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Nate Johnston 1388136246 Retire the python-congressclient project
Recently the TC has worked on determining the criteria for when an
OpenStack project should be retired.  When there was not a PTL nominee
for the Congress project, that triggered the TC to review the project
health per [1], and the TC has determined [2] that development work on
the project has ceased.  This decision was announced in the
openstack-discuss mailing list in April 2020 [3].

This commit retires the repository per the process for governance
removal in the Victoria cycle as specified in the Mandatory Repository
Retirement resolution [4] and detailed in the infra manual [5].

Should interest in developing Congress as part of OpenStack revive,
please revert this commit to have the project rejoin the list of active

The community wishes to express our thanks and appreciation to all of
those who have contributed to the Congress project over the years.


Change-Id: Ib13d3325a5497064d037b007e9823609f836988d
3 years ago dc5aaeb84f Change README.rst with a better title
Change-Id: Ia386e3f3d0e1481221dab79cf470a5ce4d9fc4eb
3 years ago
whoami-rajat c0e9f0308e Generate PDF documentation
This commit adds a new tox target to build PDF documentation.
It's a part of community goal, see storyboard for more

Change-Id: I58b1fb537c3758bba5a57d3cf7ce4cf10625bd89
Story: 2006076
Task: 34817
4 years ago
akhiljain23 4da188ec70 Changes for url transition to OpenDev
This commit changes URL to URL

Change-Id: I243005379b52411b017040efd3434ba7b638b6ca
4 years ago
melissaml 4628e9f946 Update links in README
Change the outdated links to the latest links in README

Change-Id: I72beac3379bc2885025637586b593a1fc2be46c2
5 years ago
Hangdong Zhang ce7008299f Update the documentation link for doc migration
1. Update URLs according to document migration
2. Optimize (e.g. http -> https)

Change-Id: I6a00171fe52e79e3bd8f9c2f73f8fafa3a35a077
6 years ago
Arundhati Surpur 39dc7d6007 Update documentation link
Change-Id: I49e07476e29b867eda2cec0f586b62b9978683d7
6 years ago
Aimee Ukasick d90617c6f4 Added how to install from a branch
Change-Id: Ifa74355484a2d315b71d7da75086cd6ad45bff40
Partial-Bug: 1681928
6 years ago
howardlee 1ada604e18 Change home-page and documentation link
Set the correct url link for home-page and documentation.

Change-Id: I78a7eec7554bfb258074e32e8c495b0e5f92269a
7 years ago
Flavio Percoco 129c7915a1 Show team and repo badges on README
This patch adds the team's and repository's badges to the README file.
The motivation behind this is to communicate the project status and
features at first glance.

For more information about this effort, please read this email thread:

To see an example of how this would look like check:


Change-Id: I9c0c6e5165257ecf3f76522cd6a6d6555add0ed2
7 years ago
aimee.ukasick 77e875680c Add missing makefile so HTML docs can be generated
Also added instructions for generating the docs
to README.rst

Closes-bug: #1605678
Change-Id: I681a706e209308d29e1c04044ba7df702a8aea60
7 years ago
Zhenzan Zhou b8a176bf7d Replace stackforge with openstack in README.rst
Stackforge is for old time now:-)

Change-Id: I0c700498a34403d9ce053948bddaeeaffa9e071c
8 years ago
Amey Bhide ee3dcb60c3 Update README with CLI commands
Closes-Bug: #1433745
Change-Id: Ia2774648da866d1c98b42feb70dd8881509264dc
8 years ago
Amey Bhide 298df1055e Fix indent to make it look better with restview
Change-Id: Ic9b693b6eefa28ba5fba7c2d780a4686f33a0a34
8 years ago
Amey Bhide 7604b3ede5 Script to execute CLI cmds to standalone Congress
Added wrapper script "" to execute CLI commands
to standalone congress.
Also updated README with necessary instructions

Change-Id: Icfbb6dbf2f57556bab7218f3664fe152d99a8925
8 years ago
Aaron Rosen ee2c50130d create python-congressclient project with cookiecutter
Change-Id: Ib3ac0a6bb7692995116a1a2cfa6c3e1a4b637a2e
9 years ago