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Mark Powers f2277b5f7a
Add openstackclient support
2 years ago
.placeholder Add reno for release notes management 5 years ago
bug-1777548-6b5c770abc6ac360.yaml Catch exceptions for session client 5 years ago
bug-1783296-set-start-date-to-now-e329a6923c11432f.yaml Set start date to 'now' rather than current time 5 years ago
default-affinity-value-150947560fd7da3c.yaml Provide a default affinity value 2 years ago
drop-python2-c3c1601e92a9b87a.yaml Stop testing with py2 3 years ago
floatingip-reservation-update-5823a21516135f17.yaml Support floating IP reservation parameters in lease-update 3 years ago
floatingip-support-d184a565f324d31b.yaml Add release note for floating IP support 4 years ago
ksa-loading-9731c570772c826a.yaml Use KSA loading to support more auth methods 2 years ago
openstackclient-support-f591eef2dc3c1a8b.yaml Add openstackclient support 2 years ago
parse-required-floatingips-f79f79d652e371ae.yaml Parse required_floatingips parameter as a JSON array 3 years ago
respect-selected-region-a409773f851ccb47.yaml Add release note about region support 5 years ago