108 Commits (56bc4faea3a503aa7e329cf8bf573b814e197484)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mudit 56bc4faea3 Add video enumeration to InventoryManagement 10 months ago
  Christopher Dearborn b3183022e2 Fix issue with reset_idrac on some servers 11 months ago
  mpardhi23 b5db9d84d3 Add the ability to manage RAID settings 1 year ago
  Rachit7194 af01b6f04e Added ``bus`` attribute to PhysicalDisks for NVMe drives 1 year ago
  Rachit7194 e9316478e4 Fix parsing for virtual disk RAIDStatus attribute 1 year ago
  Rachit7194 8394938d2f Fix for clear_foreign_config() unsupported on some controllers 2 years ago
  mpardhi23 ceef78a938 Take Lifecycle Controller out of recovery mode 2 years ago
  mpardhi23 bcce3bdc6b Check LCStatus instead of MessageID to determine if an iDRAC is ready 2 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn ff312640d8 Add realtime support to drive conversion 2 years ago
  mpardhi23 8eec25c00d clear_foreign_config() succeeds if no foreign disk 2 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn caff41164f Consider a BOSS card a RAID controller 2 years ago
  mpardhi23 6857a6d000 Implement ResetConfig and ClearForeignConfig functionality 2 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 95440920fd Filter unprintable ASCII during enumeration 2 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn e204c367ab Fix iDRAC reset 2 years ago
  digambar 9069b1e416 Add a real-time option when commit RAID creation/deletion 2 years ago
  David Paterson 5ec4f3dc1f Fixes problem in is_boss_controller function 3 years ago
  Rachit7194 e177d47521 Remove deprecated commit_required parameter from python-dracclient 3 years ago
  David Paterson bef7a0a8ce Add change_physical_disk_state function to client 3 years ago
  Mark Beierl 88023841ef Adds ability to reset iDRAC 3 years ago
  digambar 1baaadf7f2 Add UUID to System object in python-dracclient 3 years ago
  uday344 3cb32a967a Removed deprecated disk,raid and job state 3 years ago
  jainprasuk1996 92e4ba4c2b Fix CPU count returned by introspection in Ironic iDRAC driver 3 years ago
  Mark Beierl 6599e7f814 Define constants for types of reboot job 3 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 873a86e9c5 Increase default is ready retries 3 years ago
  digambar 0960fba23a Add ability to retrieve system properties 3 years ago
  Mark Beierl 96fa6965db Delete Job API 3 years ago
  Mark Beierl 8836c0dedf Add support for NIC configuration 3 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 0de8b41768 Filter out non-ASCII characters on invalid UTF8 3 years ago
  Mark Beierl dcf4e2d280 Add ability to schedule jobs 3 years ago
  David Paterson 1d203354a2 Added is_jbod_capable method to raid resource 3 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 413bfce123 Adds support for Dell BOSS card RAID1 creation 3 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 521240195e Added support for PCIe drives 3 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 9ff2b02058 Fixed indentation in utils.list_settings 3 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn b327b0811f Add ability to set iDRAC card settings 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn ee0ca6f1f6 Refactor list_bios_settings and set_bios_settings 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 72ea2323e5 Separate reboot required from commit required 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn aca79f0e8c Allow invoke without checking the return value 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn a93954ba34 Report SAS address in physical disks 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 4977b154ce Report bus in controllers 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 8f368ed3e1 Increased is-iDRAC-ready timeout 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 8e49089db3 Add "Reboot Failed" as terminal job state for 14G 4 years ago
  Richard Pioso bcfe996deb Simplify wait_until_idrac_is_ready() calls 4 years ago
  Richard Pioso 38d863e489 Simplify get Lifecycle Controller version 4 years ago
  Richard Pioso 3207d9e1bc Enumerate operations can wait until iDRAC is ready 4 years ago
  Richard Pioso deed7d7c1c Invoke operations can wait until iDRAC is ready 4 years ago
  Richard Pioso c75969dd8d Parameterize iDRAC is ready retries at class level 4 years ago
  Richard Pioso 10df06f6c3 Refactor iDRAC is ready functionality 4 years ago
  Anish Bhatt c9e33ccd4c Fetch system attributes 5 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn d6edaac2a1 Fix immediate failure on SSL errors 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 39253bb272 Added ability to determine if an iDRAC is ready 4 years ago