Puppet provider for virtual switches.
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Team and repository tags

Team and repository tags


Table of Contents

  1. Overview - What is the AODH module?
  2. Development - Guide for contributing to the module
  3. Contributors - Those with commits
  4. Release Notes - Release notes for the project
  5. Repository - The project source code repository
  6. Usage - The usage of the module
  7. TODO - What to do next


4.0.0 - 2016.1 - Mitaka

A Puppet module providing things for vSwitches. At the moment OVS is the only one I've added but please feel free to contribute new providers through Stackforge. It's based upon types and providers so we can support more then just OVS or one vSwitch type.

The current layout is:

  • bridges - A "Bridge" is basically the thing you plug ports / interfaces into.
  • ports - A Port is a interface you plug into the bridge (switch).
  • configs - Configuration settings, if any


Developer documentation for the entire puppet-openstack project.


Release Notes



To create a new bridge, use the vs_bridge type:

vs_bridge { 'br-ex':
  ensure => present,

You can then attach a device to the bridge with a virtual port:

vs_port { 'eth2':
  ensure => present,
  bridge => 'br-ex',

You can change the vswitch configuration settings using.

vs_config { 'parameter_name':
  ensure => present,
  value => "some_value"

For configuration parameters that are 'hash' data type, the resource name should be of the following format


vs_config { 'external_ids:ovn-remote':
  ensure => present,
  value => 'tcp:'

For 'set/array' data types, value should be in the following format


vs_config { 'array_key':
  ensure => present,
  value => '[2, 1, 6, 4]'


  • OpenFlow controller settings
  • OpenFlow Settings
  • OpenFlow Tables
  • More facts
  • Others that are not named here