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Hiroki Ito 2afa290302 Restore backward compatibility for init client
After merged the patch I08c8b753972c27b4e6bbe07a8aa51e0e72fbc56d,
blazarclient can't be used with blazar_url and auth_token since this
patch only allows sessions for the initiation of client.
For backward compatibility, blazarclient should be initiated with
blazar_url and auth_token as before.

This patch enables using blazarclient with a set of blazar_url and
auth_token or session by reviving BaseClientManager class with adding
a logic to chose an auth method based on given params.

Change-Id: I25a665145b0503cc04e49bc85c39e2f6dca36925
Closes-Bug: #1724757
6 years ago
Hiroki Ito a3448e5510 Migrate to keystoneauth1
For authentication, the community recommends the use of keystoneauth1
instead of python-keystoneclient. Therefore, Blazar should follow
this trend and migrate to keystoneauth1.

This patch enables blazarclient to use keystoneauth1 for authentications
and REST API requests and also enables use of project_id, project_name,
project_domain_id, project_domain_name, user_domain_id and user_domain_name
for authentication.

Change-Id: I08c8b753972c27b4e6bbe07a8aa51e0e72fbc56d
Closes-Bug: #1661215
6 years ago
chenghuiyu 3a2fbabbcc Stop using oslo_utils.timeutils.strtime()
This patch stops using oslo_utils.timeutils.strtime(), as it was
deprecated in version 1.6 and will be removed in a future version.

Change-Id: I6690420c8ce001ed12f47f78e657b4ad26bec816
6 years ago
Hiroaki Kobayashi 57e0e5bd5c Add a reservation parameter to the lease_update command
Implements: blueprint update-reserved-capacity
Depends-On: Ia990e126607657c8811fe92f23f6c30cc9889946
Change-Id: I617a335a49c8be35da610a49dc3642efae81dd27
6 years ago
Hiroaki Kobayashi 5cb6ad8c2a Add before_end_date and before_end parameters
This patch adds a before_end_date option to the lease-create command. It
also adds a before_end parameter to the physical_reservation option.

Partially Implements: blueprint on-end-options
Depends-On: I90fb90d9d53814791d863f4ce5dab28388d3688d
Change-Id: I2a6f3477509f5b549edbdc25cb2c6ac457c7c100
6 years ago
Masahito Muroi f5da632a8e Enable lease-update to update start/end time with date
lease-update CLI only accepts time delta to update start_time
or end_time of leases. It's hard for users to specify a specific
date as its argument since users need to caluclate the time delta
between the previous start/end time and the new date.

This patch enables users to update leases with date format
like --end-date "2017-06-05 17:15".

Change-Id: I5044213656a22ffa99d96f3d2f3f92752da1b6e9
6 years ago
Masahito Muroi 581c1170a3 Migrate Python namespace from climateclient to blazarclient
The python-blazarclient repository has been using the climateclient

This patch converts the climateclient namespace to the blazarclient
namespace. Additionally, some classes, methods and variables that
include 'climate' in their name are also changed to 'blazar'.

Change-Id: Ibf900f9a8a7a7bfb0b6b213545b9cbf121ce0df7
Closes-Bug: #1662735
Closes-Bug: #1311746
6 years ago