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Aija Jauntēva 2f1b1a601b Fix `tox -epep8` for python3.8 users
For those who have default python3 pointing to 3.8
an error occurs for `tox -epep8` as it tries to
use older pyflakes that has bug when running under

Bump `hacking` to later versions where the bug
is fixed.

Change-Id: I7bdde5c67b41be2c9fed92e2713ef22399013169
3 years ago
Sean McGinnis 1f2b0ed263
Use unittest.mock instead of third party mock
Now that we no longer support py27, we can use the standard library
unittest.mock module instead of the third party mock lib.

Change-Id: I1e30d77b7ca98c08ec8c42a18df863b202525418
Signed-off-by: Sean McGinnis <>
3 years ago
Christopher Dearborn 1b22d279e8 Create doc requirements.txt
This patch creates a new doc/requirements.txt file, moves into it the
required packages from test-requirements.txt, and makes the necessary
changes to the docs build to fix the dependencies.

Change-Id: I6cc9aadc6359fac5b985afb370bd4e33d4749b74
3 years ago
Thomas Bechtold b4c304c5d6 Switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme
That's what the OpenStack community is using today. Also with newer
Sphinx versions, the current approach does no longer build.

Change-Id: Iab9f72bb146e8dd36de7fa868b41801e0c97e2ea
4 years ago
ZhijunWei 21d4325b25 Update hacking version
Change-Id: I25ce98508125a5e378ee56c2fa4b3269729193d9
4 years ago
Dmitry Tantsur 719b6eea36 Manually sync requirements (compatible with Newton and Ocata)
Change-Id: Icc871d151d304f73744a821487b3c66df6956e32
7 years ago
Imre Farkas c35a60bba9 Add documentation
Change-Id: I9380316bcbbee6760ef13a91a93b489aee659a40
7 years ago
Imre Farkas d833babfe8 Replacing pywsman with a simple wsman client
Change-Id: I3d87528f1d5286a53e6aba221766aae72513abdb
8 years ago
Imre Farkas 7be96d5f82 Add tox.ini 8 years ago