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Nate Johnston 1388136246 Retire the python-congressclient project
Recently the TC has worked on determining the criteria for when an
OpenStack project should be retired.  When there was not a PTL nominee
for the Congress project, that triggered the TC to review the project
health per [1], and the TC has determined [2] that development work on
the project has ceased.  This decision was announced in the
openstack-discuss mailing list in April 2020 [3].

This commit retires the repository per the process for governance
removal in the Victoria cycle as specified in the Mandatory Repository
Retirement resolution [4] and detailed in the infra manual [5].

Should interest in developing Congress as part of OpenStack revive,
please revert this commit to have the project rejoin the list of active

The community wishes to express our thanks and appreciation to all of
those who have contributed to the Congress project over the years.


Change-Id: Ib13d3325a5497064d037b007e9823609f836988d
2020-05-28 12:13:08 -04:00
Andreas Jaeger 5863c2bdf6 Cleanup py27 support
Make a few cleanups:
- Remove python-jobs, ussuri-jobs is enough
- Remove python 2.7 stanza from
- Add requires on python >= 3.6 to setup.cfg so that pypi and pip
  know about the requirement
- Update classifiers
- Update requirements, no need for python_version anymore
- Remove html_last_updated_fmt from since it's set
  by newer openstackdocstheme, update requirement of openstackdocstheme.

Change-Id: I13f089de86ce3eb30770c91ee5372652e40fb52b
2020-04-04 14:15:10 +02:00 dc5aaeb84f Change README.rst with a better title
Change-Id: Ia386e3f3d0e1481221dab79cf470a5ce4d9fc4eb
2019-12-26 09:39:06 +08:00
caoyuan 6a75f02a8d tox: Keeping going with docs
Sphinx 1.8 introduced [1] the '--keep-going' argument which, as its name
suggests, keeps the build running when it encounters non-fatal errors.
This is exceptionally useful in avoiding a continuous edit-build loop
when undertaking large doc reworks where multiple errors may be


Change-Id: I1e3c52de2d0923902d75e850593de320f65612cd
2019-12-19 00:34:44 +00:00
Zuul 65ef7d44cf Merge "[ussuri][goal] Drop python 2.7 support and testing" 2019-12-19 00:23:06 +00:00
Ghanshyam Mann 5b9bca6a74 [ussuri][goal] Drop python 2.7 support and testing
OpenStack is dropping the py2.7 support in ussuri cycle.

python-congressclient is ready with python 3 and ok to drop the
python 2.7 support.

Complete discussion & schedule can be found in

Ussuri Communtiy-wide goal:

Change-Id: Icfd04c4887a1bbb3ff72e244f0edd3a7f4ef8297
2019-12-19 00:03:49 +00:00
kangyufei ba46bbdebd Switch to Ussuri jobs
Change-Id: Ibdce83f2a56a82ae5c6186b8e61860086aa5b744
2019-10-22 13:47:08 +08:00
Zuul 63967f286f Merge "Update master for stable/train" 2019-10-09 19:03:48 +00:00
OpenStack Release Bot 936b09d617 Update master for stable/train
Add file to the reno documentation build to show release notes for

Use pbr instruction to increment the minor version number
automatically so that master versions are higher than the versions on

Change-Id: I202a175512f7bdf9230e214606fa322f3478351c
Sem-Ver: feature
2019-09-25 22:03:17 +00:00
whoami-rajat c0e9f0308e Generate PDF documentation
This commit adds a new tox target to build PDF documentation.
It's a part of community goal, see storyboard for more

Change-Id: I58b1fb537c3758bba5a57d3cf7ce4cf10625bd89
Story: 2006076
Task: 34817
2019-09-17 13:23:24 +05:30
akhiljain23 595b317701 Switch python3 versions of test jobs to match Train PTI
In Train, we will use python 3.6 and 3.7 for python3 runtime
in our gate jobs [1]. This commit also adds python 3.7.


Change-Id: Iacb4a7c9bd1bb2d83dbbb8a7ddd6a7c7f106c1fa
2019-05-21 11:33:40 +05:30
zhangboye c071ec2880 Cap sphinx for py2 to match global requirements
Change-Id: Ide24f46f34aea41510965acb17f1d4e024437260
2019-05-16 15:01:36 +08:00
Zuul ae7dcdbba3 Merge "Changes for url transition to OpenDev" 2019-05-15 21:34:15 +00:00
Zuul fadaf83160 Merge "Dropping the py35 testing" 2019-05-15 21:34:15 +00:00
akhiljain23 4da188ec70 Changes for url transition to OpenDev
This commit changes URL to URL

Change-Id: I243005379b52411b017040efd3434ba7b638b6ca
2019-04-22 12:50:48 +05:30
OpenDev Sysadmins bfa60c3a58 OpenDev Migration Patch
This commit was bulk generated and pushed by the OpenDev sysadmins
as a part of the Git hosting and code review systems migration
detailed in these mailing list posts:

Attempts have been made to correct repository namespaces and
hostnames based on simple pattern matching, but it's possible some
were updated incorrectly or missed entirely. Please reach out to us
via the contact information listed at with any
questions you may have.
2019-04-19 19:40:48 +00:00
Ghanshyam Mann 7c2b3c8150 Dropping the py35 testing
All the integration testing has been moved to
Bionic now[1] and py3.5 is not tested runtime for
Train or stable/stein[2].

As per below ML thread, we are good to drop the py35
testing now:


Change-Id: I05823bdccc2747ab2bdf2adc26b5e702f6dce332
2019-04-14 19:24:14 +00:00
Corey Bryant b689a98636 add python 3.7 unit test job
This is a mechanically generated patch to add a unit test job running
under Python 3.7.

See ML discussion here [1] for context.


Change-Id: I99b66b38e1a0718d4b0d1fe20c57954049da3f7c
Story: #2004073
Task: #27408
2019-03-02 05:32:24 +00:00
Eric K 46c90cc7b3 add releasenotes tox env and commands
Change-Id: Icba0c440284a4314d6defb0db021119e854a996d
2019-03-01 21:12:32 +00:00
Zuul b704432811 Merge "Update hacking version" 2019-02-04 21:21:04 +00:00
ZhijunWei b4d62092f6 Update hacking version
1. update hacking version to latest
2. fix pep8 failed

Change-Id: I9a7be34b2b2307676c8469ea65aa5c408845955c
2019-01-03 19:38:28 +08:00
Andreas Jaeger d2acea1cc4 Use template for lower-constraints
Small cleanups:

* Use openstack-lower-constraints-jobs template, remove individual
* Sort list of templates

Change-Id: Ie5b5a771b08472ed08c5b80ac8497539781d5d1d
2018-12-20 21:45:51 +01:00
Zuul 6483c416ae Merge "Add Python 3.6 classifier to setup.cfg" 2018-12-14 01:38:04 +00:00
akhiljain23 f169dff4fe Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss
Mailing lists have been updated. Openstack-discuss replaces

Change-Id: I81146ecece355c77fb634b1de58a6ef95912587b
2018-12-04 10:06:12 +05:30
qingszhao 63ac36a46e Add Python 3.6 classifier to setup.cfg
Change-Id: I499c0d391097fdc98f37ff5c05245b54ebdac736
2018-11-29 09:15:33 +00:00
Zuul 7ed588afe6 Merge "Add python 3.6 for test in tox" 2018-10-22 03:35:59 +00:00
akhiljain23 684190d315 Switch to stestr
According to Openstack summit session [1],
stestr is maintained project to which all Openstack projects should migrate.
Let's switch to stestr as other projects have already moved to it.


Change-Id: I34c1e80513b3896627144cae1748207d640c6495
2018-10-04 19:06:28 +05:30
akhiljain23 bb10a4d231 Add python 3.6 for test in tox
This commit adds support for py36 in tox.ini by default. When tox
command is executed by developer it will run py36 tests.

Change-Id: Ifc15cd8913edd9c86ed6196f1393d40d7563429c
2018-10-04 14:09:03 +05:30
Nguyen Hai b58c5b29e9 add python 3.6 unit test job
This is a mechanically generated patch to add a unit test job running
under Python 3.6 as part of the python3-first goal.

See the python3-first goal document for details:

Change-Id: Ibce3bfd27e44ccff9b567a3683f81c2240ee13de
Story: #2002586
Task: #24290
2018-08-17 17:27:56 +09:00
Nguyen Hai 6f67ff3d30 switch documentation job to new PTI
This is a mechanically generated patch to switch the documentation
jobs to use the new PTI versions of the jobs as part of the
python3-first goal.

See the python3-first goal document for details:

Change-Id: I5b1cfc6a8e53557c22a45082ad6e3135d0311cf2
Story: #2002586
Task: #24290
2018-08-17 17:27:55 +09:00
Nguyen Hai 51f8250e0a import zuul job settings from project-config
This is a mechanically generated patch to complete step 1 of moving
the zuul job settings out of project-config and into each project

Because there will be a separate patch on each branch, the branch
specifiers for branch-specific jobs have been removed.

Because this patch is generated by a script, there may be some
cosmetic changes to the layout of the YAML file(s) as the contents are

See the python3-first goal document for details:

Change-Id: I938512ea5609c1cda33984cc447d78abf64f6bc3
Story: #2002586
Task: #24290
2018-08-17 17:27:54 +09:00
Zuul c7cd43b5fb Merge "Adds support for z3 policies" 2018-07-26 17:12:25 +00:00
Zuul 47f08cf20d Merge "Update the home-page" 2018-07-20 18:29:02 +00:00
Pierre Crégut 0ba0ead929 Adds support for z3 policies
z3 is a new kind of theory where rules are treated by Microsoft Z3 engine.
The end-user must explicitly mark policies using this engine.

Change-Id: I519821ccb8a14d9a28bf890bb98c55c01c2a0e9c
Partially-implements: blueprint alternative-engine-z3
2018-07-20 09:25:04 +02:00
jacky06 b1da95b799 Update the home-page
Change-Id: Icee0810d440d6a72170619c985a9fe9e6a0eae67
2018-07-20 01:31:05 +00:00
Doug Hellmann 795ee99bf5 fix tox python3 overrides
We want to default to running all tox environments under python 3, so
set the basepython value in each environment.

We do not want to specify a minor version number, because we do not
want to have to update the file every time we upgrade python.

We do not want to set the override once in testenv, because that
breaks the more specific versions used in default environments like
py35 and py36.

Change-Id: I56099c2e073fdba3830ae53fa053c2daded8ada0
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2018-07-20 01:30:51 +00:00
Eric K f02045ce4c doc update to fix errors from new sphinx version 1.7.5
Change-Id: I3598e0ed6e70454de63fd7551a381122d42693b8
2018-07-18 11:51:13 -07:00
Zuul 2d55e1f26e Merge "Follow the new PTI for document build" 2018-05-15 23:10:10 +00:00
malei e0a703f038 Follow the new PTI for document build
For compliance with the Project Testing Interface as described in:

Change-Id: Ie46ce87264a60072769649b8ffdc027261370ac8
2018-04-17 14:56:41 +08:00
Doug Hellmann 09a1021537 add lower-constraints job
Create a tox environment for running the unit tests against the lower
bounds of the dependencies.

Create a lower-constraints.txt to be used to enforce the lower bounds
in those tests.

Add openstack-tox-lower-constraints job to the zuul configuration.

for more details.

Change-Id: I65df598a852fdb75cebc0bb49c7aa7a0e7d7ab8c
Signed-off-by: Doug Hellmann <>
2018-04-12 10:41:09 -04:00
Zuul e0360c3a1f Merge "Updated from global requirements" 2018-03-16 04:00:21 +00:00
Zuul fb522b9d6e Merge "Update links in README" 2018-03-15 19:03:58 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 9769225c7b Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: Ic48b77bd2af45e19ad6368aedf9dafa0c83a2182
2018-03-15 07:55:21 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 949c2b5336 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I12f6ab82b8c2178631be8c8c50fc77b63b8503da
2018-03-10 13:46:03 +00:00
melissaml 4628e9f946 Update links in README
Change the outdated links to the latest links in README

Change-Id: I72beac3379bc2885025637586b593a1fc2be46c2
2018-03-02 18:45:38 +08:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 690dacb1da Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I8a5bc50334a120ffe4f8d71c22c3713f40044cb0
2018-02-17 10:11:03 +00:00
Zuul b92155f45d Merge "Updated from global requirements" 2018-01-24 05:48:49 +00:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 4a8487fa0e Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I145ccd175492abe49b407a999beab669ff0be442
2018-01-24 01:28:04 +00:00
melissaml bda26bc870 Cleanup test-requirements
python-subunit is not used directly anywhere
and it is dependency of both testrepository
and os-testr
(probably was used by some tox wrapper script before)

Change-Id: I94c75b025dcfcb90ac02cb64e0b24ac5efa351a0
2018-01-21 08:58:05 +08:00
OpenStack Proposal Bot 5a52a81bd6 Updated from global requirements
Change-Id: I4cf3e11ea4dd1b24877dc2b48afcf79f677693e1
2018-01-18 03:26:41 +00:00