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Aija Jauntēva d26664e7f9 Fix virtual disks sharing same physical disks 5 days ago
Monica Pardhi 9ebc4afc84 Fix for H755 RAID controller when convert to JBOD 4 weeks ago
Zuul 90daeb3c0a Merge "setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores" 1 month ago
erbarr 15bbf6422f setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores 2 months ago
erbarr a26ea3f5dd Use TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE 2 months ago
Riccardo Pittau 6fdcfdae53 Add Python3 Xena unit tests 5 months ago
Richard Pioso 98c7ea39bf Add Python3 Wallaby unit tests 12 months ago
Zuul 1bb602b5ac Merge "Remove install unnecessary packages" 1 year ago
Zuul bad642bb13 Merge "Provide last system inventory time" 1 year ago
Yogesh Ramachandra a4c819e304 Provide last system inventory time 1 year ago
Zuul ff76c8dd6a Merge "Add video enumeration to InventoryManagement" 1 year ago
Mudit d341ab4b3c Add video enumeration to InventoryManagement 1 year ago
maaoyu 45cd2f459a Remove install unnecessary packages 1 year ago
Aija Jauntēva 2f1b1a601b Fix `tox -epep8` for python3.8 users 1 year ago
Zuul b84667750e Merge "Fix issue with reset_idrac on some servers" 1 year ago
Christopher Dearborn 1aaaf93f7c Fix issue with reset_idrac on some servers 1 year ago
Julia Kreger 94576895f7 Clarify module name 1 year ago
Christopher Dearborn 5ec2fd5c0f Update upper constraints URL 1 year ago
Zuul 3e52db0511 Merge "Update python versions for unit tests" 1 year ago
Christopher Dearborn 6fb41d91e9 Update python versions for unit tests 1 year ago
Sean McGinnis 1c41f90762
Add py38 package metadata 1 year ago
Christopher Dearborn 338af3a2a0 Update gate jobs for victoria 1 year ago
Zuul e902ced872 Merge "Remove deprecated change phys disk state results" 1 year ago
Christopher Dearborn fef6ffa789 Remove deprecated change phys disk state results 1 year ago
Sean McGinnis 1f2b0ed263
Use unittest.mock instead of third party mock 1 year ago
Zuul 504ba41a68 Merge "Drop python 2.7 support and testing" 1 year ago
Rachit7194 05ff2ec7a3 Fix for read-only and unchanged attributes 1 year ago
Christopher Dearborn 702da9c50d Drop python 2.7 support and testing 1 year ago
Zuul e3ad37aae8 Merge "Add the ability to manage RAID settings" 2 years ago
mpardhi23 c3bb9606aa Add the ability to manage RAID settings 2 years ago
Zuul d8046a5ed1 Merge "Create doc requirements.txt" 2 years ago
Rachit7194 719a7d81f8 Added ``bus`` attribute to PhysicalDisks for NVMe drives 2 years ago
Christopher Dearborn 1b22d279e8 Create doc requirements.txt 2 years ago
Zuul 44e66936e4 Merge "Switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme" 2 years ago
Zuul 3366b67f5d Merge "Switch to Ussuri jobs" 2 years ago
Rachit7194 01e7ca19ce Fix parsing for virtual disk RAIDStatus attribute 2 years ago
xuanyandong 8a0c29474a Switch to Ussuri jobs 2 years ago
Thomas Bechtold b4c304c5d6 Switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme 2 years ago
Christopher Dearborn 091b516725 Fixes some issues with zuulv3 changes 2 years ago
Christopher Dearborn 2570a588cd Changes for zuulv3 2 years ago
Zuul 1a6819f240 Merge "Add Python 3 Train unit tests" 2 years ago
Rachit7194 8394938d2f Fix for clear_foreign_config() unsupported on some controllers 2 years ago
Vieri d70c0939b8 Add Python 3 Train unit tests 2 years ago
mpardhi23 ceef78a938 Take Lifecycle Controller out of recovery mode 2 years ago
mpardhi23 bcce3bdc6b Check LCStatus instead of MessageID to determine if an iDRAC is ready 2 years ago
Zuul a34705b1bb Merge "Add realtime support to drive conversion" 2 years ago
Christopher Dearborn ff312640d8 Add realtime support to drive conversion 2 years ago
Zuul 3d0ac47c3a Merge "clear_foreign_config() succeeds if no foreign disk" 2 years ago
mpardhi23 8eec25c00d clear_foreign_config() succeeds if no foreign disk 2 years ago
Zuul 6616c4ebff Merge "Replace git.openstack.org URLs with opendev.org URLs" 2 years ago