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Tim Burke 415efe08f2 Fix gate
Change-Id: I9ebf7457e0fc0c98711ba1b093b0f1b8a9f25dff
2023-05-01 08:49:55 -07:00
Zuul ec7c246fc2 Merge "Docs build cleanup" 2021-12-03 20:39:24 +00:00
Tim Burke b90881f866 Docs build cleanup
Break doc requirements out to a separate file in the doc/ tree.

Drop upper-bound on sphinx -- the gate job has been pulling from
upper-constraints, anyway.

Clean up a warning:

   WARNING: html_static_path entry '_static' does not exist

Change-Id: I70010029060442fb31d96fce57e8f44a55424b7f
2021-11-29 11:16:56 -08:00
Tim Burke a21dc9f46f Switch test runner from nose to pytest
Change-Id: I3c2518c5c9bfc0bf6ce58cdc82ddafb45c4c5d76
2021-05-11 16:02:42 -07:00
Thiago da Silva 4e94ec6c0b add six to test-requirements
Used by

Change-Id: I0161e3589ec230a4cc2e344bfe3288a908c2e761
2017-05-25 14:31:40 -04:00
Kota Tsuyuzaki d7bb58ae80 Fix some requirements and installation instruction
- Add coverage to test-requirements which was causing import error when
  running `make test`
- Add "make" to bindep.txt for rpm package
- Add "python-dev/python-devel" to bindep.txt
- Add some instration guide example, how to install those dependency

Change-Id: Ib4a19e734e68ac4d3be7ea13dc72a97b4e209b2b
2016-08-18 18:56:11 -07:00
Kota Tsuyuzaki 10802bac59 Add tox/requirements settings to pass gate job
Plus, we need liberasurecode version handling for a few place because
some tests/engine itself is broken with a lack of backword

Closes-Bug: #1586220

Change-Id: I72adaefa10875a73e3e5304eb40fe5d9f6d2598a
2016-08-12 00:05:03 -07:00