-nfs-mounting-3833e08ecc83c6dc.yaml Remove all glance nfs changes from puppet-tripleo 3 years ago
remove-heat-api-cloudwatch-bb2b8d0cdff775e2.yaml Remove support for heat-api-cloudwatch service 4 years ago
remove-login_defs-408e25efb875425f.yaml Remove management of login.defs 10 months ago
remove-neutron-lbaas-f6337e030a200b64.yaml Remove Neutron LBaaS 2 years ago
remove-ntp-34d5eb69bfc231b0.yaml Remove ntp 2 years ago
remove-odl-1ca26e0ffcbd13b5.yaml Remove OpenDaylight support 2 years ago
remove-old-urls-dea2b7fdcb50dd48.yaml Proxy API endpoints that UI uses 5 years ago
remove-support-for-puppet-ceph-bbe044bd575d1239.yaml Remove support for puppet-ceph 3 years ago
remove_bootstrap_nodeid-c5109a575c538bda.yaml Replace bootstrap_nodeid with SERVICE_short_bootstrap_node_name 3 years ago
remove_puppet_certmonger-843205d2ef88d6e4.yaml Remove puppet-certmonger related puppet-files 6 months ago
replication_probe_interval_ovn_dbs-df22bef3bb12a0f7.yaml Add replication_probe_interval for ovsdbs 8 months ago
restrict-mongodb-memory-c19d69638b63feb4.yaml Restrict mongodb memory usage 5 years ago
rgw-keystone-v3-43ef17dd10f825be.yaml Add support for not using admin_token in Ceph/RGW 5 years ago
rsyslog-205c11903ed92bdf.yaml Base profile for rsyslogd 2 years ago
rsyslog-tls-dfa676eda2ec646f.yaml Add TLS support for rsyslog 2 years ago
sahara_auth_v3-65bd276b39b4e284.yaml sahara: include authtoken class 5 years ago
sc-driver-a428e372280c44e6.yaml Support for Dell EMC SC Volume Config 1 year ago
sc_old_driver_deprecation_2368457faab68824.yaml Deprecating Old Dell SC Volume Config 2 years ago
scaleio_driver_deprecation_4468457faab68824.yaml Deprecating ScaleIO Volume Config 1 year ago
securetty-6a10eefd601e45ca.yaml Adds service for managing securetty 5 years ago
security-compliance-1f5cb3b3be9f7657.yaml Include security_compliance manifest in keystone 4 years ago
setup_timeouts_ovn_dbs-630a7ccfda5976a5.yaml Add configurable monitor timeouts for ovn dbs 2 years ago
snmdd_config-db21f3175967be4a.yaml Allow to configure snmpd_config 4 years ago
split-up-neutron-lbaas-f0c248220ed872cd.yaml Split up neutron-lbaas service plugin and agent 4 years ago
sriov_numvfs-40564db9e1be589b.yaml Fixes typo in sriov_numvfs releasenotes 5 years ago
sshd-437c531301f458bb.yaml SSHD Service extensions 5 years ago
start-httpd-step3-and-4-2bd7be9e1429ef6d.yaml Always start httpd at the same time 4 years ago
swift-container-ring-mgmt-ecf65b9fbae0d297.yaml Fix Swift ring management in container deployments 4 years ago
swift-create-local-dir-b00292e623d03044.yaml Create Swift directory d1 if needed 4 years ago
swift-dispersion-profile-09dc69980028e751.yaml Add Swift dispersion profile 4 years ago
swift-proxy-use-hash-suffix-b04c2ac17a2c8c38.yaml Include swift base class in the proxy class 4 years ago
swift-ring-curl-retry-1c329d1808b7f02c.yaml Retry Swift ring up-/downloads on failures 4 years ago
tuned-removed-ab68a7109a1e7403.yaml Remove tuned puppet manifest 2 years ago
unity_driver_aaa347d073cd11e7.yaml Support for Dell EMC VMAX Manila Driver 4 years ago
unity_driver_aba347d073cd11e7.yaml Update DellEMC Manila Unity driver 3 years ago
unity_driver_afa347d073cd11e7.yaml Support for Dell EMC Unity Manila Driver 4 years ago
use-reno-80402e5526a598aa.yaml Add basic structure for ReNo 5 years ago
veritas-hyperscale-driver-profile-970b5cb72f9fdcba.yaml Add new profile for the Veritas HyperScale's cinder backend. 4 years ago
vf-lag-sriov-ec194ecd4b447a46.yaml Adding support for VF LAG in SR-IOV for Mellanox interfaces 3 years ago
vip-bind-nic-11e80207fcb78a20.yaml Allow to specify a nic for the VIPs 11 months ago
virtlogd_config-8bc3aad489caf8a3.yaml Add support to configure virtlogd 2 years ago
vmax_driver_deprecation_1368457faab68824.yaml Deprecating VMax Volume Config 2 years ago
vnc_tls-7e5f275217117f78.yaml Add support for libvirt VNC TLS with option of a dedicated CA 4 years ago
vncserver_listen-4417377cac38464c.yaml nova/libvirt: switch vnc server binding 5 years ago
vnx_driver_aea44d073cd161e7.yaml Support for Dell EMC VNX Manila Driver 4 years ago
vnx_driver_bea44d073cd161e7.yaml Add support for Dell EMC VNX Cinder Backend 4 years ago
vnx_driver_cea44d073cd161e7.yaml Update DellEMC Manila VNX driver 3 years ago
vpp-7368457faab68824.yaml Add VPP service 5 years ago
vpp-ml2-9c1321fa30f3b172.yaml Add networking-vpp ML2 mechanism driver support 5 years ago
vxflexos-driver-aec8e372280c44e6.yaml Support for Dell EMC VXFlexOS Backend 1 year ago
vxflexos_driver_deprecation_5568457faab68824.yaml Deprecating VxFlex OS Volume Config 1 year ago
wrapper-containers-debug-f141d964548eb2ea.yaml Fix wrapper containers for podman w/o sockets 3 years ago
xtremio-add-ports-option-b1e60a97ba56f21e.yaml Add ports filtering support to XtremIO Cinder driver 8 months ago
xtremio-driver-f428e372280c44e6.yaml Support for Dell EMC XtremIO Volume Config 1 year ago
xtremio-iscsi-remove-deprecated-da9224d14cef4fde.yaml Remove deprecated dellemc_xtremio_iscsi resource 6 months ago
xtremio_driver_cea44d073cd161e7.yaml Add support for Dell EMC XtremIO Cinder ISCSI Backend 4 years ago
xtremio_old_driver_deprecation_3368457faab68824.yaml Deprecating Dell EMC Xtremio Iscsi Volume Config 1 year ago
zaqar-httpd-93db7feb60622687.yaml Include zaqar apache module 5 years ago
zaqar-redis-5ff1028b66fd47a8.yaml Allow using redis as a Zaqar messaging backend. 4 years ago
zaqar_undercloud_backends-66c268161cf7840e.yaml Zaqar: support configurable backends 4 years ago