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Julia Kreger 94576895f7 Clarify module name
Change-Id: I76b2dc05aadb1773a87efaee64bc1184a1246521
3 years ago
Christopher Dearborn 702da9c50d Drop python 2.7 support and testing
OpenStack is dropping support for py2.7 in the ussuri cycle.

python-dracclient supports python 3 and is ready to drop python 2.7

Complete discussion & schedule can be found in

Ussuri Communtiy-wide goal -

Change-Id: I7171e749707430c2c21c81976174e1278679c9c1
3 years ago
Christopher Dearborn 1b22d279e8 Create doc requirements.txt
This patch creates a new doc/requirements.txt file, moves into it the
required packages from test-requirements.txt, and makes the necessary
changes to the docs build to fix the dependencies.

Change-Id: I6cc9aadc6359fac5b985afb370bd4e33d4749b74
3 years ago
Thomas Bechtold b4c304c5d6 Switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme
That's what the OpenStack community is using today. Also with newer
Sphinx versions, the current approach does no longer build.

Change-Id: Iab9f72bb146e8dd36de7fa868b41801e0c97e2ea
4 years ago
gengchc2 efad89ab07 Removes unnecessary utf-8 coding
The file was added redundant utf-8 coding by some editor.
we can delete it .

Change-Id: I51d76072500a684cc8941528dfc588d3073e34c6
7 years ago
Miles Gould 51b97178aa Remove references to 'wsmanclient' in docs.
Change-Id: I34af0ce32d5a7acf67a9d977616ef8353dbcdb9b
7 years ago
Imre Farkas 157eba7a64 Add NIC enumeration to InventoryManagement
Change-Id: I32e3d8ae5103d3a0f47a9d0aa3bb9464ff575d03
7 years ago
Jenkins a696dcd94d Merge "Improve docs" 7 years ago
Chris Coyle b87d729dca Add memory enumeration to InventoryManagement
Change-Id: I0e58122a8d68d927b057aeedd2c127d62d9bae92
7 years ago
Imre Farkas 2bffe8d161 Improve docs
Adding maxdepth and avoiding duplicating titles.

Change-Id: Iea36b58de05b5e113f7db7e5358b5b3b912a0d8d
7 years ago
Imre Farkas c35a60bba9 Add documentation
Change-Id: I9380316bcbbee6760ef13a91a93b489aee659a40
7 years ago