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New in 1.6.1
* Deprecate Jerasure support
* Use Py_ssize_t when calling PyArg_Parse
* Test against Python 3.8 - 3.10
* Use the Python Stable ABI; abi3 wheels may now be built with
python bdist_wheel --py-limited-api=cp35
* Various other minor bugs fixes and improvements
New in 1.6.0
* Find liberasurecode in more environments
* Test against Python 3.7
* Test with more backends
New in 1.5.0
* Added support for Phazr.IO libphazr library.
* Fixed error handling that caused segfaults.
* Use version number exposed by liberasurecode.
* various other minor bugs fixes and improvements.
New in 1.4.0
* Added support for ISA-L Cauchy
* Fixed memory leak in get_metadata
* Added soft warning log line when using liberasurecode <1.3.1
New in 1.3.1
* Updated name in to work with release tooling.
New in 1.3.0
* Updated liberasurecode dependency to 1.2.0.
* Fixed memory leak in get_segment_info (Launchpad bug #1604335).
* Properly return an error code if liberasurecode returns an
invalid fragment size.
* ECDriver() now requries "k" and "m" values to be passed in.
* Fix some requirements and installation instruction.
New in 1.2.1
* Eliminate spurious syslog messages and added cleaner
mechanism for querying all available backends on a system.
* Moved source code hosting from bitbucket to Openstack infra.
This is first release with Openstack Infra
New in 1.2.0
* Remove integrated liberasurecode - the prereq library is now
available in major deb/rpm based distros
* Eliminate liberasurecode-related rpath checks, library searches
and architecture validation
* Changes for compatibility with liberasurecode versions prior to
* Make VALID_EC_TYPES a runtime property - dynamically look for
liberasurecode EC schemes available at runtime
* More comprehensive unit test coverage
* Add travis-ci build config for automated build/tests
New in 1.1.0
* Eliminate pyeclib dependency on alloc functions internal to
* Update include subdirs to be explicit
* Update internal liberasurecode version to 1.1.0
New in 1.0.9
* Eliminate rpath handling in
* Clean py34 shared libraries created during build
* Fix integer truncation issue with PyBuildValue on Big Endian
systems by explicitly casting the size argument passed in to
Py_ssize_t. Also fix import issue with the API test where
older versions of Python fail to import.
* Add --install-liberasurecode option to Requested
by Red Hat/Debian package maintainers.
* Update bundled liberasurecode version to 1.0.9
New in 1.0.8
* Support for a new Reed-Soloman backend (liberasurecode_rs_vand)
- naive, non-accelerated version, native to liberasurecode
* Single version, with liberasurecode distributed in the package,
installed if necessary. No versions going forward with Jerasure
included. Use 'liberasurecode_rs_vand' for default test backend.
* Test code refactor for eliminating duplicated code, add cases
for liberasurecode_rs_vand and making jerasure/isa_l test cases
* Better Python3 support
* enhancements
- improved library path detection on Mac OS X (and Linux) including
workarounds for Mac OS X dyld bugs for library search paths
- handling installroot better for optional liberasurecode installs
* tox support for automated py27 and py34 testing