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Takashi Kajinami ead07878ba trove_datastore: Make version optional
datastore version can't be used until the version is registered but we
can't register the version before we register datastore before applying
catalog. This makes version optional to avoid that dependency look.

Partial-Bug: #2007961
Change-Id: Ieba9c10b49f41980555e2734bb29415fcf0b585f
3 months ago
trove_api_paste_ini Reflect provider change in puppet-openstacklib 8 years ago
trove_config Add support for MultiStrOpt 1 year ago
trove_datastore trove_datastore: Make version optional 3 months ago
trove_datastore_version trove_datastore_version: Handle missing datastore 3 months ago
trove_guestagent_config Add support for MultiStrOpt 1 year ago
trove.rb Use openstack CLI instad of trove CLI 1 year ago