Lightweight composition layer for Puppet TripleO
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Zuul d51da24c07 Merge "Revert "Allow ovn_db_host to be of type array"" 4 months ago
classes Merge "Do not include client classes" 4 months ago
defines Add posibility to download scripts for sensubility 4 months ago
fixtures Merge "Replace deprecated ceilometer::agent::auth" 4 months ago
functions Remove the unused list_to_zookeeper_hash function 6 months ago
unit Merge "Remove the unused tripleo::host::sriov class" 6 months ago
shared_examples.rb Add basic structure for a Puppet module 7 years ago
spec_helper.rb Add aodh profile rspec testing 5 years ago
spec_helper_acceptance.rb Change beaker to litmus 1 year ago