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  Zuul 01858e0d41 Merge "Add support for NIC configuration" 3 years ago
  Zuul 589ee04c83 Merge "Added is_jbod_capable method to raid resource" 3 years ago
  Zuul ee12ec65e7 Merge "Delete Job API" 3 years ago
  digambar 0960fba23a Add ability to retrieve system properties 3 years ago
  Mark Beierl 96fa6965db Delete Job API 3 years ago
  Zuul e68dacb1d6 Merge "Add ability to schedule jobs" 3 years ago
  Mark Beierl 8836c0dedf Add support for NIC configuration 3 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 0de8b41768 Filter out non-ASCII characters on invalid UTF8 3 years ago
  Mark Beierl dcf4e2d280 Add ability to schedule jobs 3 years ago
  David Paterson 1d203354a2 Added is_jbod_capable method to raid resource 3 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 413bfce123 Adds support for Dell BOSS card RAID1 creation 3 years ago
  wangqi a300f85654 Update links in README 3 years ago
  Zuul a8ef5bfb6a Merge "Added support for PCIe drives" 3 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 521240195e Added support for PCIe drives 3 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 9ff2b02058 Fixed indentation in utils.list_settings 3 years ago
  Zuul 7626bcc857 Merge "Add ability to set iDRAC card settings" 3 years ago
  Zuul f015a18f0e Merge "Refactor list_bios_settings and set_bios_settings" 3 years ago
  Zuul 0c168ee6ec Merge "Separate reboot required from commit required" 3 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn b327b0811f Add ability to set iDRAC card settings 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 3b916aa5e4 Fixed link to the docs 3 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn ee0ca6f1f6 Refactor list_bios_settings and set_bios_settings 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 72ea2323e5 Separate reboot required from commit required 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn aca79f0e8c Allow invoke without checking the return value 4 years ago
  Jenkins 5e9b27ee97 Merge "Report bus in controllers" 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn a93954ba34 Report SAS address in physical disks 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 4977b154ce Report bus in controllers 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 8f368ed3e1 Increased is-iDRAC-ready timeout 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 8e49089db3 Add "Reboot Failed" as terminal job state for 14G 4 years ago
  Richard Pioso bcfe996deb Simplify wait_until_idrac_is_ready() calls 4 years ago
  Richard Pioso 38d863e489 Simplify get Lifecycle Controller version 4 years ago
  Richard Pioso 3207d9e1bc Enumerate operations can wait until iDRAC is ready 4 years ago
  Richard Pioso deed7d7c1c Invoke operations can wait until iDRAC is ready 4 years ago
  Richard Pioso c75969dd8d Parameterize iDRAC is ready retries at class level 4 years ago
  Jenkins bb3313de14 Merge "Refactor iDRAC is ready functionality" 4 years ago
  Richard Pioso 10df06f6c3 Refactor iDRAC is ready functionality 4 years ago
  Anish Bhatt c9e33ccd4c Fetch system attributes 5 years ago
  Jenkins 00c9fe4fde Merge "Remove support for py34" 4 years ago
  Jenkins e7122263c4 Merge "Fix immediate failure on SSL errors" 4 years ago
  Vu Cong Tuan c9e0e2fca4 Remove support for py34 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn d6edaac2a1 Fix immediate failure on SSL errors 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 39253bb272 Added ability to determine if an iDRAC is ready 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn f49efaa1bf Get/Set power state fails 4 years ago
  Jenkins d349af3ce6 Merge "Fix typo in BIOS code" 4 years ago
  Anish Bhatt 19fc4c56e6 Fix typo in BIOS code 4 years ago
  Anish Bhatt 15b1c2a32f Add support for idrac_card and lifecycle_controller attributes 5 years ago
  Jenkins 62814f1984 Merge "WSMAN enumerate fails to return all entries" 4 years ago
  Jenkins a7825567cd Merge "Removes unnecessary utf-8 coding" 4 years ago
  Christopher Dearborn 0c1d56dde5 WSMAN enumerate fails to return all entries 4 years ago
  Jenkins 5b987d4495 Merge "Add constituent physical disks to RAID virtual disk object" 4 years ago
  Mark Goddard 2a80dbb2c9 Add constituent physical disks to RAID virtual disk object 5 years ago